October 03, 2012

The Blind, Leading The Stupid

If you were unfortunate enough to watch that political dwarf, Ed Miliband, deliver 65 minutes of platitudes yesterday, and still think Labour are party worth voting for, you are dense. There is no kinder way for me to say that. I wracked my brain trying to find a way to soften that blow. I failed.

65 minutes of nonsense, peppered, 41 times mind you, with the phrase "One Nation". His audience, consisting entirely of sycophants, lapped up every stupid word. Millionaire Miliband told us how much he cared. How much he understood our financial woes. Completely forgetting that him, and his useless predecessors got us into this unholy mess in the first place. He whined about the state of the NHS. The same NHS he and his cohorts fucked up when they were running mismanaging the country.

His particular brand of stupidity is boundless. Elect this man as your next leader if you must, but know now that he will fuck it all up. Just like Blair. Just like Brown. Fucking up our nation is in their DNA. They are a stupid party, they do stupid things and they are followed by stupid people.

The week before, we heard from Clegg. Another political nonentity. The Liberal Democrats are not fit to govern this nation. This is not a baseless claim. The last time they were in power, on their own, was in 1911. Tasking the LibDems with running the country is as responsible as giving a ten year old blind kid the keys to a Maserati and asking him to drive you from Aberdeen to London. On B roads.

The LibDems are an appendix on the body politic. If they did not exist it would make absolutely no difference whatsoever. Unfit to govern, unnecessary and massively inexperienced. They wouldn't be in a coalition now if the Tories were any more believable.

Clearly, not enough people wanted them in power as the 2010 election showed. For any party not to be able to convincingly trounce the useless, criminally insane Labour Party after a disastrous 13 years blows my mind, quite frankly. But, that is all water under the wotsit. No point rehashing what a thousand political writers bleated about when the Tories scraped into power.

The question is, what to do next?

It must be obvious to all but the clinically insane that the LibLabCon is a PileOfShite. They consistently disappoint, they continually get major policies wrong, and they consequently fail to deliver. Leave the EU aside for now, and their combined love for that abomination. It really is time to ask "What has party politics done for us?". If you are a scrounging bastard, or a banker, then Labour gets your vote. If you are were interested in smaller government/less interference or you were a banker, then the Tories got your vote. If you were sat on a fence dreaming about unicorns and pixies, and you loved the EU, then the LibDems got your vote.

If you were super-smart, you voted for an independent or UKIP.

This post was not meant to be a party political broadcast on behalf of UKIP, but is it not time to give them a go? Their manifesto (no more legally binding than the other muppets) reads pretty well. And, it ticks the biggest box in my world: no more EU. If they were elected and if this were all they achieved, they would have done enough. Most of their other policies make far more sense that the Three Stooges we have been voting in, and out, and in, and back out, and back in again, for the last 98 years.

One thing I am crystal clear on: I am heartsick of the blind leading the stupid.

Maybe, just maybe, now is the time to unstupid yourself and let the blind stumble towards a cliff without any help from us? The status quo benefits them, every time. Are we needed? At all?


We are the chumps who pay for it all.

There is a fourth choice. Give someone else a chance.

Or, use a fifth: don't vote at all.



Oldrightie said...

Works for me. Time the cosy nutters were gone.

Logic Bomb said...

As I watched the drone mumble on, and on, and.....you get it, the camera, now and then, kept flashing up the face of the real power behind Labour. A face that looked disappointed with what he was hearing.

Not disappointed in the way you and I were, indifferent to the overtones that he is a different Labour leader, that the new, new, new, new Labour Party will look after those that do well for them selves and don't work in the public shambles-sector.

No, this face didn't hear that the public shambles-sector salaries and pensions we cannot afford will be paid for, and then some, that tube drivers will earn the same as industry leaders and that anyone who disagrees with this will have their company brought to a shuddering standstill by industrial action when only 20% of the club vote to strike.

The face behind Labour. The power (not to mention £16m a year in donations) behind the badly fitting suit.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Comrade Leonard David McCluskey.

You have been warned.

Captain Ranty said...


