December 03, 2009


The title gives away which side I am on.

I haven't done anything on this subject because many others do it so much better. Thanks to the manky bandaged one we can see all we need to see in 40 minutes.

I won't pull any punches here. These people lie. They do it all the time because they are paid to lie. If they told the truth they would be out of a job. In fact, we should prosecute the bastards for falsifying reports paid for by the public. Billions of £££'s are thrown their way each and every year by gullible, headline-seeking governments around the world.

They used the same modus operandi for demonising smokers and second hand smoke. They lie as well. They lie everywhere and all the time. Why? Because it ensures the funding flow. Make no mistake: all this is-when you boil it down-is greed. Pure, unadulterated greed.

You may have see that Attenborough documentary where that poor darling polar bear swims off out to sea to look for a juicy seal for dinner. The bear, as we discover, with all the attendant drama, is going the wrong way. To Attenborough, this signified the end of the world as we know it, and it's all our fault, we nasty humans.

I just saw one confused bear fuck off in the wrong direction. Nothing more, nothing less. Darwinism kicked in, as it always will.

And before the Polar Bear Protection Front writes in to condemn me roundly, you should know this: I like polar bears. I was worried back in '75 when there was only 5,000 of them left. I am less concerned now because there are more than 25,000 of the big buggers running around. They discovered humping. Good for them. Oh yes, they also discovered bins in Palinland. Here's a tip: don't throw away anything that smells nice to a one ton bear and they will soon get the message.

A word of warning to you sick Greenies as well. I recycle. I do not litter. (On the contrary, I pick shit up and put it in the bins provided, despite the funny looks people give me). I find it impossible to believe that 7 billion souls can inhabit a planet and do no damage. We can lessen the damage by using some common sense, but what you numpties want is for first world countries to halt any advancement in technology, and for those poor bastards in emerging nations to arrest any and all development right now, goddamnit! And that is not on. Emerging nations generally, in my humble opinion, leap-frog technologies so that they don't make the same mistakes we did. Who are we to deny them the right to advance? That you are greedy bastards is moot, but playing God? Fuck off. Sharpish.

I clearly remember the ozone shit you lot spouted. It kept you all in a job and paid your mortgages for at least 20 years. That problem went away, did it not? We have a self-repairing atmosphere and it did exactly what it says on the tin. Yes, I know we removed CFC's from aerosols and fridges, and that made a massive difference. But the point remains: it was never as serious as you said. You lied as well.

Now we are stuck with these shitty light bulbs that are almost as dim as you are. For years you freaks campaigned to get rid of mercury and then wham!, you suddenly approve of light bulbs containing the very substance you wanted rid of! So when we dump these bulbs, because they don't last forever, you lying fucks, we simply poison the earth again. Nice job. Got any other bright ideas?

Of course you have. And I am sure you will be whining about them any day now.

My (general) summary, because I am in a rantiful mood:

Climate change-pile of shite. Cease and desist. It is costing us a fortune. Money we don't have to burn.

Second hand smoke "scare"-pile of shite. Cease and desist. All it does is keep mentally damaged people in work. Section them instead. It will save us oodles.

Smoking ban-pile of shite. Cease and desist. All it does is ensure that 53 pubs a week shut down.

Charities paid by the government to advise the government-pile of shite. Cease and desist. AND we want our money back.

Binge-drinking crisis-pile of shite. Cease and desist.By all means punish the harm-doers, but FFS, leave the rest of us alone.

Islamification of Britain-pile of shite. Cease and desist. If they want shariah law they can fuck off back to a country where that is carried out.

Political correctness-pile of shite. Cease and desist. Mind you, (or should that be Mind EU?) we are going to be exposed to unheard of stupidity now. Can't wait.

Quangos-pile of shite. Cease and desist. Busywork and vote-securing. No more, no less.

Afghanistan-pile of shite. Cease and desist. The Russians lost that one. We will lose as well. Get our sons and daughters home. Find your oil/heroin elsewhere.

There. I just saved the country billions.




Katabasis said...

You're going to love this one CR:

"Antarctica may heat up dramatically as ozone hole repairs, warn scientists"


By the way - many thanks for linking to my Lisbon post! More to come shortly.....

Captain Ranty said...

My pleasure Katabasis.

Soooo, if we had KEPT on using CFC's, we would have no global warming/cooling/climate change today?


We were doing the planet a favour!


Harry J said...

"I recycle. I do not litter. (On the contrary, I pick shit up and put it in the bins provided, despite the funny looks people give me)."

Ha, and me. I've taken to walking along canal towpaths recently and I always come back with armfuls of rubbish, despite the funny looks.

The climate change scam is about world government, increased taxation and greater control for the 'elites'.

Is anything they do designed to make things better?

banned said...

Whatever happened to Acid Rain ? and the scare that all vegetation would disappear one mile each side of the dreaded new motorways ?

Two throwaway lines overheard yesterday on BBC Radio 2
" Two thirds of people say smokers should not be allowed to congregate outside doorways"
" 40% of girls would not date a smoker ".

They just don't stop do they ?

richard said...

when i was in France i saw a guy sprint about 100 yards after a piece of paper. i assumed it was a banknote, but it was a piece of paper which he then put in a bin. France is very clean and pleasant.
as far as 7 billion people are concerned; the more people there are, the more food, living-space and resources there are. counter-intuitive? absurd? think about it, how much more food and personal space have we got compared to our grandparents? most of the earth's surface is desert; the more people there are, the more places can be built for people, and the more food can be produced. imagine a termite nest. it starts out as a small hole packed with a queen and a dozen insects. when the mound is ten feet high it contains millions, but is virtually empty, and it's got plenty of stored food. more individuals equals less toil and less crowding.
likewise, in a human city, eg new york, most people have at least a room each, and a day's food costs an hour's wages. in a stone-age tribe, they're all kipping in one long-house, and spend most of the time looking for, or preparing, their food.
so the "overcrowded earth" myth is just more scary bullshit.