December 18, 2009

UK Ltd-The Proof

As most of you know, we Freemen repeat often that the UK is a corporation. We use this as a lever to step away from the state, and use their statutes against them. We also know that the UK is bankrupt, and that in bankruptcy, all debts are forgiven. We use a variety of statutes to our advantage, among them is the Bankruptcy Act 1869, the Bills of Exchange Act 1882, Petition of Right 1628, Claim of Right 1689 and the Bill of Rights 1689 (aka, informally, Magna Carta Plus). The UK trades in Chapter 6 bankruptcy.

One of the biggest (incorrect) claims by the Doubting Thomases, is that the UK is NOT a limited company.

I beg to differ, and in so doing, offer you this, from Hansard

HC Deb 22 October 1940 vol 365 c942W 942W
§Mr. Craven-Ellis asked the President of the Board of Trade whether the formation by the Government of the United Kingdom Corporation is only a war-time measure; and will he give assurance that the corporation will be wound up immediately after hostilities cease, so that the export trade may flow through its normal peace-time channels?

§Mr. Johnstone The corporation was formed with a view to meeting difficulties in overseas trade which are due to conditions arising out of the war. It is impossible to foresee the conditions that will obtain when hostilities cease and, therefore, I cannot say whether at that date it will be desirable to terminate the activities of the corporation. These activities do not, I think, disturb the normal channels of trade but I can assure my hon. Friend that His Majesty's Government have every desire that trade should be freed from war-time restrictions and be conducted in a normal manner at the earliest possible date.

The "restrictions" were never lifted. And we have rolled merrily onwards ever since.

Remember the phrase "in bankruptcy all debts are forgiven". Remember also that the fiat money we use today is worthless. It has no intrinsic value. A £5, £10, £20, £50, or £100 note is worth about 3 pence. It is a promissory note. A promissory note is a negotiable instrument. You or I have the power, today, to create our own promissory notes, our own negotiable instruments. Instead of using their useless notes, you can simply, and lawfully, create your own. My point being that you cannot pay a debt with a debt note. If the notes in your wallet have no value, how can you repay debt with them? How, indeed, can you purchase goods and services with them? I can answer that with just one word: faith. We have a faith based currency. And why not? We are expected to use faith to give credibility to the Climate Change mutterings. We need to employ faith because the hard & fast science does not justify the claims made by the Warmists.

I was most pleased last night, when I got home from a two day conference in Aberdeen, to read that Old Holborn intends to join our swelling ranks on January 1st. He realises, as most sane men do, that this is a game. A hurtful and damaging game, to be sure, but a game nevertheless. Like the rest of us, Holby is tired of playing by the unfair rules of this game, and has decided to use his own rules. Please read the article, but make sure that you read the comments as well. Most people assume that Freemen are anarchists. This is not true. They assume that we want everything for nothing, and this also, is a scurrilous lie. It is given oxygen by the ignorant, the misinformed, and the terminally terrified. That we have too many statutes, bills and acts, is obvious to any that care to look at the rolls. Statutes are vomited out, with nary a care, on an almost daily basis. They are not required for communities to flourish. They are, however, required by greedy, corrupt, and inept governments. Statutes generate billions of £££'s every year for our bankrupt nation. They are, for want of a better expression, stealth taxes. A Freeman (in truth, and in law, no man or woman) cannot be summarily judged and fined, yet we see this happen all over the country, thousands of times a day, every day. All statutes have a monetary value, and each is carefully considered, by the bankers, not the lawmakers, before they are shat out. They have nothing to do with justice, health or terrorism. They have everything to do with money, coercion, and control.

The good news is that the wheels are coming off. Freemen, Lawful Rebels, and other movements are rapidly expanding and, as ever more erudite people join us, more careful research is done, more "secrets" are uncovered. We are morally obliged to share these discoveries with you, our fellow humans. If anyone, and I mean anyone, asks for money to reveal these newly uncovered truths, the second word in your reply should be "off". Our movements are about ridding ourselves of greed and corruption, not starting off a new trend in robbing the gullible.