I loathe the current crop of career politicians and I keep saying "That's it! I am never voting again!".

But I will drag my bones 75 feet to the polling station to vote for a UKIP candidate.


Captain Ranty said...


A career trougher.

He will slide right into the top slot.

And then he will play the part he was destined to play in the further ruination of Britain.

It's hard not to give in to total despair some days....


Caratacus said...

Captain, I've voted for UKIP for as long as they've been going but I don't think I'll be bothering at all now.

If one looks at George Orwell's 'Animal Farm' less as a satirical commentary on Soviet Russia and more as what happens when any group of people put themselves in charge of another, then I reckon UKIP will be just the fucking same in the unlikely event of them achieving - or influencing - office. Just like the LIbLabCon they'll tell us that the turds laid out before us are honeycakes and pay themselves fucking millions while they watch the silly bastards tuck in.

Maybe it's an age-thing ... I am well stricken in years and see things even more in black and white than ever I did in my youth. Politicians - whichever way you slice 'em - are a self-serving, venal, gutless, conniving traitorous bunch of bastards who can be relied upon totally to do the wrong thing in any and every given set of circumstances. Fuck 'em.

(I was going to say that this was a direct quote from the Archbish of Cantab., but I suspect that people might have seen through that :-)

Anonymous said...

+1 .....At 45 years old I have done something this year I have never done before...Joined a political party. UKIP for me. I alongside my husband run a family business. These are hard times indeed. That I can handle. What I can't handle is the utter contempt the three political parties have for small businesses. They play a huge part in the economy of this country. Whilst not expecting prase or indeed any kind of help. I do expect to be left alone to get on with it, and also to be allowed to enjoy the fruits of our labour. The EU and three parties of this country are killing businesses stone dead with excessive regulation, tax, claim culture, ect. But then I would expect nothing less from career MP's who have never ran a business or held a propper job all their working lives.

Captain Ranty said...


Me too, when they field a candidate up here, but it is rare.

It's hard NOT to be cynical, isn't it? These creatures really are self-serving and go deaf the instant the Returning Officer announces that they won the lottery. Free money, an upgraded status, and a different legal system for five years!

A five year contract and all you have to do ignore the plebs outside the Wastemonster bubble.

I'd like to think that Nige and his team were very, very different.

It's a big ask, particularly where dishonour is now a qualification admired by the elites.


Captain Ranty said...


Nail on head.

The hundreds of big businesses could not perform as well as they do without the hundreds of thousands of small businesses to assist them. They are part of the economic machine.

It's a very great pity that the govt simply hurl spanners in the machinery all the time. When they get fed up or tired, they tag the EU and then they get stuck in.

With over 150,000 regulations issued by the EU, it is a constant surprise to me that any small business actually stays in business.

They do so despite the govt, not because of the govt.


opsimath said...

What is there to be said but 'Amen to that'? You have it in one short piece, CR. Will they listen? Now that, as they used to say, is the 'Thousand Pound Question'.

We can only hope - thanks for the lucid thoughts.

Captain Ranty said...


They won't listen.

They have been doing it this way for generations. They are terrified of daring to be different.

But, who knows?

There may be an outbreak of lucidity in 2015.

Let's hope everyone catches the disease.


Anonymous said...


"The last time they were in power, on their own, was in 1911."

That was because they had stopped being whigs (liberals) and started being lefties (socialists) and everyone who was socialist thought that would be better off voting for the party that had socialism written on the tin...

As for UKIP, although my membership has lapsed, I have no intention of placing my vote anywhere else...

I am a bit worried about the tempering of some of their policies though, mainly the one about an in/out referendum, replacing a stated declaration that if they had their hands on the tiller, they would leave immediately, even if the untangling actually took a few years.

Their best policy though is, and always has been, their promise to introduce "Swiss style" direct democracy at local and national level.

Sue said...

"you voted for an independent or UKIP"- although not ideal, it is the choice we are left with. It is pretty damn obvious that "representative democracy" just doesn't work with this lot. The only way it could work is if manifesto's were made legally binding. The way things are now, they can lie the blue out of the sky and there will be countless sheeple still believing what they say.

