October 10, 2012

Paedophilia: Condoned in Britain

Not a pleasant subject.

Which is probably why so many of us condone it. We look the other way. Especially if it doesn't involve our own children.

More, we pay people, directly, to do whatever the fuck they want to do with our children.

Worse, we pay those in "authority" to turn a blind eye. Judges, police, social workers. We have seen that this week with that shameful outfit Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council. The disgust I now have for Greater Manchester Police is boundless. They ignored this abomination for over ten years. Mainly because the perverts were slightly brown. They were afraid to give offence. Several dozen (mostly) white girls under sixteen were sacrificed on the altar of political correctness. I hope every policeman or policewoman involved dies of shame. If you work for GMP and you turned a blind eye, fucking resign. Today. Same goes for the spineless social workers who refused to believe that these poor girls had been systematically raped. Handed around the Pakistani filth like party favours.

We say nothing even knowing that the state snatches 62 children a day. Many of these kids are taken from slightly less than perfect homes to be slammed into care. From these homes well over 70% of them will emerge damaged. Physically, mentally, sexually, or all three.

What does this say about us as a nation?

I am horrified. I am beyond disgust.

Look at this post from aangirfan and tell me I am exaggerating.

What is wrong with us? Abusing children is not a rite of passage. For them or the abusers. It is not normal. It is never acceptable. It is never excusable.

Lately we have been learning about everyone's favourite sleb, Uncle Jimmy Savile. He allegedly abused/raped/molested young girls (mostly under sixteen) for five decades. Five decades! And nothing was said. It wasn't said because dear old Jimmy did a lot of cherridy work. So fucking what?

His peers at the time knew it was going on. Producers and colleagues at the BBC knew it was going on yet none of them said a fucking word. Now, of course, they are queuing up to spill the beans.

I have four words for you pitiful excuses for humans: shut the fuck up.

Whining now is not helpful. Whining when you saw the sleazebag fiddling with kids would have been helpful.

All the time this was going on we happily paid our license fees so that Jimmy was paid, and continued showing up at the studio. Continued to get young girls in his dressing room and continued to fiddle away. I repeat: he did this and we paid his wages.

Next up, the investigation. Guess which dozy cunts will pay for that?

Other names have been thrown into the ring. They are all alleged to have had their way with children: John Peel, Freddie Starr, and God knows who else. No name they pull out will surprise me. I think this story will run and run, because, I suspect, only the surface has been scratched.

John Peel said (in his autobiography) that "Girls were lining up outside my hotel room. Some were around 13, but hell, I didn't ask for ID".

Savile, in his book, said "I found a young lass one night. Quite late. I called the police and told them about her. She was fourteen. I said I was keeping her for one night but I would bring her in around 11 am. I did. I kept my word".

The Roman Catholic Church must be pleased. It gets them off the front pages with their sick perversions for a while.

Radical Muslims of course, think it is all perfectly natural. No "age of consent" for them and their vile brood. I read once that congress could be had with a "woman" as soon as she had been weaned. Does that notion terrify you? It does me. Grown men, having sex with babies. Because the fucking Koran says it's okay.

But we do have an age of consent. It is there for a reason. It is to protect children not yet mature enough to make a decision on whether or not to share their bodies with other people.

These freaks know that.

It's a very great pity that we are not allowed to separate them from their undercarriages using a blunt and rusty hacksaw blade.

I'm no longer a man of violence but for these animals I would make an exception.

We don't have many responsibilities but taking care of our younglings is far and away the most important.

If you see something hinky, do the right thing and fucking tell someone. If they do not react, tell someone else.

Do this until something is done about it.



Darren Laverty said...

as an ex-resident of the care system( 6years n total) it amazes me that you're amazed. Fuck me, I've been shouting from the roof tops for 20 years and have NEARLY always been ignored. The one time I wasn't.....a 13million quid inquiry. Lost In Care????what a fucking waste of the same tax payers money/

Anonymous said...

Back to your angry best Captain.

I regularly read the tap blog and occasionally David Icke. I discard a lot of what I read on both but there are some genuine nuggets of truth there. They have both written about paedos in high places for ages (including Brown and Blair) and I looked upon it as unsubstantiated accusations, but it looks like they were bang on the money.

So I don't think this WILL run and run. I think it will be dropped like a hot potato as soon they can get away with it, just like they did with the L'Haute de Garonne story.

