September 18, 2010

Revolution For The 21st Century

Our good friend Witterings from Witney has produced a bodacious post today entitled "The Problem With Our Democracy".

I replied thusly, but I wanted to expand slightly, and have done so below:

Most excellent, WfW.

As you would expect, no argument from me.

We have given so much away it beggars belief. My learning curve has been steep and rapid. I will never give up my rights for flimsy benefits, as we are asked to do whenever we come into contact with the courts, or policemen.

Note that I used the word "asked". We can never be forced, we always swap rights for benefits voluntarily. We do this because we were never taught the alternative.

Which explains why we are cowed. We engineered our own downfall because we forgot how to say "No". We forgot to question the legality of parliament. We forgot how to prove to ourselves that the statutes they vomit out were lawful.

Thankfully, some of us are remembering, or, more accurately, learning how to do these things all over again.

The New Revolution will not involve Molotov Cocktails, guns and baseball bats. The weapons we need today are pen and paper and the ability to fold our arms, plant our feet and say, politely but firmly, "No".

We tend to blame the shiftless, the indigent, and the ignorant. Google X Factor and it will probably show more hits in blogs than in the MSM or the TV Guide. We use the X Factor to label those who couldn't care less about the world outside their living room. We blame them for the state we're in. This is grossly unfair. They, the X Factorati, are merely responding to the massive campaign waged against them for centuries. The techniques used to dumb them (us) down, are numerous, and they are clever, sneaky and almost unavoidable. Have a look at the Frankfurt School and compare their methods with what we are experiencing today. You don't even have to dig for a conspiracy, the parallels are astounding.

Our news is one-sided, as it must be for "them" to exert control over our thoughts and deeds. We are guided, like cattle into a killing house. We are trained to respond the way we do. A lacklustre education is to blame. This nation does not need 61 million independent thinkers. This nation does not need us all to be critical of government. What it needs is 61 million drones. It needs us to believe absolutely that the government is always right, that taxes are fair, that the police are there to protect and serve, and that judges, sheriffs and magistrates dispense justice. There are very few of us that know this is completely untrue. Very few of us understand that statutes are pored over like business plans, and that the revenue they generate, is vital to the government.

There is not one single statute that is not covered by the one universal law of "do no harm". Yes, they may be more specific, allowing petty minded officials to storm your house or place of business to enforce some edict like, for instance, fire safety. But your employer has a duty of care. It is his/her responsibility to keep you safe whilst you work. A cafe, flouting hygiene regulations by making their customers sick, has a duty of care to its customers, and will quickly close down once patrons realise that it serves food in dirty conditions.

Not too long ago, before all these regulations were in place, a judge, or a JP would hear the complaint in court and had the leeway to decide the punishment. They used common sense along with common law. Over time, our courts have become corporations. It is all about money. Who gets what.

But I digress.

WfW said it all in the first four sentences, in case you haven't read his piece yet, he said this:

Let us consider three basic facts on which democracy is based.

1. Political authority is derived from the people - government only exists with the consent of the people.

2. 'Rights' are not granted to the people by government - 'Rights' already belong to the people from the moment of their birth.

