October 27, 2012

Repealing ECA 1972

You all know of my deep distaste for legislation.

You also know that I have said, repeatedly, that I loathe the EU.

You also know that I have called, time and time again, for the European Communities Act 1972 to be repealed.

It is the building block that underpins many thousands of regulations and hundreds of laws that we must adhere to as part of our membership of the Stupid Club.

This video shows a very brave man suggesting that we remove ECA 1972.

He has 100% of my support.



Oldrightie said...

Then quit altogether. Oh to dream that the quislings weren't so mind numbingly ghastly. If Carswell quit and joined UKIP, taking many with him, even more courageous.

Noggin the Nog said...

Old Rightie is correct,

Carswell and Hannan are mere safety valves, allowing the disaffected to blow off steam and hope for change, forever giving the impression that they will do 'something' about Europe whilst never actually doing anything.

Always jam tomorrow with these people.

Sean O'Hare said...

I am in two minds about Douglas Carswell and Daniel Hannan, his MEP sidekick. They do seem to be slightly braver than John Redwood and some of the other supposed Eurosceptics. Do they genuinely believe that by remaining in the Tory party that they can engineer our exit from the EU, or are they acting as decoys to deflect attention from the real opposition? They are all career politicians so I suspect the latter.

Captain Ranty said...

Well lads, I was born optimistic.

A few years ago would you have heard stuff like this? Has any other Tory MP (or an MP from ANY party) put forward a Bill like this?

I'm a bit sceptical too.

I'm a sceptimistic.


Noggin the Nog said...


Sceptiimistic - like it.

There was a politician, once, that seemed to get 'it'.

A very intelligent and educated man.

Far too much of a man to bet let loose.

Enoch something or the other, I think his name was.

Tory too, back when the epithet meant something.

Heath the paedo saw to it that this man is still hated to this day, though those which hate have no idea why.

Anonymous said...

Sparsely populated, wasn't it? They have more people pratting about for the TV cameras in the Select Committees, FFS.

Full version here (skip to about 16 mins in if you've watched the YouTube vid):


Listen to the minister at the end, particularly this bit (errors and omissions excepted, punctuation & structure my own):

"And I think that the challenge to my honourable friend is that our membership, and our continued membership for 40 years, derives not from some mythical conspiracy of civil servants in King Charles Street (by the way, from a much more diverse range of social and educational backgrounds these days than in the caricature my honourable friend presented to the House) but instead, our membership has arisen and it has been maintained because of a hard-headed, calculated and pragmatic decision by successive governments, including successive leaders of the Conservative Party, that - despite the acknowledged flaws and drawbacks of the European Union as it has existed and as it exists today - that membership of the European Union is in the national advantage of the British people in terms of what it gives us through trade, through market access, through attracting foreign direct investment and through increased diplomatic leverage over foreign and security policies."

Anyone even vaguely familiar with FCO 30/1048 will be aware that the emboldened bit in the quote is complete rubbish (with the rest being little better). Unless he scoffs at the conspiracy being mythical, which it wasn't, of course. (King Charles St is the HQ of the Foreign Office for those unaware.)

Check also the first paragraph on the BBC page, which summarises how far it got:

"The second reading debate of Conservative MP Douglas Carswell's European Communities Act 1972 Repeal Bill was adjourned to resume next year."

March 1st according to the vid - which is also a Friday.

I can hear the long grass rustling in the breeze...