December 09, 2009


I popped over to Lawful Rebellion as I noticed that they had a new article posted. I listened, with growing fascination to their interview with Marc Stevens and I wanted to learn more about Marc, what he had been up to, and how he had gathered the jaw-dropping facts that he mentioned during the podcast.

I wandered around his site like a kid in a sweetshop. I discovered a man called Lysander Spooner, (he died in 1887) who had written some stunning works on the American Constitution. You can find the writings of Lysander Spooner here.  

If you are an American reading this I would urge you to prepare for several shocks as you watch the videos (there are 7 in total) because Marc destroys myth after myth after myth about your lovely country, your venerated Constitution and he even explains why you have no rights. It isn't all doom and gloom. Marc also goes on to tell you why you need never pay income tax ever again. So, it is a little bit Karmic. Compensation and retribution. Or, if that doesn't fry your bacon, how about "no pain, no gain?"

For the rest of us Euro-peeps, the videos are fascinating, and we should all watch them. "Why?", you may ask, "What bearing does it have on me?"

And I would answer thusly:

Who do you imagine it was that guided the Founding Fathers?

No tin-foil hats required. Marc Stevens deals only in facts.

Watch these videos only if you wish to wave goodbye to some incredibly powerful delusions.

All credit to Matt, Richy and David for ensuring that the practical advice Marc offers, (should you wish to be awoken), reaches as many ears as possible. Thank you lads.

We have the same charade played out here in the ex-UK day after day, by the same characters. The only difference is that we have been playing the game, just as unwittingly, for a damn sight longer. If you wonder why we all play along, be sure to watch the videos.

The podcast is the aperitif, the videos are the main meal.

Just what will you do after dinner?

Get ready for a mind adjustment. Your reality is about to change. If it doesn't, you weren't listening.


PS-The full length video is on Marc's website but it was very stop/starty for me, so I looked for it on YT. They are in 10 minute chunks.


I am Stan said...

"Let me be a free man, free to travel, free to stop, free to work, free to trade where I choose, free to choose my own teachers, free to follow the religion of my fathers, free to talk, think, and act for myself--and then I will obey every law or submit to the penalty." - Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce Tribe

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Stan, I hadn't seen that quote before.

It works for me!


Unknown said...

david ophalus here

love the tin foil hat comment!

Harry J said...

I'm glad I listened to the interview. He definitely seems to have the right approach and manner to go with it. It does seem that with some effort the system can be shown up for what it is. The interesting thing is what would replace it.

Thanks for adding me to your list of awkward sods. Any idea why mine lists as the blog address instead of just the name? I'm still very new to this blogging game. I've checked my settings but didn't spot anything.

Captain Ranty said...


I deleted then added your blogspot and it seems okay now.

Some of my links have a little red cross next to them in blogger, but it is usually the non-blogger sites that give me problems.

I'll keep an eye on it.


Lost said...

That is very interesting stuff

Both the video and the interview

Never heard of marc before.

Thanks cap


Harry J said...

The video certainly does make you think.

On the BCG website it says that "... the British Constitution is the basis for many of the world's constitutions, including those of the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and India. If that's the case and what Marc Stevens says is true (and I don't doubt it is) then what does that say about our constitution?

I've thought for a while now we need to work out what we are for rather than get too bogged down in all the myriad ways we are being lied to, deceived and manipulated. If resisting the globalisation agenda of the NWO is done by leaving the EU and reasserting our 'constitution' and our sovereignty, what exactly are we reasserting? Should not a constitution be the bedrock of a society? If so is ours (or rather than one we had before it was seemingly superceded by the EU) suitable for the job? If not why not?

More questions and more research it seems.

Captain Ranty said...


The Americans don't have a constitution. As Marc says, the document was never signed. There are plenty of signatures on it but the key words are "In witness thereof".

That, and the fact that all the witnesses and all the people it concerned, are long dead.

Was our constitution signed? Was it a compact between the then government and the population alive at the time? Is it as valueless as the American constitution? As you say, more research needed.

One thing I have learnt is this: governments cannot bind their successors. An incoming government can repeal everything, all at once, if they so desired.

I'll get me shovel out and start digging again.

I wish I was getting paid for this....


Harry J said...

On reflection there are a couple of things I'm a touch uneasy about. I'm sure there are some who would look quite closely at Marc Stevens. His perception that, essentially, the constitution is invalid, there is no citizen therefore there is no United States, there is no such thing as an illegal alien etc could easily be taken as giving the 'NWO' globalisation forces a helping hand. His, seeming, dismissal of the involvement of Freemasonry also left me a little uneasy. It's one thing to knock these things down and remove peoples 'reality' but you have to have some awareness of the agenda and give some indication of a 'solution' and/or alternative. Otherwise it could easily feed into the sort of thing this article talks about.

Just a thought.