3. The people have the sole and exclusive right and power to govern themselves in any area not delegated to their government.
The operative word in all three statements is "people". I genuinely believe that the government ceased to see us as people decades ago. Take the Labour Party. After years in power they grew deafer and deafer. They stopped listening to the people. That wasn't in the manual. They had their plans and they executed them without a single thought as to the effect on us, the population. It didn't matter to them how much we protested, how many petitions we raised, nor how much we slated them in the blogs. Our thoughts and feelings were never considered. The result, although several years too late, was entirely predictable. You can only ignore the electorate for so long. After the election in May, I was not surprised to hear inept MPs like Hazel Blears say on TV and radio "We stopped listening. We carried on regardless". It was their downfall, ultimately, and it will be the coalitions downfall too. They are already ignoring us. 55% of us want to exit the EU circus, because we can see it for what it is: an extension of Hitlers desires in the 1930's. Make no mistake, it is the same plan but branded slightly differently. The Cleggerons don't hear us because they have a manual too.
Be assured, also, that it will fail. It is undemocratic, for a start. It is unaccountable and they have so far enjoyed wasting our money for fifteen years and refuse point blank to tell us where the money went. It is unelected. We get useless people like Von Rumpouy and Baroness Ashton forced on us and we pay, without complaint, their unearned, unmerited big fat salaries.
I repeat, ad nauseum, that we have the power, that we have the right, to simply say "No". Yet remarkably few of us are exercising that right. We tend to think it requires special skills, or some sort of superhuman courage, but nothing could be further from the truth. Turn it around, why don't you? How many times have we asked the government to simply do what we want, and they said, "No". What did we do in response? We shrugged our shoulders and we whinged for a bit, then we resigned ourselves to the fact that they wouldn't do as we asked. We said, "Get us out of Europe". They said "No". We said "Don't close down all the post offices", they said, "No. We know best". We said "Don't take the country to war with Iraq and Afghanistan". They said "No, we have good reason to go to war". We said, "Pull our troops out, they are dying and being maimed", they said "No, we are resolute, we will finish what we started".
And so, we are still in Europe, they did close down all those post offices, we are still in Iraq and Afganistan, and our sons and daughters are still coming home in body bags. 
We still support all of those "initiatives". We support them because we keep paying taxes. We keep tacitly agreeing to pretty much everything they do.
In short, we consent.
Consent. If you have learnt nothing else from my scribblings, learn that consent can be given, and consent can be taken away. 
Nothing bad will happen. After all, nothing bad has happened to the government, and they say "No" all the time. They are our servants. We have forgotten that. We are paying them. They owe us a duty of care. They need to start listening. They need to start acting on our demands.
The revolution is coming, albeit slowly.
But it demands your participation. Without you we will stagger into a nightmare of unimagined proportions.
The revolution starts with you. Not a crowd of dozens, hundreds, thousands, or millions. It starts with you, and that simple, but powerful word: "No".
It starts when you stop being afraid of your government.
And it ends when you are satisfied. 
It ends when you are happy once again. 
Are you ready to begin?


Witterings From Witney said...

Ta for link CR - "bodacious"?

Agree with your comments, naturally.

I have, in a small way, started to say "No" to our state. It not only feels good but by heavens, does it cause them consternation - their rule book doesn't contain any instructions on how to handle that response!

bofl said...

i wonder why we are so afraid of them?
in the real world people like blair,brown, cameron and von clogg wouldn't last 5 minutes in a pub in essex.

it really amazes me that for some reason because we are 'british' the majority seems to think that mps,police,judges etc are people that are actually interested in serving us.

in the u.s the fawning over the new messiah was quite sickening.worrying too.

we are just pawns in their games.
they would gladly kill us all to implement their own delusional plans.

they are currently doing so in shitistan,like they did 95 years ago. when 'it would all be over by christmas' was the mantra......

this made me laugh and i dont even have a tv! turn it off! it is shit!
it is propaganda and you will not miss it.use the time to get fit,read a book,learn an instrument etc......and deprive the arrogant fuckwits at the bbc the fat salaries and pensions YOU are paying for........if they are so effing great then they will survive as a public company (chortle,chortle)

Smoking Hot said...

lt is second nature for me to say 'No' and they still haven't incarcerated me! :)

As for most of my fellow citizens :-

A working class hero is something to be.
Keep you doped with religion and sex and TV,
And you think you're so clever and classless and free,
But you're still fucking peasents as far as I can see.

Captain Ranty said...



–adjective South Midland and Southern U.S.

1. thorough; blatant; unmistakable: a bodacious gossip.

2. remarkable; outstanding: a bodacious story.

3. audacious; bold or brazen.

I meant it as a compliment. See No 2.


Captain Ranty said...


How can we NOT be scared?

They have all the guns. They take our children away for no good reason. They can fuck us up sixteen ways before breakfast. They can (and do) lock us up, or give us to other EU nations to lock up. They keep feeding us "terror alerts", and they have a well trained press, and their very own broadcasting division to pump this crap into our heads 24/7.

What is more remarkable is that some of us are shedding the fear.

Thanks for the link. I'll go look at the clip.


Captain Ranty said...


I am very pleased that you are on the team.

It gets amazingly addictive, saying "No".

And, of course, it is fun to watch them squirm.

Without our consent they are about as frightening as day old kittens.


Indyanhat said...

Good post again Cap'n, you really do deliver some quality stuff mate.

NO, there I've said it, it wasn't hard and it was so liberating!

wv is voidant apt no?

Sean O'Hare said...

I do like this idea of saying "No", however, I would rather not get myself incarcerated for non-payment of taxes etc, at least until after Christmas. I would be grateful for some easy to say "No" examples that I could start off with.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Indy.

