September 09, 2010

How Do I Love Thee?

Not very much, is the answer.

(Click image for embigulation).

I could bang on for days, literally, about why we need to get out of this vile arrangement, but a swift glance at the chart tells us all we need to know.

Let's leave this pathetic club.


H/T to Spitfire No 13.


Angry Exile said...

More interesting is that the support for it in France and Germany is at best equivocal. And who pays for all this shite? Primarily the taxpayers of France, Germany and the UK. Coincidence or people starting the much needed process of wising the fuck up?

Captain Ranty said...


I was pretty surprised at Germany and France.

I thought they were gung-ho for this unholy union.

It seems to me that the only people fucked off with this shitty union are the privately employed taxpayers.

The boil has festered long enough.

Time to lance it.


Anonymous said...

Time to lance the boil indeed CR.

This economic crisis isn’t over by a long chalk and there will be more demands for money to build their tin-pot empire. More glass palaces, more personnel to man their offices, and more chauffeur-driven cars to ferry them around.

I think, at last, that people are beginning to realize that they are financing two governments. One has to go and I as sure as hell am not being ruled by the likes of Barroso and Rumpy Pumpy.

Captain Ranty said...


Bizarre, isn't it?

We are already raped by our own government and we are expected to bend over again for the psychopaths in Brussels & Strasbourg.

I don't even like being reamed by those gibbons in Westminster, far less some unelected, unaccountable fucksticks across the stream.

Something's got to give.

It won't be me. I gave enough.