December 16, 2009

BCG-Lawful Rebellion Update

I purloined this post from  Revolution Harry. Please read it, then DO something.

Here it is, in full:

Below is the December 2009 BCG newsletter reproduced in full. Anyone living in the Wolverhampton area who wants to join the local group please contact me at and I'll put you in touch with the first point of contact. Non Wulfrunians can find their nearest local group on the map on the BCG website (see link below).


Welcome to the final newsletter of the year - the end of the first year of the British Constitution Group's activity. I know things have not moved as quickly as some of you would like, and that some people are still having issues with the website (an update is coming!), but we have achieved a lot this year. None of it could have been done without your help, so we'd like to start off by giving our thanks to our activists and supporters.


BCG members and associated groups have published three quarters of a million newspapers, given hundreds of talks, started the national campaign to report Treason at police stations, run three major conferences each attended by over 400 people, networked together a wide range of activist groups, including overseas, started 70 local BCG groups run by the "first point of contact", distributed thousands of DVDs, made appearances on television and radio and set up several new websites and local initiatives.

In these difficult times it is not easy to be optimistic, but in the last six months we have seen a step change in people's realisation that something is wrong, and they are becoming hungry for the truth.

Our profile is such that we now have a range of high quality whistle blowers from within the professional establishment, including the MOD, police, doctors, barristers, social services and local government sector. When asked, why have you approached the British Constitution Group, a common reply is that "there's no-one else to talk to." We must do everything possible to maintain this trust. Whistleblowers are vital people in exposing what is really happening at the highest levels, and there will be more.

The term and concept of Lawful Rebellion has quickly been adopted by many activist groups and individuals. Many people are angry, frustrated and ashamed at the blatant destruction of Britain. Many feel the need to lash out and some suggest violent means to achieve a turn-round in political events. Lawful Rebellion offers the opportunity to rebel and achieve results but whilst remaining peaceful in words and actions. Violent action offers the encroaching police state the opportunity to "clamp down" with yet more state oppression and even violence. Our power comes not from violence, but from numbers and coordinated action in a range of areas.

Lawful Rebellion is attractive to all generations - it offers real, positive and direct action without violence. The term is spreading fast. As is the understanding of why it is needed.

Across UK there are now thousands of people and groups linked to Lawful Rebellion. They are spread throughout Scotland, England and Wales. Others are springing up in overseas countries where a similar political agenda is underway.


Many of you reading this already know what Lawful Rebellion is. Many of you are already implementing it. For those that have never heard of it before, and especially if the term "Rebellion" concerns you, the key qualifier is the word "Lawful."

Lawful Rebellion describes a movement, not an organisation. It is not a Political Party, nor is it aligned to any Political Party. Individuals and groups operate as a team where no one person or organisation is in control. We are simply people, groups and loose organisations gathering together in sufficient numbers so that our message(s) of concern and the truth about what is happening around us is heard and fully understood by the public at large. Exposing the truth is the first step to exposing the Treason and corruption destroying our Nation State. Awakening the 40 million UK adult voters will provide the power to remove the imposed EU dictatorship. The awakening has started and will increase at an exponential rate. Each individual's effort will help that rate accelerate.

Lawful Rebellion simply means learning to say "No!"

That's all we have to do - have the courage as individuals to say "No!" to the destruction of our Constitution, to the Treason being committed by our political leaders, to the criminal corruption at all levels of government, to the "Surveillance State", to the undermining of our currency, to the destruction of our Health Service, to the collapse of our Economy and basic economic infrastructure, to the dumbing down of our children, to the collapse of culture, to the destruction of our military, to the corporatisation of every aspect of our nation including the police and judicial system, and so on.


2010 is going to be a huge year for us all. It is make or break time for us as individuals and for the nation.

2010 is an election year, and it looks as if the date could be as early as the 6th March. We can see the danger of New Labour, Gordon Brown and his Marxist team. The real danger is David Cameron, who has been specifically groomed when elected to continue the Treason. This man is a Bankers' puppet, and he must not be elected.

There seems to be an intention to manage the electorate to produce a hung Parliament, with an intention to generate the lowest turnout ever by increasing the cynicism among the population to levels never seen before. A hung Parliament is the aim - with Britain being governed as a one party state within the EU.