You can send WfW kudos for the inspiration. I haven't started drinking yet so we can't blame the grape.....


Captain Ranty said...


Instead of saying "No", start by asking "Why?".

Why am I paying this Council Tax? Is it legal (the answer is no, it isn't).

Why am I paying this fixed penalty notice? Is it lawful, again the answer is no.

Why do you want my name, Mr Policeman? (You are NOT obliged to give it).

Why do you demand this money, Mr Taxman? Is it a legal/lawful demand? (Stunningly, again, the answer is no).

We never ask for proof. We never ask them to validate their demands. We always pay. Even though there is no legal/lawful basis for doing so.

Fiat currency is worthless. What you have in your wallet are promissory notes. Debt notes.

How can you pay a debt with a debt note?

Why should you pay a "demand" from any government agency?

They need to send us a bill. A true bill. They don't because we can authorise payment of a bill with an autograph. They know this but we don't.

Very few of us have read the Bills of Exchange Act which means that very few of us understand what it means.

Try just asking "Why" for a while.

Watch them stutter and stammer and try to fob you off, or (more usually) threaten you. Don't be afraid.

They are weaker than you can possibly imagine.


SH said...

Sean, try this. More than one way to say 'no'

Sean O'Hare said...


Thanks for the suggestions. I can imagine that repeatedly asking why would get on their tits. It certainly did me when the kids were young.


Thanks for the link. Instead of keep asking "Am I being detained" I wonder what would have happened had he just driven off.

SH said...

Felony offence l'm afraid and therefore force can be used ... which would prob mean shot!

Anonymous said...

So, I believe that as a member of my community I feel that I have a duty to pay for the services provided for that community, therefore I willingly pay rates.

Some of the stuff they believe is a service is a load of rubbish and I don’t want to pay for. What happens if I don’t pay a portion of my rates.

Captain Ranty said...


I also believe that if we want good services, we have to chip in.

But first I need to ask "Is your demand lawful?". It isn't.

Then I need to ask "Are you delivering value for money?" They usually don't. For instance, I can pay a fraction of what I pay into the NHS and get a much better service, and a higher level of care.

Why should I, as a rural resident, pay the same for policing as a city or town dweller? I have lived in my village for six months and I have seen the cops once.

Should someone who is driving the same make and model of car pay the same level of tax even though one is doing 50,000 miles a year and the other is doing only 3,000?

Do I really need to part company with 50-80% of my annual salary merely because our government have no clue how to handle money?

Do they really NEED to tax tobacco at 80%? Do they really NEED to tax petrol at 78%?

What the fuck are they doing with all this money?

The answer is that they waste it. Almost all of it. They need it to feed an army of 7 million public sector jobs.

My company has about 7 board members. 200 of us spread around the world chip in to make this a profitable enterprise.

Why does our "board of directors", all 650 of them, NEED the support of 7 million people?

And why the fuck should I pay for it?

Genuine questions, all.

I have had enough of propping up useless and expensive mandarins.


William said...

Please go listen to this all those scared of asking questions.

Why is easier than no but nowhere near as much fun!

Anonymous said...

Great link, William.

I haven't gone in to it too deep yet but the one thing I want to find out is how the US system of law relates to the UK system.

Thanks Ranty, and thanks William.

bofl said...

why? indeed.

imho it is to enslave us-without us being aware of it.

we hear a lot about inflation-i used to be a bond trader many moons ago.

one of the first things that i learned is that GOVERNMENTS ALWAYS CAUSE INFLATION!

every penny raised in tax means that we all have to work harder or go without or RAISE prices!

when we are working 24/7 to satisfy the demands of the state there is no time to think about why.

the true rate of taxation in the uk is about 87%!!!!!!
think about it!!!!!!!!!

we are rats on a wheel.

people like gordon brown shouldn't be let near a piggy bank,let alone being chancellor.

