September 04, 2010

Michael O'Leary Is A Cunt


I've said it.

He is a twat of the first water.

I fly 40 times a year and the ONLY thing that brings me comfort is that there are two cunts up front that know what they are doing.

Twatty O'Leary wants to reduce this to one cunt.

 This is the useless cunt, pictured yesterday.

Fuck him, and the pox-ridden nag he rode in on.

May he burn in hell.



Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...


It's not that I don't wish him well - it's I'd like something unpleasant to befall him.

Anonymous said...

You could just, you know, *not* fly RyanAir. Free market and all that.

That said, no co-pilot strikes me as being a very bad idea.

Captain Ranty said...


I wont. Not ever. Not until, or unless, hell freezes over.

Irish cunt.


Joe said...

Could it be that the daft sod just wants to keep his airline in the headlines, although lets be honest, [sarcasm] all you really need to fly a passenger jet nowadays is a pilot and a dog, pilot to feed the dog and the dog to make sure the pilot doesn't touch anything[/sarcasm]

But seriously would you want a street sweeper performing open heart surgery? How about a nurse designing skyscrapers? The co-pilot is there for bloody good reason...s/he knows how to fly the plane and due to years of training, know what to do when the shit hits the fan.


Captain Ranty said...


You are right, of course. He is a publicity seeking cunt.

I fly enough to know that the computer can take off, fly from a-z, and land, better than the pilot and co-pilots can, but I thank all the gods that that those humans are there, in case they are needed.

"But seriously would you want a street sweeper performing open heart surgery? How about a nurse designing skyscrapers?"

And yet here we are, expecting politicians to run the country.

Good point.


Joe said...

"And yet here we are, expecting politicians to run the country."

The problem with this is politicians, are weather we like it or not, representative of the society and the power it is willing to either hand over or allow to be taken.

Media and education are a huge part of this, count me the people who watch X-factor every week...then count up the people who watch anything connected with the government systems that ultimately control our lives...

The education system in this country is now a shambles, people unable to read/write to a standard that Tesco requires for them to stack shelves. I've no axe to grind here, for the record, I left school with bugger all in the way of qualifications yet I can write, am able to reason, and think logically and I can spell, although some of the long words do require a spell checker :) . I have worked in Tesco's as a shelf-stacker.

Instead of turning out people who may just find the cure for cancer/find a way for us to get to Mars in a lifetime/design a cardboard milk carton that opens without spraying milk everywhere, we're turning out mindless drones able only to parrot the company line.

And I sorry this, shouldn't have been in this thread but when it comes it's gotta be let out


Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

That ShopRite yaapie red is obviously having some effect - hope you don't end up doing the embarrassing dad dance on the dancefloor at Pat's Bar assuming you're that side of the lagoon. I understand they'll sell you the video for a price...

As for O'Leery the fucking arse wouldn't have an airline if it wasn't for 9/11 and the fact that some of his loaded banker cronies managed to get a pair of rusty pliers onto Boeing's gonads. That fleet of 737-800 buses came under cost price as I understand it.

I do like his attitude when dealing with the CAA / Met Office though = more of that please.

On balance though - he's cunt.

Joe said...

Oh and O'Leary is a cunt (just to get back on track ;) )

Anonymous said...

You'd have to be a serious Terence fuckwit to fly with an airline that pushes a no co pilot policy.

And if an airline steward/ess is expected to fly a plane she should demand higher wages. He'll just go an employ some Asian or African who'll work for piss all anyway...

Again CR, it's liberty for O'Leary to do what he's doing. I'll just use my liberty of never getting on one of his planes and take the sea route instead. After all I'm sure O'Leary's passengers will be doing the same, with the only difference being that I started off on the sea instead of ending up in it from a great height. LOL

richard said...

In his arrogance O'Leary's forgotten about the CAA. So, he posits, the hostie, straight from distributing sandwiches and being nice to people, makes her way to the cockpit where the captain might well have been lying dead of a heart attack since he took off two hours ago? Ain't going to happen. Total drivel. He's a cunt.