We need direct democracy. the sort that Richard North's group is advocating. It's is by far the fairest system left. Every single thing (including taxes) to be decided at local levels and each decision decided by a referendum. The only thing they should be doing in parliament is dealing with things like the armed forces, diplomacy and overseas trade. It would refresh people's interest in politics and each region would create legislation endorsed by the people that live there.

Anonymous said...

I have a horrible feeling that Millimong & Balls-up will at helm next time. Prepare to abandon ship!

Captain Ranty said...


Yes, I read about the Whigs when I looked up the last time they were in charge. Odd that within such a short time they fell out of favour.

They were in the winterland for decades.

Yes, yes, and yes. Swiss style does it for me too. 3 or 4 referenda per year. On the big ticket items BEFORE they start throwing our money around, or BEFORE they take more freedoms away.

Who, in their right minds, could be against that?


Captain Ranty said...


Unsurprisingly, I agree 100%.

If any money is going to be spent in or on my wee village, I want the right to say yea or nay.

Look what happens when we allow 650 tits in the HoC to make those decisions?

They waste our money with world-class recklessness.

They take us to war because some shaved ape who couldn't speak properly if his life depended on it tells his mate Blair that he thinks it is a good idea.

They spew laws out as if they were going to win major awards for sheer volume.

That shit really has to stop.


Captain Ranty said...


That is my nightmare: that the British people have forgotten all the damage those idiots did in those 13 years.

Labour should spend forever in opposition.


Anonymous said...

Yes we will be voting for UKIP again.

There really is no alternative now, the three cheeks of the same arse don't even try to be different from one another now, presumably whichever leader (fuck me how that word has lost its meaning when you look at the tossers involved) gets the keys to number ten, we'll simply have another 5 years of the same bloody cretinous disasters...more lies spun pre election forgotten the day after, like the cast iron guarantee.

How do you get hold of the whole electorate and shake the bastards hard enough to clear their gelatinous minds of the propaganda fired at them from all sides, brainwashing that has them believing only one of the three arses is a possible vote.



Lafsword said...

If you think your lot are bad (and there is no doubt they are) you should try living in Ireland at least you have the option of UKIP, we have fuck all other than the incompetent mainstream, unless you count Sinn Fein & I think we all know what you can expect from those low life, scumbag murdering bastards.

Everyone in the UK with half a brain and an interest in their own & their childrens future should vote UKIP, not saying they're saints but at least they see the fucking EU for what it is & have the courage to speak out against it.

Tom Mein said...

I joined UKIP, it costs 30 quid, and if it can make the current lot sit up and take notice of what is being said by the people that are providing so much of the money to run the country, then it is money well spent.

Anonymous said...

In my view ladies and gents the only good vote is a spoiled vote. None of the political parties will be representing us yes even UKIP. Politics is about talk the talk to get the vote. Once the party is elected its business as usual. My two cents.

William said...

Sorry to disagree with you all here but stuff it I am going to anyway.
The 650 are ACTORS. They have no power. They make no real decisions. They are there to make it APPEAR there is this 'thing' called democracy and by giving the people of these islands THE VOTE, which can only ever change the ACTORS, the deception is complete.
The people who IMPLEMENT policy are the paid CIVIL SERVANTS and those who work in the 'public sector'. They are the ones with the power and they don't dance to the tune coming out of Westminster.

The entire POLITICAL PARTY system is an illusion. As you all allude to you cannot put a ciggie paper between the lib/lab/con and you cannot because THEY ARE ALL THE SAME. To believe that UKIP, who lets face it cannot get a single MP into the Parliament, will be any different is delusional. They will only gain traction when those who really book the actors let them.

The system is broken beyond repair.
The politicians that have had their turn on the stage over my lifetime, since 1960, have all done a sterling job of papering over the cracks and EXPANDING government. The only difference is to today is the standard of ACTING has deteriorated to the point we see today where the show has become a permanent end of season end of pier show.

