September 06, 2010


I am late with this news. My old pal The Admiral posted it a couple of weeks ago.

My alternate title was:

British Public, Glued To X Factor, Suspect Nothing.

I'll be damned if I can spot the difference.

Can you?



Indyanhat said...

The difference is one is a fucking muppet and the other is a murdering scumbag!!!

Captain Ranty said...

Give the muppet a chance, Indy!

It won't be long until he's at it as well.


Caratacus said...

Think I can help you here Captain:

One's a pseudo-socialist cunt intent on letting the EUSSR take over what's left of our country, the other has recently written a book or something....

lost said...


both work for the same bosses.

There purpose is to fool the people, to absorb and contain the anger of the masses, also to cause the divisions that are so necessary to conquer.


Barking Spider said...

How right you are, CR, and unless something brings down the Brokeback Coalition and we get another election, (now that people have finally woken up - too late, as usual), we're stuck with these twats for another five years! :-(

Captain Ranty said...

I think Lost has it right.

They both work for the same board of directors.

As we said before the election, only the tie colour changes.

Are our lives measurably different since May? Are we any more free? Arguably, we are slightly less free.

The charade continues...


I am Stan said...

Yo Capitan,

Looking at those two twat`s smug faces reminds me why I am trying to completely disconnect from the mainstream, politicians,corporations,councils,media and every other peck-snifferous twat can just fuck off

I am Stan said...

Oh I forgot to add,

authoritarian,warmongering,narcissistic,two faced,grasping,hypocritical and idealogicaly vacant,ignorant,cruel,vindictive,smug,
wasteful,relentless,cowardly bastards.

Anonymous said...

The one on the right is not married to a Gargoyle.