I reiterate, (and I will do this ad nauseum) that Lawful Rebellion is not for everyone. It is most certainly not something to be embraced without months of (your own) research and much thought. I will not spoonfeed anyone. For the vast majority of Freemen, at some point in their research, an epiphany occurs. Once you know who you are, and what you are not, a 10,000 watt lightbulb clicks on inside your skull, and all (or most) of the jigsaw pieces start to make sense. Dots get joined, and a clear path is suddenly visible on this confusing and overly complex map of life.

Between the various movements, we try to show you the way. We offer an alternative menu. It is up to you whether you sit down and eat.

Some assume that they can rid themselves of debt that they voluntarily incurred. If you bought a 50" plasma on credit, pay for the damn thing. If, like me, you are paying your local council tax for things like street-lighting, or street cleaning, but do not receive those "benefits" (I don't, as I live on a farm. I clean my own areas and I have no street lights), then why should you pay? Why indeed, should you pay any company when they fail to deliver the services that you pay for, particularly when you discover that most (if not all) councils have many millions invested in stocks and shares? They cut back and cut back while watching their investments grow and grow. Does this seem fair?

I offer, unconditionally, my promise to help you wherever and whenever I can.

The rules of the game have changed. We have a new chessboard.

The first move is up to you.



Griblett said...

Hi Captain

Well I have spent about six months doing the research into all the aspects of being a Freeman and I've come to the conclusion that it's not for me.

I quite enjoyed the research and I like reading your blog and other sites but I'm just an observer. I no longer have the desire to do anything with what I've learnt.

I can't see the Freeman movement going anywhere ultimately although I can forsee a rounding up and shooting of those who participate.

Of course OH's addition to your cause will provide a more ascerbic take on things which can only add to the circus.

Stay safe out there.

Unknown said...

I'm here, I'm still listening (and reading) and learning, awefully slowly, I might add, (something to do with the little gray sells, of which I appear to have little.)

RantinRab said...

Like the Big Yin, I am reading and learning. Somewhat slowly, mind you, but I am learning nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

If you own your own property and if you are independently wealthy then I can see how this would be do-able. For a lot of people employment can be temporary and they have to live in rented housing. Becoming a freeman wouldn`t be a good idea for them (and me).

One thing it is very good for, is for revealing to people how our society has been usurped by legal fictions. Taking that further, all of you freemen should try and set up your own village somewhere so that we can all gape at you and bite at the bars of our cage!

Captain Ranty said...

Well lads, I wouldn't force this on anyone.

As long as you know the choice is there. You don't have to go the "whole hog" either. You just need to use the tools available. As this thing grows arms and legs we will see more and more successes and that will give you the confidence to use these methods.

I may have a major victory to announce myself. I will be able to confirm the win in the next day or so, and I will report back on Monday evening.

Watch this space.


Captain Ranty said...


I neither own property, nor am I independently wealthy.

In fact, if I keep playing by their rules I will never be wealthy by any standards. How can I hope to stay afloat if they keep stealing my money from me? Those at the lower end of the earnings scale have as much to gain as anyone else.

There is much talk of setting up just such a community. Register with the TPUC forum to see the early seeds being sown.


Pesky Anonymous said...

"For the vast majority of Freemen, at some point in their research, an epiphany occurs."

I remember a point when I realised this understanding is every bit as much of a journey of self discovery, as it is a means to fight the system.
Worth it for that alone. A de-programming exercise.

Anonymous said...

"If you bought a 50" plasma on credit, pay for the damn thing."

where does this fit in with the realisation that a credit card debt is unenforceable due to lack of a signed contract?

Captain Ranty said...


A good point.

To date, I have not been ripped off by a credit card company. They have never adjusted interest rates on the fly or without warning. Credit card companies represent the "private side" and I entered into that contract willingly. Many people signed up with these organisations and DID get ripped off, and they were, (and continue to be) bullied mercilessly. If that is the case then I do not blame them for seeking a remedy to out things right.

I did not enter into any contracts with the government and I treat the "public side" with the contempt it deserves. They are my enemy and it is they that I will fight against, using any (lawful) means at my disposal.


Captain Ranty said...

Typo, sorry:

"...a remedy to out things right."

Should say "...put things right".


banned said...

Good luck to you and your campaign Captain Ranty. Just a couple of points.
If GB Corp. is bankrupt surely we are all guilty of trading while insolvent by using GB banknotes as a promise to pay?