Angry Exile said...

It's the usual O'Leary bullshit plan for free advertising: say you're considering something outrageous even though you've got no intention of doing it, so that the media all leap on and you get loads of coverage for absolutely fuck all outlay beyond a PR or two. Then 18 months later when they've forgotten, say it again. He's never going to save money by dropping to one pilot because he knows that most or all airports and airspaces won't let him fly planes there. What he is doing is saving a fortune on advertising because the he keeps dreaming up this kind of shit in the expectation of the press name dropping his airline for free. What really burns is the cunt keeps turning out to be right.

Angry Exile said...

PS - remember the standing up seats? Wondered why that hasn't happened yet like he said it would? Because he was pissing about then as well. Not only would he probably not be allowed that either he won't do it because the plane manufacturers have already said it'll cost him extra.

'Boeing, manufacturer of Ryanair's fleet of 737-800s, rules out the concept.
"We are not considering standing-only accommodations, nor do we have any plans to do so," says spokesman Nick West. "Among other things, stringent regulatory requirements - including seats capable of withstanding a force of 16 Gs - pretty much preclude such an arrangement."
Sixteen Gs is 16 times the force of gravity, so the seats must be strong enough - and strongly secured enough - not to topple over like dominos in the event of a crash. Vertical seats would require more reinforcing than standard seats, because the passenger's centre of gravity is higher.
"More reinforcement means heavier planes which use more fuel, and that's the last thing Ryanair wants," says David Learmount, operations and safety editor of Flight International. "They'd end up having to reinforce the floor, and possibly the bulkheads too if the seats need to be secured top and bottom."'

He's just a fucking publicity whore. And a cunt, obviously.

Anonymous said...

My uncle in law is an airline engineer and after some of the tales I get over beer, wine, whiskey and cigars, you wouldn't catch me on RyanFuckingAir flight. I'd rather stick my balls in a blender....

On a lighter note...

Cheap Flights....


Barking Spider said...

I do believe you should have the honour of giving the cunt a fucking good cunting over at ".... Is A Cunt", CR.

Captain Ranty said...


We have a concensus.

O'Leary is a cunt.

Thanks for the entertaining comments!


PS-Gordon, I am over at Lekki Phase 1, so Pat's is a bit of a stretch. I am stuck with ShopRite vino.

microdave said...

I've just been over to, and suggested him!

I did a search first, and surprisingly he doesn't seem to be on the list...

Fascist Hippy said...

I can see something positive about all of the fuss and free MSM advertising that Mr O'Leary creates by his, at times, ridiculous comments and suggestions.
We all know that MSM profits are funded by advertising revenue not the £1 or whatever that readers pay for a hard copy of, or Internet access to, publications. Therefore if Mr O’Leary is getting loads of publicity for nothing, Ryanair will be spending less with the MSM than they might need to do otherwise, we all know who controls the MSM, so anything that brings their profits down is all right by me.

The guy is a master of this type of spin and attention seeking, it’s a wonder that he is not in politics.

Captain Ranty said...

Agreed FH.

Maybe he isn't so daft after all?


Angry Exile said...

Still a cunt, though.

Captain Ranty said...

Oh aye.

Goes without saying.


Caratacus said...

Why is it whenever I hear O'Leary's whining bloody voice I seem to hear the click of a "forward assist" on an old (+ fucking useless) SA80?

And he's a cunt...

Anonymous said...

I'm a mild mannered chap and I've just experienced the famous Ryanair service for the first time. It's clear to me that the gentleman that runs this company is a fuck faced fucking fucker. And also of course an utter cunt. Captain Ranty - you on the other hand might well be some sort of genius - you got a smile out of me even though we're sat here waiting for Ryanair to either leave or ask one of their wasp chewing staff to explain whywe're not moving. I blame the cunt in charge of course.

Captain Ranty said...

It's very hard to stay mild mannered when traveling these days.

Airports are full of cunts.

Most of them are allegedly there to 'assist' us.

It's a painful experience. Still, it can only get worse, right?

Something to look forward to.

Travel safe,