October 16, 2012

Chewsday Chuckle

Nothing much going on rebellion-wise, apart from another spat with the taxman. I'll knock up a post on that when it concludes, which shouldn't take much longer now. I have them in a corner.

Meanwhile, have some images.

Yep. Got two of those indecisive creatures.

Like it.

Harby won't be pleased with this one.

Thieving bastards.

Keeping the peace, EU-styley.

The shine has definitely gone off that particular award, has it not?

Egg zackly.

As our food prices rocket, theirs plummet. Our "generosity" is boundless.

BoJo seizes on a PR opportunity.

Another dig at that dead oddball.

Seeing allsorts of EU "defiance" from the Tories just now. Not sure whether it's for real, or the usual bollocks.

Time will tell.




Anonymous said...

Don't worry CR...

It's the usual bollocks...

It always is, and always will be.

Captain Ranty said...


Thought there was a spark of hope for a minute....


Sackerson said...


Your American readers might want to chew on this, about what citizens do NOT have to obey:


Woodsy42 said...

It's the usual bollocks. Although it is good to see Cameron running scared so he may have to actually do something.

James Higham said...

Like the Bojo one.