The Lisbon Treaty is now on the statute books, unconstitutionally, treasonously, unlawfully. The first six months of next year will see what may be the last general election we see for many years to come. It is most important that we do not fall into the trap of believing that we are now locked into the EU because the Lisbon Treaty has been signed. It is unlawful, was signed by Gordon Brown with no mandate from the British Public and therefore it is irrelevant, and we should pay no heed to it.

We also expect to see a dramatic increase in the propaganda supporting Global Warming. Aside from the introduction of new taxes to bleed us dry, the Global Warming scam is designed to distract us from the final installation of a dictatorship.

We must never forget the sacrifice being bade by young service men and women who are fighting and dying in the LibLabCon's unlawful Afghan war - objective: to weaken the UK's military capability through escalating death and injury, and to deplete military capacity based within the UK so as to leave us highly vulnerable to the use of EU troops on British soil.

What does the BCG intend to do about it?

The BCG should be viewed as a catalyst, to bring together groups and individuals under an umbrella of activity, to spread the truth and the urgency of our situation far and wide. We need to mobilise millions of people, and quickly.

Our agenda is essentially about bring people together, providing them with the necessary information and ideas to act and to encourage them to get out and attack the enemy on the ground wherever possible. Our overriding ethos is Lawful Rebellion, which means saying no to the takeover of our country and using peaceful and lawful means to make our protest. We are not a political party, we do not intend to become one, we do not wish to take over any existing groups or initiatives, but we do wish to provide an umbrella to draw people together to exchange information and ideas, build both the numbers of activists and their networks and in doing so increase know-how and confidence to face the growing police state.

Now, here's the key point. This is not about control.

In view of the increasing surveillance of any individual or group that does not toe the LibLabCon pro-EU line, it is most important that we do not develop a rigid hierarchical system.

Instead, under the banner of Lawful Rebellion, BCG first points of contact will network in loose groups under their own local control and their strength will be their knowledge and understanding of politics, organisations, initiative and events being carried out by the pro-EU LibLabCon in their own area.

The door is open for non-BCG activist groups to get involved, through our first points of contact. Again, this is not about control. We see it as essential that non-BCG groups continue to do their own thing. But the door is open for them to join with us in embracing the principles of Lawful Rebellion, selling the idea to their own members, and getting all our various agendas moving in the same direction. Roger Hayes is organising a major event for mid January (see below) to start the process of inviting non-BCG groups and organisations to work with us. This will be followed up with other similar events in the coming months. If you know of a group that you think should be involved, ask them to contact Roger directly at

As for the BCG itself, the organisational structure is, in essence, a groundswell resistance movement, where small groups do their own thing on a need to know basis, and with minimal advertising of how things get done. We recommend, for example, that groups do not hold traditional meetings with elected chairmen, agendas and minutes, and instead decisions are made within loose private discussions, and are communicated person to person where possible, and via other means of communication taking into account the inevitable possibility that telephone calls and emails are intercepted.

We now have over 70 local groups already organised in this way. Many are very active now - no excuses, no complaints, they are just getting on with it, and the work they are doing is fantastic. We intend to increase the membership of these local groups, and to increase the number of groups.

Beginning on the 31St of January, we are taking the BCG conferences on the road, starting in Newcastle. We will be holding these Roadshow conferences on a monthly basis throughout 2010, with smaller meetings in between. The format of the Roadshow events will be a morning session with presentations from high quality speakers on the full range of important topics. We will begin the afternoon session taking questions from the audience - we want real interaction with the audience. We want to know their concerns, their ideas, their actions. In short, anything and everything that helps us target the enemy. We will close the day with a presentation from Roger explaining Lawful Rebellion, what it means, and how we, as individuals, can put it into practice in our everyday lives. The target audience for the Roadshow events is non-members. The aim is to use the event for driving new membership, and local groups should see these events as an opportunity to build the profile of your group within your communities. We will help with that, but it's really up to you. We will be in touch with the local groups closest to the event venues in due course.

