October 28, 2012

Heading East

Since there will be a delay arranging my dad's funeral, (because of the post mortem), I have decided to crack on with work.

I am going first to Stuttgart and then by train to Passau, near the Austrian border. The train ride is around 6 hours. The last time I was on a train was during the Great Volcano Dust Clusterfuck. It took me three days to get home from Libya using all sorts of transportation.

Hopefully this will be a more pleasurable journey.

Passau looks nice:

I have a meeting at 08:30 on the Wednesday and then the race is on to get back to Stuttgart airport by 5pm for my flight home via Schiphol airport. All things being equal, I will get home around 11:30 pm.

In the meantime.....

They have sluts:

I will (probably) be judgmental.

They have music:

 I may throw a deaf 'un.

And they have beer:

I may will imbibe. Copiously.

So I should be okay.

I'll let you know how it all turns out on Thursday.

Stay well,



Anonymous said...

Be careful Cap'n. I know it hurts, but don't give the gits an excuse. You never forget, mate (excuse this, but you've helped me with your blog). And you learn to live with it. Anyway be lucky and keep on fighting. Was going to say something else but I don't have the words, just the, oh well I dunno, but we can win or die trying.

Captain Ranty said...


Caratacus said...

Years ago I drove my German girlfriend down to Bavaria to see her family. An already brittle relationship was further strained as we crossed the border from Belgium into Chermany and I started singing softly, "One World Cup and two World Wars - doodah, doodah ..."

I wish I could describe the look on her face. It was not a kind one. Needless to say, the relationship didn't prosper ...

Enjoy the bier Cap'n :-)

Dioclese said...

Passau is actually quite compact and is pleasant to wander around. It's one of the main take off points for the river cruise boats. enjoy...

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks lads.

James Higham said...

Nice beer too.