December 21, 2009

ClimateShite-Blood On The Carpet

COP15 is over.

I deliberately waited a few days before posting on this scam.

This is what I thought would happen:

1. Delegates from all over the planet would gather.
2. It would cost us a fortune.
3. They would add thousands of tons of CO2 to the atmosphere.
4. It would end in tears.

What actually happened was this:

1. Delegates from all over the world gathered.
2. It did cost us a fortune.
3. They have added thousands of tons of CO2 to the atmosphere.
4. It has ended in tears.

I failed to predict the blood on the carpet as one ever so slightly unbalanced delegate "slashed herself open in protest". (See report embedded in the title). My first thought was that if you are prepared to self-harm to prove a point, that alone should disqualify you from taking part. Slashing yourself open is not big, and it's not clever. Mind you, neither is promoting an agenda that is so blatantly without foundation. I note that those bright people at COP15 failed utterly to consider sun activity at all. Now, I may not be a climatologist but I do understand sun activity. Twice a year (around the summer and winter solstice) the sun is in direct alignment behind telecommunications satellites and all of my customers lose comms for three or four minutes as the satellites become drenched in background solar radiation. For those who like graphs and charts, I recommend that you have a gander at the ten page report. It is more alarming than Brown running around like an imbecile handing out billions of pounds that we don't have.

Rather than heading towards balmier temperatures and rising sea levels, we are looking at the distinct possibility of a mini ice age. Lovely.

The president of the Maldives would be better advised to look out his skates than his scuba diving kit.

2010 holds promise. Lord Monckton has cited 8 or 9 climate "scientists" as fraudsters and will issue writs against them. I look forward to their prosecution.

What a monumental waste of money. The Warmists don't see it that way, of course. They see only mortgage repayments, private school fees, big houses, junkets, shiny awards, yet more conferences, and a moronic public to fool. This is a mistake we will be repaying for decades.

Deep joy.



LSP said...

Well said Captain - what a scam.

Just watch them all reinvent themselves for the Ice Age.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks LSP.

I think that they think that we are all braindead. Many of us may well be fast asleep but I honestly believe that the bloggers reveal stuff that we ordinarily wouldn't see as the MSM all have agendas as well.

We cannot rely on the TV either.

I also believe that they will shut us down eventually. With no pubs to go to in the UK to discuss matters, life will get tricky. It seems that we need permission for more than three people to assemble so get-togethers will be difficult, but not impossible.

Clandestine times lay ahead for all of us.


microdave said...

"Just watch them all reinvent themselves for the Ice Age."

And they will STILL claim it's our fault!

But this disgusting spectacle has completely overshadowed any sensible discussion about the real harm we are doing - cutting down rainforests to grow biofuels, for instance.

What do those trees do? - Absorb CO2 & convert it into Oxygen...

Captain Ranty said...

Indeed MD, the trees (and other plants) are the lungs of the planet. Starve them and....

It doesn't matter whose fault it is, as long as we part company with our hard earned money.

Debt, the great leveller.


watching said...

I doubt the righteous have the ability to close down blogging in this country or any other.
I don't even think they see blogging as a threat to their beliefs, sorry gravy train.
Most of the righteous are convinced that the proles believe the truth they feed into the papers or that which they put out into the ether in audio or visual formats.

The internet is a scary and misunderstood place. Which of course it is and long may it remain so.

With 19 million souls watching the X-Factor final and even more lunatics lining both Simon Cowell's and Sony's pockets with musical lucre sucked from them in a stage managed 'Xmas Number one contest' they still have the majority in this country right where they need them.

opsimath said...

Great piece - thanks. By the way, I slashed myself once, but I was as pissed as a beetle - perhaps she'd been overdoing the Crystal champagne!

Captain Ranty said...


"With 19 million souls watching the X-Factor final and even more lunatics lining both Simon Cowell's and Sony's pockets with musical lucre sucked from them in a stage managed 'Xmas Number one contest' they still have the majority in this country right where they need them".

Come the revolution we must first take control of the tellybox. Then we might stand a chance.


Captain Ranty said...

Thanks opsimath.

Being pissed is a reasonable excuse. We've all been there...:)

No drink was mentioned so I am assuming she was as jober as a sudge.

I still plumb for mentalist. She needs help.


Mark Wadsworth said...

I know shouldn't but I was giggling while reading that.

Apart from the bit about comsat's, that was no doubt serious and rather worrying (I like worrying about things until it turns out they are a big scam).

Captain Ranty said...


It's difficult to write seriously considering the material they give us to work with.

The comsat thing is pure physics. No more complicated than an orbital plane.

I don't fully understand the suns reduced sun-spot seasons, but if the problem is only 4 or 5 years away we should have a think about it. Maybe buy some fur hats and coats...

The sun itself is due to go cold in around 5 billion years. I refuse to worry about that.


Ed P said...

This huge scam about CO2 will not go away easily, as it is being used to extort billions in so-called green taxes.
COP15 could have had a positive purpose, considering the two major world problems: deforestation and population. Instead it was wasted on non-science and scare stories.

Captain Ranty said...

I couldn't agree more Ed. Almost everything can be traced to money, the climate nonsense is no different.

None of us are naive enough to imagine we are doing no damage.

The culling of those hardwoods is unbelievably stupid. We aren't planting enough trees to replace them.

I am not sure about the population angle though. The earth has room for another trillion souls.

Whether we can feed 'em all is another matter.