Begging the tyrant to change will never work, it never has worked. Salvation always appears from the most unlikely source and never from the existing. UKIP are ACTORS just like the rest of them and until enough people realise that doing things 'because they are supposed to' is just charade and simply STOP DOING THOSE THINGS then this the longest running 'reality show' in existence will go on and on.

Furor Teutonicus said...

XX Captain Ranty said...

Swiss style does it for me too. 3 or 4 referenda per year. On the big ticket items BEFORE they start throwing our money around, or BEFORE they take more freedoms away.

Who, in their right minds, could be against that? XX

IF it worked as the Brits appear to THINK it works. It DOESN'T!

Take for example the referendum last year, or was it the year before, now? Any way. The Swiss said they wanted the building of mosques stopped. Massive majority, (some 70%, NOT the "BBC massive" which, when it suits their propoganda agenda, is "a MASSIVE" majority).

The E.U told them the vote was invalid, and they had to nulify it.

The E.U? "The Swiss are not IN the E.U!" I hear you cry.

Aye. But they have to SELL to the E.U. And even when they sell to "outsiders" their goods have to PASS through the E.U to get there.

The referendum idea is, basically, good. But do NOT think the Government is BOUND by the results. They are NOT.

(Aside. The "Catchpa" thingy, Can some one please tell these stupid bastards that NUMBERS are NOT "words". "Type the two words"? I only see one, and a NUMBER.)

Anonymous said...

The Labour party summed up by Paul Weston. ( ex UKIP now leader of the British Freedom Party) Difficult to dissagree with anything he says, but I fear he might split the patriotic vote.

The Labour Party: The tragic irony of Labour is their almost total betrayal of the working men and women of Britain. Between 1997 and 2010 they exported our skilled industrial base and imported the unskilled Third World — along with Eastern Europeans happy to work for wages too low to support the indigenous working man, let alone his family.

The cheerleaders in the liberal media were all for this. Middle class BBC types and Guardian readers found they could employ cheap nannies, gardeners and builders to support their affluent lifestyles even as they sipped caffè latte in the fair-trade coffee shops of Islington and Hampstead where they gathered to discuss working class oppression by the forces of Conservatism.

Run by a clique of Oxbridge-educated social inadequates, the Labour Party proudly proclaimed their desire to import the Third World in order to “rub the noses of the right in diversity”, but the only noses rubbed in diversity were those of the working class. Never has Joe Sobran’s critique of middle-class intellectuals been so apt: “The purpose of a college education is to give you the correct view of minorities, and the means to live as far away from them as possible”.

Paris Claims

Dan said...

Cast your mind back to when WikiLeaks was in full output (as opposed to being the Julian Assange fanclub), and you'll remember a leaked American diplomatic analysis of the Labour Party leadership contest.

The Americans wanted to know who they were possibly going to have to deal with in the next decade or so. They wanted to know if it was going to be a bonkers idiot like Brown, or a corporate nonentity like Cameron. Furthermore they wanted to know about all the likely players.

Their analysis was fairly blunt and to the point: Ed Balls, and David Milliband were likely contenders, Ed was a twerp of no account whatsoever.

What happened next was that the unions, or rather the dregs of the union movement which had retained some political pretensions and wasn't just a slimmed-down employment rights agency, started to throw its weight about. This dense red core decided that rather than assist the Labour Party in becoming electable and efficient, it wanted instead to appoint a cats-paw leader subservient to their needs and too stupid to even think of arguing. Said core perhaps rightly considered that a complete lack of brains, wit, credibility or any detectable personality would be no handicap to being elected when the Tories inevitably dropped the ball in future.

Sadly, the Union men are correct. There are sections of the voting classes to utterly devoid of intelligence that they will reflexively vote for anything that happens to be wearing a red rosette. Such are the depths to which our democracy has sunk, alas.

Furor Teutonicus said...

XX There are sections of the voting classes to utterly devoid of intelligence that they will reflexively vote for anything that happens to be wearing a red rosette. Such are the depths to which our democracy has sunk, alas. XX

When was it ever any different?

The average Voter is an imbicile that can not tie its own shoelaces without causing serious harm to it's self and innocent passers by. And they always WERE.