There are far too many organisations implicated, including the police, and once the beans are spilled by one or two people then the whole house of cards will tumble. Aint no way that's going to be allowed. People way up the food chain will see to that.

This brings me to April Jones and the chap who has been arrested. What I found odd right from the start was how she'd only been missing for a couple of hours before the national call out was set in motion. Her so called murderer travelled no further than the edge of the village and the finger was pointed at him the same evening and yet no trace of April has been found and the police have said it's unlikely she will be.

My verdict? She's been passed on. I think her abductor's role in this was to snatch her and deliver her to someone anonymous with contacts very high up. I also think the police know this and are complicit - not all of them, just the big chiefs.

And yes, the country is rotten; rotten from the core. Good men and women are needed to put it right and that's going to mean bloodshed.


Captain Ranty said...

Mam mon,

I am not amazed. I am fucking outraged. Incensed.

Unlike you, I have never been exposed to that system. Never been in a home or anywhere near one. I really had no idea how wide-scale this filth was.

I'm paying attention now though.


Captain Ranty said...


I agree.

I'd like to know more about poor April and what really happened to her. I do not believe for one second that Bridger had time to hide her somewhere unfindable. It stinks.

I joked the other day on Twitter that I would deny I was British when I am on my travels.

Now I think I will change my nationality.


Sackerson said...

Can of worms. How many pop and rock stars since the 50s could be caught in the net?

And why has no-one important been tried and jailed over the (Belfast) Kincora Boys' Home stuff the Eye covered years and years ago?

Captain Ranty said...


I know not.

I just know that the victims deserve justice.

And I don't give a shit how important, rich, or powerful the abusers are or were.

In fact, whether they are pauper or prince, this shit has to stop.


Sue said...

I am just so utterly shocked that there are so many perverts out there. What the fuck is wrong with people? Are they so totally inadequate sexually, they have to pick on children? I'm so revolted by it, it leaves me utterly speechless. I can't pretend to even understand what makes people want to do this heinous, immoral, evil, despicable thing.

You know, half the trouble is, we don't shame and convict these people and send them to prison for a very long time. The fact that those in high places manage to get others to conspire in a wall of silence says much for our society generally. The politicians, bankers and others have been conning and lying to us for decades.

Why we don't all rise up and kill the bloody lot of them is a mystery to me. And the church, the fucking church for goodness sake and then they wonder why people forsake religion!

My family have always tried to preserve that innocence for as long as possible. Santa, Easter Bunny and the tooth fairy. Reality comes too quickly as it is. Now, I am forced to tell my 5 year grand-daughter that she must walk with me on our way to school every morning because there are some bad people out there who hurt children. It's unforgivable and if there is a God, please DO NOT FORGIVE THEIR SINS.

Captain Ranty said...


If we are waiting for a god to smite them, we will be a long time dead before that happens.

I just read that Jack Straw made it illegal for a child in care to complain!!

What the fuck was that arsehole thinking of when he crafted that legislation?

They protect their own. It was ever thus.

And that is why I do what I do. Change has to happen. To protect us all.


Caratacus said...

Share your anger Captain.

Not shocked by much these days but I don't mind admitting I've been moved nearly to tears over the last few days. Those poor kids ... so many of them.

The hunt for the guilty must not be deflected in any way.

Anonymous said...

An ex-Army colleague joined the BBC after leaving the Army and, after 7 years, during which he was praised for every job he did, he was summarily sacked. Not only did he find himself unemployed but he was also blacklisted in every job he went for (telecommunications). He couldn't even get a job working for a back-street TV repair outfit. His crime? He had reported a number of concerns regarding the behaviour of some BBC 'head-liners' and young visitors to Televison Centre. The last time I saw him, he was a (very depressed) Traffic Warden, but 'on notice' for some imagined intransigence. He eventually emigrated to France where I lost touch. In light of recent events, it appears that not only young people were victims of Savile's sex ring and may, perhaps, explain why so many who had suspicions, but no proof, kept quiet. Not an excuse for their behavour, or lack of it, but possibly a reason.

Captain Swing said...

The Police had evidence of Jingle Jangle abusing kids years ago but despite having many witness statements it was dropped like a very hot thing.
This goes way beyond the BBC and a few dodgy DJs.There will be a whitewash investigation and only dead people will be implicated -the living will keep their sordid lives secret.I hope they and those that are still busy covering up what is obvious to many of us have sleepless nights not knowing if and when the lynch mob kicks their door in and strings up the disgusting bastards from the nearest lamp post.

profoundly_disturbed said...