Debts to the Student Loan Company are excluded from the general rule of all debts being cancelled by Bankruptcy. Are any others, HMRC perhaps?

I made myself something of a Freeman some years ago by paying off all my loans and credit cards so no longer spend my life working for Mr. Barclaycard.

Uncle Marvo said...

Dear Capn.,

Here are three things which you might wish to comment on:

1. The "UK Corporation" thing was rubbished because of John Harris's reference to the WRONG ONE, which apparently was a fashion importers business run by a couple of Johnny Foreigners.

2. You recommend (if I understand correctly) that one should look to the BCG.

3. You recommend that if anyone asks for money you should tell them to something off.

2 and 3 are incompatible.

I only ask this because someone else will. I am very much PRO the movement, and I have my invitation.

Keep up the bad work!

Captain Ranty said...


Trading in Chapter 6 Bankruptcy allows you to trade, but any "profits" are used to repay debt. At our current level of debt, the only way we can ever settle is to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

I don't know enough about the Student Loan scheme, but I do know people who have settled the debt lawfully without sending in a cheque.

Because I travel a great deal I could not do so (as easily) without a credit card. I wish I didn't have to but needs must when the devil drives.


Captain Ranty said...

Uncle Marvo,

1. I hope I have settled that argument. Hansard is clear, the UK is a corporation. Further Hansard searches do not reveal that we ever reversed that wartime policy.

2. I think the BCG is a catalyst. As they say, they want to be the umbrella group for the disaffected. I have no problems with that. We need this.

3. Unless I misunderstand, the BCG are not asking for money, they are asking for activists. In any case, I really meant that you should not pay for information that is freely available, but has been hidden from you.

If I have explained poorly, please say so and I will try to elaborate.


Uncle Marvo said...

Indeed, you have explained admirably.

I misunderstood what you suggested telling them to something off because of, if you get my meaning.

However, I still maintain that there is going to be a load of naysaying because the UK Corp Ltd PLC etc is NOT listed as a Company. Yes, it *is* one, effectively, but then again it isn't. And yes, they can shove it up their arses, no doubt about that.

I think to make things clear, things should be made Black and White.

Captain Ranty said...

I agree Uncle Marvo.

I like things to be simplified as well. A little clarity for us, though, would rightly reveal them to be tricksters, and they simply cannot have that.

If I ran the country but did not want everyone to know how we were fooling them, hiding a limited company registration would be childs play.

I worry more about what I DON'T know than what I do know.

How many other, much bigger secrets are we not allowed to know?

I'll keep digging and I will continue to show you what I unearth. We can discuss the merits of each find as we mosey along.


Uncle Marvo said...

Quite so, Capn. I have had the pleasure of filing a patent recently, in the arena of encryption. There are many such things registered and when you go to the page that tells you the nitty-gritty, guess what it says?

Yes, indeed. Zip, zilch, nada, this page intentionally blank, etc etc.

I do sometimes (often, actually) wonder. Mr Harris unearthed some stuff through a credit reference co which had references to things that Companies House didn't.

ITWSBT etc etc. Keep digging, digger.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Capn Ranty and all,

I've been getting into this Lawful Rebelion stuff, doing my reseach, and its great.

I already knew that the UK was a corporation some years ago, from reading Mr Icke. Not cast iron proof by any means, but he does do his research. It was formerly the 'East India Trading Company' I believe, or another of those private colonial slave corporations, chartered by the Crown.

I would very much like to see the absolute proof from Duport / Companies House that says it is, but as stated already above, Im sure they have removed it by now. Dun and Bradstreet would suffice for me, if it was an oficial London address (i.e. not some dodgy manufacturing company in China who call themselves such so they can write 'Made in UK' on the label).

On a technical note, if it is anything, I believe it would be an 'unlimited liability company', not a limited one, as this affords them secrecy of financial affairs (like who the creditors / investors are). Likewise for the Bank of England. All private banks are of this form. All the councils are too.

Keep up the good work, one and all! Unity (through diversity) is the only way to beat this behemoth.


Captain Ranty said...


Thanks for the comment and your kind words!

Like you, I firmly believe the evidence is but a stones throw away. Now that we have thousands on the case, we will soon have a rock solid case.