September 23, 2010

Canadian Freeman Rejects Government Rule

This is good.

This is where I am going to be, eventually. It takes a lot of preparation to break away and I am not rushing it.

Andrews story appears here, and covers almost everything I have been writing about for the last year and a bit.


"About two weeks ago, Lake Cowichan resident Andrew Paterson officially became a Freeman-on-the-Land.

Unhappy with the Canadian government, for a multitude of reasons, Paterson’s freeman status revokes his consent to be governed by the Canadian government, though common law still applies – he must not harm others, steal, or create fraudulent contracts.

“Canada is a common-law jurisdiction. I am choosing to live under the common law, but not under the current structure,” Paterson said. “It’s a means of saying, enough is enough.”

As a Freeman, Paterson has abandoned his Social Insurance Number, which he refers to as an employee identification number for the government of Canada. Canada is, after all, a corporation, he said, with its head office the Washington embassy.

“I’m choosing to fire my boss. I don’t want the benefit/privilege that goes with the system,” he said.

One such benefit, Employment Insurance, is no longer available to him. On the plus side, although he must continue to pay consumption taxes, he is no longer liable to pay income taxes. Although some Freemen claim universal access to health care is a right in Canada, Paterson has private medical insurance.

Paterson’s intents are outlined in an affidavit he signed, which is a formal sworn statement of fact, and was notarized a month ago, and served on the Governor-General, Prime Minister, and others.

But why go to all this trouble? It’s not to avoid income taxes, Paterson said, citing a popular misconception. And it’s not so that he can do whatever he wants to do, either.

As a Freeman, he has to be more personally accountable for his actions, and he isn’t interested in becoming a hated member of the community.

“I don’t need to be told to drive 40 kilometers per hour to go through town safely,” he said, as an example, adding that rules commonly make enough sense that he complies with them, regardless of whether or not he has to.

One point made in his affidavit clears up this misconception. It reads, “it is my understanding that acting peacefully within the community standards does not breach the peace.”

The main reason for his actions is that he wants a better future for his daughter.

“I care about the world that my daughter and her generation will inherit. World governance created by deception of the masses is a legacy unworthy of support,” he reasoned.

During Paterson’s initial 30-episode talk show on the local CICV radio station, he outlined many areas that he feels the government is deceiving its people, and creating a bleak future for its habitants.

The fact that all political parties in Canada have become pretty well the same, is one such troubling development, Paterson said.

“Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss,” he said, citing a song by The Who. It’s this kind of smoke and mirrors effect the government pushes forward that tricks people into thinking they live in a democratic society.

One recent example is the Liberal government’s push for the HST, after having said, before the most recent election, that they would not be introducing the taxation.

“It’s working against our best interests,” Paterson said, of the government. “The people of BC have clearly expressed their wishes, and a representative government is honour-bound to respect them”

Having worked previously for British Petroleum, and other major companies, spending quite a bit of time in other countries, Paterson said that travel has helped make him realize how things are, globally.

The thing that pushed Paterson over the edge, towards following through with becoming a Freeman, was a documentary he watched on the residential school system. The movie, Unrepentant, by former United Church minister Kevin Annett, claims that between 50,000 and 100,000 aboriginal children were killed in the school system over a century.

“I believe him. He’s made an overwhelming case,” Paterson said, of the genocide. “To date, there’s been no accountability... The Canadian government is just as repressive as any government. You’d be amazed.”

He plans to launch the second season of his show on CICV this Friday at 9 a.m. Unlike his initial 30 episodes, which outlined various problems with the Canadian government and power structures, this new season will outline more positive things – solutions to these problems.

His main message is the same as last season – freedom.

“Once we can no longer remember what it is like to be free, how do we get this back?,” he asked."

Good stuff, eh?

The Canadian system of law is an almost exact replica of ours. So what's stopping you doing the same?



Anonymous said...

This is the direction really that everyone needs to be taking CR. Once we gain the majority we can simply choose to dissolve government (or at least change its structure and laws forever, which would mean writing once and for all, a Constitution for the rights of the British people - NON CHANGEABLE!) through majority vote and decide how best to advance from then on.

People will say that we need a government but unfortunately do not realise that we (the people) should be treating the government in a relationship akin to business owner and staff - we have the last word regardless.

Of course it would mean massive changes, end of the banking systems, complete overhaul of the judicial and law systems moving to common law and removing civil law once and for all.

It's about restoring liberty - the freedom to form and hold an opinion, freedom of speech, freedom to associate with and employ whomever one so chooses to without interference from anyone regardless.

defender said...

"it's about restoring liberty - the freedom to form and hold an opinion, freedom of speech, freedom to associate with and employ whomever one so chooses to without interference from anyone regardless."

and the bastards will just rollover by the volume of letters, cool.

James Higham said...

It's certainly getting close to that and when landlords start throwing people out when the cuts to HB come in, then there's going to be a lot more.

Anonymous said...

I agree with James.

The buy-to-let industry is a bad joke that is only being saved from the punchline by the generosity of state housing benefit.

It has also pushed up rents and therefore sale prices across most average properties.

Many landlords that are mortgaged up to the hilt on overpriced houses are going to lose big time.

I can't wait, as apart from anyone that has bought in the last five or so years, it is win-win.

The banks will get a well earned kick in the bollocks too, particularly in the case of city centre flats which they will have a hard time disposing of.

richard said...

There already IS a British constitution, unless I'm wrong and if so, someone will put me right. It's Magna Carta and the 1688 and 89 acts of settlement. Isn't it?

richard said...

Sorry, Bill of Rights, not act of settlement.

Pesky Anonymous said...

Quite right richard.
We already have a constitution, which has been violated by greedy treasonous bastards.
It is this very constitution which gives us the right, nay duty, to lawfully rebel.