February 03, 2010

Promises, Promises...

The following is written by Veronica: of the Chapman family. I enjoy her writing because she takes what looks at first glance to be a complex subject and she simplifies it. There is no subterfuge, no spin, and no doublespeak.

The title will (if you click on it) take you a section of FMOTL where Veronica explains a few subjects. Read them through and you will be well on your way to realising how, and probably why, we are treated like children. They, The Powers That Pretend To Be, need you to be children. Slightly retarded children, in fact. If you were to suddenly become an adult, you would start asking questions or worse, you would start making demands. You would be right, and entitled, to ask these questions, to make these demands, but very few of us do.

Isn't it time you grew up? Isn't it time for you to put away childish things?

Isn't it time you started saying "No", or "Why?", or "Says who?", or, (the killer) "Prove it. Prove that you have jurisdiction over me". "Prove to me that I owe that money to the taxman".

This is what Veronica says about Promises:

"A Contract is a PROMISE (usually a pair of mutually-dependent Promises) that the Law will enforce.

But, what is a promise?

A promise is something "that can't be done there and then" ... and therefore has to be 'promised'. Promised for the future.

If that 'something' can be done "there and then" ... then it would be done (and "got out of the way") ... there is no need to promise

This ties in with the promise, made by the Bank of England, on all banknotes. The promise (to pay a 'sum', on demand) has to be made - because there is no such thing as that 'sum' ... thus the act cannot take place there and then ... and has to be promised for some unspecified time in the future. This is, of course, the exact equivalent of that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

Thus all notes of 'currency' (all 'legal tenders') are empty, worthless, meaningless, Promissory Notes (IOUs)

And (with thanks to Stefan Molyneaux) we also have the insight that: If Human "A" makes a promise to Human "B", Human "C" is not bound by that promise.

This has enormous repercussions, because it means that NOTHING any Government or Parliament does is worth a candle. Any promises they may make (e.g. to the European Union) DO NOT BIND ANYONE ELSE ... except the specific Ministers who are making those promises.

No-one has the right to assume they can make promises on anyone else's behalf.
To say, or assume they have such a right, is to deny an individual's free will to make their own promises.
As in the case of 'permissions', if any individual claims this Promising-on-behalf-of-others Right for themselves, then the correct description of that individual is: "arrogant hypocrite". Anyone who makes such a claim must have a Personality Disorder. The only exceptions are in the case of children, and certain, specific, business situations - for example Boss/Secretary - but here BOTH have CONSENTED to the arrangement.."

If you disagree with any of the above, tell me why. But before you do, read the other subjects in the Reality section, because together, they make a mighty strong case for lawful rebellion.

And you don't even need to leave your chair to be force to be reckoned with.



Harry J said...

I've bookmarked it and put it in the future research file of my bookmark list. It's about time I gained a deeper understanding of these things.

Captain Ranty said...

You're gonna love the info there then.

It is nice and simple.

Of course, it gets your brain going and you start to see all sorts of connections, both good and bad.