£trillions have been wasted since ww2 on crazy power hungry idiots and idiologies.

and the system pulls the wool over the peasants eyes.....

edward bernays was a master of attaching a 'cause' to an idea...
now we have so many causes....
we are fighting poverty,fighting racism,fighting inequality etc...

and if you do NOT believe in the cause then society in its unthinking lemming-like fashion will hound you........


it is only right that we demand to know where the money is right to question why my local council translates everything into 10 different languages.why my local fire-station has closed.why the plod shop closes at 8pm and weekends?

why are YOUR kids being sacrificed in afganistan? they have no idea where bin laden is -after 9 years!

if it was in retaliation for 9/11 then why are so many of the 'terrorists' still alive?

we are taught that we have to pay tax for services-but it is wasted or stolen......look at the mps expenses.400 well known crims still at large in a safe house in W1........i know a guy who works in the local tax office......used to boast about how he always went 1st class to ooop north.......£150 on the train hahaha.......wasn't his fooking money!

and don't forget that a lot of your council tax goes towards topping up the pensions of council workers! how disgusting is that?

as a result of all this insanity we all have to work incessantly....

we have been enslaved and most cannot see it....working to give money to brown,blair,mandy,prEzza etc really makes me vomit!!!!

still-in reality it has always been the same in blighty.......tacitus described how the romans gave us togas and hot baths and called it being return,the brits gave up their lands and freedoms.

2000 years on-
what exactly have we learned?

richard said...

"Hello, is that Mr richard?"
"how can I help you?"
"First please answer a few security questions - what is your date of birth?"
"I don't want to give any such info over the phone, thanks".
"Is that Mr richard?"
"This is richard."
"This is Brokeleg debt collectors on behalf of Wellknowncard, I need to speak to mr richard"
"Does anyone working for Brokeleg have a contract with mr richard?"
long pause.... and Brokeleg hangs up!


Phadreus said...

The 21st century, Slaves begging the Pharaoh for work!

defender said...

Last Friday afternoon.....

A knock on the front door,
There stands a man saying he is from Dept collectors R us.
I am here about an outstanding amount you owe
MrD, I have never heard of you, what business have I got with you?
We are here to collect a debt owed to Big Fuckoff Bank.
MrD, But why, its been paid?
We have no information on that, you must pay.
MrD, my dear sir, you have paid it, I dont know why but its very generous of you paying off the debt.
Well the amount is still outstanding and I am here to collect it
MrD, Have we got a contract between you and I about this matter?

He was gone in his car, off the street in less than 1 minute.

William said...

This Sunday do something worthwhile.
Get a pen.
Get some paper.
Get an envelope.
Get on Google and find out what your MP's address is.
Write this address on the envelope making sure you put the word FREEPOST in there. Mark my words Royal Mail WILL deliver it. no need to buy a stamp.

Then write the following question on the sheet of paper along with your home address or another address where you would like the reply sent.

Given that taxation is compulsory do you have any evidence that anyone wants government?

Sign the letter and put two lines through your signature and pop it in the envelope and then put the envelope in the nearest post box.

Then once you have cut your teeth on the person who has been elected to 'represent you' move on to councillors etc.

defender said...

William, remind me, what is the significance of putting 2 lines through your signiture?

William said...

So it cannot be copied!
Banks do it, councils do it even educated fleas do it... well the would if they could use a photocopier!
So you can bet your bottom dollar the guvmint do.

ratzinger of the vatican said...

Think about it defender
What gives the cheque its 'authority'?
What gives the petition its credibility?
What gives the giro slip its authority?
What proves the credit card is yours?

The signature is EVERYTHING in the world of commerce.

What do you do before the surgeon will cut you open?
Can you get insurance without one?
Why do the policy officers ask for your name and ask you to sign for 'your belongings'?

It goes on and on.
Your signature is the only thing of value you possess. It is even more valuable than the sweat of your brow or many years of toil and compliance.

Guard it with your life!


Anonymous said...

Here is a very informative briefing on how decentralized causes work:

You cannot stop what you cannot see.

I wager their are 'assets' sympathetic to us well within the system right now. Of course, there is no 'us', other than those that have realized how evil the system has become. And they were not 'turned' by anyone other than the brutality of the system itself.

Expect a state backed 'freedom' organization to magically appear in the near future, as a means of damage limitation. You will know them by their compromises.

Or even something more evil to turn the average person against the ideas of freedom. You will know them by their targeting of violent acts against normal people.

Once you do stuff like that too much, it becomes predictable.

I suggest our evil overlords think long and hard before they try to reel us back in, as the person next to them could well be playing both sides of the fence. And making note of all their unlawful deeds.

Their side of the fence, by nature of their centralized structure, is hugely vulnerable, in a way that a leaderless, autonomous movement is not.

They have pissed off so many people, that everyone apart from the devoted, and well-paid few is a potential enemy.

Despite all their bluster, it is they who are off-balance.

If I were them, I'd concentrate on those that you can 'fool all of the time', and let us do our thing.

There is more than enough Sheep for them to exploit, whatever happens. Sad, but true.