October 16, 2012

Chewsday Chuckle

Nothing much going on rebellion-wise, apart from another spat with the taxman. I'll knock up a post on that when it concludes, which shouldn't take much longer now. I have them in a corner.

Meanwhile, have some images.

Yep. Got two of those indecisive creatures.

Like it.

Harby won't be pleased with this one.

Thieving bastards.

Keeping the peace, EU-styley.

The shine has definitely gone off that particular award, has it not?

Egg zackly.

As our food prices rocket, theirs plummet. Our "generosity" is boundless.

BoJo seizes on a PR opportunity.

Another dig at that dead oddball.

Seeing allsorts of EU "defiance" from the Tories just now. Not sure whether it's for real, or the usual bollocks.

Time will tell.




right_writes said...

Don't worry CR...

It's the usual bollocks...

It always is, and always will be.

Captain Ranty said...


Thought there was a spark of hope for a minute....


Sackerson said...


Your American readers might want to chew on this, about what citizens do NOT have to obey:


Woodsy42 said...

It's the usual bollocks. Although it is good to see Cameron running scared so he may have to actually do something.

James Higham said...

Like the Bojo one.