December 21, 2009

It Begins...

Madame Justice is now on an enforced diet. So much so, that by this time next year she will be positively anorexic.

The parlous state of our judicial system is under serious attack, not from Europe, as I envisaged, but from within, by that monster, Jack Straw.

My apologies. My last sentence looks as though there may be hope. There isn't.

Read this. The horror of virtual courts is upon us.  

I will need to beef up. I want to know if by not stepping into a physical court, by not "crossing the bar", that the jurisdiction of the court is automatically negated.

There will be more on this as I winkle out the details.

In the meantime, be horrified.

This is a nasty turn.



richard said...

so, a "court" is now as the thing a judge sees through a camera? what could possibly go wrong? it's not like there's lots of cameras about.

richard said...

here, just had a thought. how would a suspect know that he was in "court" and it wasn't a police trick to get evidence? how would he know that what he says isn't being relayed to a room where a copper disguised as the suspect isn't giving incriminating evidence? the judge won't know if the man on the screen is the real accused, will he? nor will he be able to make fine judgements based on behaviour of the accused. it'll be like a show, no emotional involvement, just a TV picture.

Captain Ranty said...


I agree with both comments. The whole thing is fraught with danger. For the accused.

Scary times ahead.


Anonymous said...

This pretty much spells the end for juries, too. Little by little, Straw and his ilk will find 'justifications' to get rid of them.

I can't seem to get Ceausescu out of my head.

Uncle Marvo said...

There is a solution. I won't insult you by clarifying it, although I call it the Ceausescu-Antoinette Protocol (CAP).

Imminent, if I judge the mood.

Unknown said...

Please tell me I'm living in someone elses virtual world and I can pull out at any time? This country gets more and more sureal as each week passes.

I am Stan said...

Yo Capitan -Scary stuff.....I need a drink..this guvmint is making me drink like a Russian whore....just to blot out the mental anguish...I hope soon they`ll be elected out of power and the Brits never vote Socialists in again...If they win the next election I shall drink myself to death Im sure...thats if you can still buy more than one pint a day.

Bottoms up!

Captain Ranty said...

Well, just to frighten you even more, Fausty (I think) has a report saying that the 2010 election may be cancelled by the EU.


Christian Prophet said...

Two positives. People are starting to awaken to truth. Truth is very powerful. Check out the message from Jesus Christ, libertarian: