September 17, 2010

Mercury Rising?

 Brand new video from the much talented Timothy AntiTerrorist.

As always, he brings light where there is darkness. You might want to follow some of his links, or better yet, buy his book. I did, it is a terrific read.

Our government, you know, the one that recently relocated from Westminster to Brussels, decided to throw out a product that has worked perfectly well for 130 years. The new one is dim, badly made, and contains chemicals that are dangerous to people and the environment. An all round winner then. Of course, they were egged on by the greenies, who, in my opinion, are among the most dangerous humans on our planet.

It's high time we saw these lunatics for what they are.

Wake up! Stay awake!



Indyanhat said...

Thanks for this Cap'n, I did not know about the mercury in them, will be switching to Halogen 12v lighting ASAP!
These bulbs are crap anyway, we have replaced nearly all the ones fitted so far at least once so the claimed longer life etc is all bullshit, we still have two or three old bulds that have been in situ for 12 plus years and are working fine!

Will repost and Hat tip you!

Captain Ranty said...


I think his final point makes more sense than anything else: these useless bulbs were forced upon us by corporations with a vested interest.

The Gormless Greens naturally jumped aboard the banned wagon.


Anonymous said...

have you seen the video about treason, over at the talking clock.

Captain Ranty said...

I haven't, Trippy.

I'll go look.


Woodsy42 said...

I though Philips in Holland were one of the corporations who lobbied the EU and pushed this appalling nonsense on us.
Points to ponder though:
1-The USA mandated the same thing at the same time so it was co-ordinated from somewhere.
2- Halogens are also due to be phased out in a few years. (so apart from blowing all the time they are not a good alternative)

Dark Lochnagar said...

Ranters, thanks for that, really interesting. I didn't think that ski mask did anything for you BTW.

richard said...

Imagine the headlines if mercury-vapour lamps had been used for the last 130 years and now incandescence has just been discovered.
"New technology will rid the world of mercury pollution! Clear bright light which heats your house too! Healthy, safe, and cheap!" et-fucking-cetera.

Captain Ranty said...


It's as if the corporations colluded.

Say it ain't so!


Captain Ranty said...


I wish it was me under that mask.

It would make me a clever bastard. Instead you are stuck with me. I am as thick as mince.

Timmy really does know his onions.


Captain Ranty said...


Good thinking!

I tend to do that with the endless sets of numbers that they pump out. I reverse them and it is usually the truth.

Same for these mad statements they make.

I have learnt, for instance, that any sentence beginning with "Under no circumstances will we ever...." means that whatever it is, is about to take place.

I really must book my cynicectomy.


William said...

LED and OLED pads are the effective alternative to incandescent it's just that they are too expensive at the mo.

Trouble is they really do save the leccy which of course will hit the generating companies profits so they will remain expensive at least for now.

I have even seen LED 'wallpaper' in action and it is really, really impressive.

Let's not forget Aussie was also getting rid of working bulbs at the same time so it was global collusion at work and Aussie has an eco-loon PM and is considering more climate change taxes!!

Agree about the eco-loons. Not a functioning brain cell amongst the lot of them.
They are pretty much like the 'forlorn hope' which you military types will understand. The rest of you should Google!

Smoking Hot said...

In their quest to get everyone using these subsidies have been given in order to sell them cheap. lt started over a year ago and stores such as Asda and Tesco sold them for 1p ... l kid you not. We filled our boots but only with the most useable 20w and 23w. We have hundreds of them. These same bulbs are now £1 min. They still have offers but are the 11w which are bloody useless but are 3 for £1.

We don't use them though as we have stocks of the higher wattage tunsten bulbs that will last us for our needs indefinitely. We sell the others at 50p ... happy days!

lncidentally the problem will be when councils start fining householders for putting the used ones in the garbage. lt's not happening yet, but mark my words ... it will.

Anonymous said...

My understanding is that Phillips own the patent for the mercury filled dimbilbs and that every version in the world is either made by Phillips or under licence to Phillips.

Angry Exile said...

As per William, LEDs are a much better option than CFLs. You've only got to compare a new LED torch to one with a bulb, say a new Maglite to an old one, to see how much brighter they are, and we all know that bulbs are brighter than CFLs. It's a no brainer. I've managed to resist buying CFLs - no mean feat here, and yes, of course the fuckwitted federal government in Canberra have banned imports of incandescents - by stocking up on incandescents while I could, and I'm sure plenty of others did likewise. I've got a couple of CFLs that were being given away, and they are bloody hopeless compared to the incandescents. Nor can you just chuck them in either the regular bin or the recycling when they're finally NFG. No, you have to drive down to the bloody tip or a transfer station. The cost of LEDs will probably come down and I'm hoping my stock of incandescents will do me 'til then.

Anonymous said...

LED technology aside, there is actually another alternative to the rather useless CFL lamps: halogen bulbs.

These are exactly the same size and shape as conventional tungsten filament bulbs, but have a small quartz glass bulb inside the conventional glass envelope. A 42W halogen is equivalent to a 60W conventional tungsten lamp.

It seems that EU regulation gold-plating aside, the EU regulation merely wanted to see the back of conventional tungsten filament lamps, which are ridiculously inefficient at turning electricity into light. Halogens are much better, but look just the same, cost less than CFL or LED lamps and work perfectly.

Anonymous said...

No more dimmer switches which happen to be every single wall switch in this house. Expense it will be changing over to regular switch plates as the energy saving dimmer switches will not work with the fluorescents. Between mercury being cast into the environment with the mandated fluorescents and the organics being flushed into the environment thanks to no more plastics then maybe in ten years time we can have both mercury in our drinking water along with cholera, typhoid and black plague. The environmental, organics, antismoking and other health, safety and security movements will be called a raging success and the political tools who enabled the major corporations and corrupted centralized governments to push this onto everyone will be sitting in power ruling over a dead and dying landscape. It makes good sense to me, and the news media backs it up making it truthful, common sense logic the world should turn out this way.

William said...

Haven't you heard?
Halogens are being scheduled for the bin once all the incandescents have gone!

I shit you not.