Magna Carta day is the 15th June, and there is going to be a major initiative launched on that day. We hope you will understand that we don't want to say exactly what that is at the moment. Following that, on the 19th of June, will be our National Conference, held in Stoke on Trent. This is for everyone, and we see it as an opportunity to get the hall full, circa 1000 people with a mission.

We will be in touch with all first points of contact during the first two weeks of the new year in order to schedule smaller meetings.

Finally, if you are not yet in touch with your local group, please give your local first point of contact a shout. Get involved!


Jan 23rd - 1st Convention To Restore National Sovereignty, Friends House, London. By invitation only.
Jan 31st - BCG Roadshow, Newcastle
Feb 27th - BCG Roadshow, Edinburgh
Mar 27th - To be announced
Apr 24th - BCG Roadshow, Liverpool
May 29th - Roadshow, Leeds
Jun 15th - Magna Carta Day
Jun 19th - BCG National Conference, Stoke on Trent
Jul 26th - BCG Roadshow, Bristol

We will be publishing a list of smaller meetings including Portsmouth, Pewsey, Brighton on the website after Christmas.


23RD JANUARY 2010:  10am – 5pm
Friends House. Euston Road. London.

Organiser - The British Constitution Group.
Contact:  Roger Hayes. 0781 352 9383

Convention to co-ordinate all pro-independence groups and activists

To formulate a strategy for: -

Lawful Rebellion against the unconstitutional and unlawful imposition of foreign governance and laws.

This convention will bring together delegates representing groups and influential individuals - to contribute their ideas and help to develop a nation-wide strategy to rapidly expand our ‘Lawful Rebellion’ campaign and co-ordinate our actions across all pro-independence groups.

This convention is not for those who are wedded to the present failed political system - we are proposing radical, but lawful and non-violent actions – to restore national sovereignty.

This convention is by invitation only as space at the event is limited. If you feel your group should be represented, please contact Roger and he will attempt to accommodate.

COMPETITION - Logo for "Lawful Rebellion"

Have you an idea for a logo which represents the principles of Lawful Rebellion? The UK Column has kindly donated a bundle of DVDs as the prize for the best suggestion. Entries to, please, by the 31st December 2009.



On the subject of surveillance, the pro-EU LibLabCon would like nothing better than to scare people into not using the telephone or email, but the correct action for us is the exact opposite. Everyone is encouraged to make as many calls and emails as possible on the basis that although the automated intercept systems can cope with millions of calls per hour, these must ultimately be filtered, initially by computer and then by human operators. If the volume of intercepts needing assessment by human operators is driven to a suitably high level, the surveillance system simply becomes swamped with insufficient human operators to cope with the workload. That is why we have recently been seeing security services recruit on a large scale. BUT to keep it simple, as our numbers increase towards the hundreds of thousands, and certainly millions, the more we talk, the quicker we swamp out the system.


We must tell the truth at all times in the most simple language possible. During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act, to quote George Orwell.

But its not just about telling the truth, it is how it is told.

Weak ineffectual and misguided terms such as left wing, right wing, Europhile, Anti-EU and Credit Crunch are out.

Treason, Corruption, Fraud, Criminality, LibLabCon and the EU Police State are in.

We are not Politically Correct, and we recognise that this political trick is really cultural Marxist social control.

It is spoken and written truth that will set us free. Speak out, speak up and speak freely wherever you are.

Spreading the word

The British mainstream media and press is thoroughly corrupted and now only prints what the LibLabCon and EU Dictatorship demand. Lawful Rebellion will use every media channel to spread the truth and encourage people to stand up and be counted. Spread the word by conversation, email, letters, DVDs, recordings, papers, web and prayer. A minority that is right will soon become the majority.

That's all for now. Happy Christmas and New Year.


Tired Old Soldier said...

Captain.. Count me in old boy. I note with some concern the link to the BCG group is down.

Captain Ranty said...


Good to have you!

I just tested the link, it seems to be okay now.


Anonymous said...

A powerful, up-beat message. Just the ticket.

Thanks for sharing this, Cap'n.

Captain Ranty said...


We aren't hearing any good news from TPTB, so we have to make our own.

This newsletter gives me some comfort.

2010 will be very interesting indeed.


Anonymous said...

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