Thank you for this post Captain.

You have my full attention.

Anonymous said...

mr Ranty. YOU are blind as, are most of the world, do you not grasp the fact SATAN RULES this world=but not for long.try some of my bookmarks ...and you think its a "brown mans prob""








this is the ring that had april jhones... now moved on up the sick food chain??as maddie did---
http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=niuO6u-tL7c#! ----

so mister Ranty , research all of that... find me a person of a brown skin in this ::evil shit,,yes there are:: but a very few,!i can give you 3800 more links, just in case you think im of the rader... miss the( ---- )trying to do spaces...to segment....

lookup my ip ' no prob..have been digging this dark evil shit for too long= and it still goes on..... cos the world is asleep , to SATAN... next time you want to have a rant ,as i do /all day =every day.. skin tone don't come into it .. all of mankind can choose to live in the dark ,or the light... i choose the light of GOD and not satan in the dark........ as a man of a skin tone.. God bless my brother..

StourbridgeRantBoy said...

The Cafflik church, in its' wisdom, decided to honour Jimmy SoVile with one of their 'awards'. The title of KCSG - he wss made a Knight of the Order of St Gregory. An award given to those worthies who carry out charitable work in the community!

We all know that it's just an acronym Keen on Cock Sucking Girls....

Laurie -

PJH said...

"The Roman Catholic Church must be pleased. It gets them off the front pages with their sick perversions for a while."

Well, until more of the MSM pick up that Savile was, in fact, a devout Catholic...

DC said...

Mike James reported on Gordon Brown a couple of years ago: here

Furthermore (I can't find the link) Marxist 'thinkers' - many of whom now sit in Parliament and would like us to think they are ex-Marxists - made a series of official proposals that child porn should be made legal and the age of consent lowered.

In short, the whole damn rats nest of politics and media needs to burn. It is inhabited, to a great density, by absolutely psychopathic, vile creatures who think nothing of bombing schools, conducting false-flag attacks, poisoning our food and water and stealing and raping our children. I would put a bullet through the sick mind of everyone convicted and I wouldn't need any help doing it. There must be no compromise - demon overlords are at war with us and and everything good in this world, yet we STILL can't bring ourselves to fight. Are we going to wait forever for a peaceful solution?!

I do wonder about the motive behind the prominence of this story in the media. No news is accidental. I'm sure there are Muslim paedo gangs but in my opinion that's another Zionist-created scapegoat to inflame tensions between the natives and unwelcome immigrants.

Anonymous said...

Say what you like about us Brits CR...

We are definitely a nation of animal lo...

Oh shit.

Anonymous said...

Radical Muslims of course, think it is all perfectly natural. No "age of consent" for them and their vile brood

Many of them don't even need consent....let alone age of consent.

Paris Claims.

Anonymous said...

Harriet Harperson wanted the age of consent lowered, inceat to be decriminalised and also child porn "so long as the children weren't hurt"
The Telegraph reported on it in some detail.
So 3 years ago, a paedo was PM and the Deputy PM was also a paedo (sympathiser).
Paris Claiims

DC said...

Thank you Paris. I knew I wasn't going mad (though it's sometimes hard to tell in this sick world where paedos, liars and tools of genocide rule the roost).

We do all realise that this is Cultural Marxism don't we? I'd like to deport every last Marxist - whatever their class or creed - to Cuba. The Capitalists (other side of the same coin) can fuck off to the USA or something and let Europe return to its natural tendencies.

Tim said...

Hi Cap'n,
So-Vile was apparently a procurer of child victims and corpses for the elite, with Royal Approval... He was a 'made man', untouchable.

The elite are Satanists. The world is run by Satan. That's why they're the elite. It's obvious.

It's not good that you should publish comments suggesting that Asian men are worse than any others. Racism is divide-and-conquer, and you are doing Satan's work for him mate.

Humanity is fundamentally good, but most people are *literally* in a hyponitic trance. Please think about that - it's a key...

Captain Ranty said...


I know that Asian men are no worse than others. Lately though, we have been learning that they get some special privileges in this regard.

I don't care what colour the perverts are: I would cheerfully garotte them all.

I am not now, nor have I ever been, a racist.


wayne said...

This goes right to the very top of the establishment mate. Why else would the vile fuckers be let off with paltry jail sentences even when they are brought before the courts. Too many of these sick fuckers think it is acceptable behaviour.

Couldn't agree with you more, off with their fucking bollocks, no if's no buts.