February 03, 2010

Food, Glorious Food

The thoroughly researched article I link to in my title is 15 years old. Back then, the global food supply was controlled by 12 companies. Following mergers and acquisitions, that number is now reduced to five. Five.

Just FIVE companies dominate the earths food supply. How scary is that? A swift conference call between these powerful people (should they so desire) could have humongous ramifications.

Gordoom Brown could (if he so desired) take complete and utter control of the money in less than an hour. Only 3% of our useless money is in circulation. The other 97% is mere digits on a series of servers at the banks in Britain. An executive order from The Unbalanced One can see our money frozen almost instantly.

Now imagine that these five food companies decide to withhold some, or all of the food? Similarly, it is a swift instruction to the distributors (who they also control) and we will witness slaughter upon slaughter as we scum fight each other to the death over a stale loaf of bread.

Conspiracy theory or a potential outcome? I have no clue. The only food I have here is food for thought.

If you have an appetite for it, read the whole thing.

Here are the first three paragraphs of the report:

"Ten to twelve pivotal companies, assisted by another three dozen, run the world's food supply. They are the key components of the Anglo-Dutch-Swiss food cartel, which is grouped around Britain's House of Windsor. Led by the six leading grain companies—Cargill, Continental, Louis Dreyfus, Bunge and Born, André, and Archer Daniels Midland/Töpfer—the Windsor-led food and raw materials cartel has complete domination over world cereals and grains supplies, from wheat to corn and oats, from barley to sorghum and rye. But it also controls meat, dairy, edible oils and fats, fruits and vegetables, sugar, and all forms of spices.

Each year tens of millions die from the most elementary lack of their daily bread. This is the result of the work of the Windsor-led cartel. And, as the ongoing financial collapse wipes out bloated speculative financial paper, the oligarchy has moved into hoarding, increasing its food and raw materials holdings. It is prepared to apply a tourniquet to food production and export supplies, not only to poor nations, but to advanced sector nations as well.

The use of food as a weapon can be found at least four millennia ago in Babylon. Imperial Rome took this tack, as did Venice and various Venetian offshoots, including the Antwerp-centered, powerful Burgundian duchy, and the Dutch and British Levant companies, East India companies, and West India companies. Today, food warfare is firmly under the control of London, with the help of subordinate partners in especially Switzerland and Amsterdam. Today's food companies were created by having had a section of this ancient set of Mesopotamian-Roman-Venetian-British food networks and infrastructure carved out for them."

So, they control the money, they control the food, they control transportation, they control the armed forces, they control the police, and they control the courts.

Oh yes. They also control the proles. They control us absolutely.

And they thoughtfully took all our guns off us. Not only did we not object, we offered them up voluntarily.

How dumb are we?



Anonymous said...


When it comes to food, it's all about.... hang on....

"Eh? What's that luv? Eastenders? On now? I thought it was after X Twat? Bugger..."

Sorry CR. My pithy response will have to wait. Something way more important to do...

... the silence is deafening, innit.


Captain Ranty said...


I find the silence frightening.

How fucking shallow ARE people? How little thought they give these big issues.

Some of them look at me as if I am from frigging Betelgeuse or Rigel 7 if I even mention some of the stuff I blog about. Mention football, tits, or Corrie, and they are re-animated.

Worrying. Very worrying.

Or not, if you know what goes in our drinking water. Scoot over to Revolution Harry's place for an update.


Anonymous said...

CR, I think most of have overload. Every fucking day its something to be terrified of, after a while we just think "oh fuck it" and carry on regardless. Somewhat frightening isn`t it?

Anonymous said...

Oops should have been an us in after most of

Anonymous said...


Haha! At last! I've found someone else to talk to in the same language! M8, if you're a nutcase from another planet, we must have got split up somewhere on the Dark Side of the Moon!!

You're not alone. For years I've been banging on about food and water and what not, a particular bug bear of mine, having made the stupid mistake of having kids and bothering to take an interest in what the fuck I'm feeding them.

"Look, I can get a huge slab of a pig, the size of a cow for $2 at Wal Mart."

"Er, do you know why?"

"Who cares, I've got to cut my bills somewhere and the kids can't do without their cable TV."

I also fear worrying times ahead. All things seem to be coming to a head. At least I can face them with a well stocked pantry of home grown and made grub.

The wine cellar is looking good too!

Live long and prosper, CR.


Captain Ranty said...


That is true. We lurch from one scare to the next with barely a pause.

People may simply have stopped listening. Corrie or X Factor make just as much sense as the thieving, lying politicians.


Captain Ranty said...


Nice to know I have some interstellar pals!

Ah, good food and a good wine to wash it down with....bliss.

Throw the telly out the window.

You sound like you have a handle on it all. I was going to say "Spread the word" but you've already tried that.


Anonymous said...


On a related note, just browsing the news items of the day over there and reading about the dementia situation and how the problem could be eased if people took better care of themselves, exercised and ate better.

I also remember reading about the coming "explosion" of dementia and Alzheimers cases coming in the next 50 years....

.... and yet nutritional content in the food you eat is worse now than ever, along with various lovely ingredients have effect on brain development and function.... and as you pointed, not to mention the delights contained in your water supply....

FFS, the dots are connecting themselves and still you can't wake the peasants up.

As I was told yesterday, "As long as it don't effect me or my family, I don't pay any attention." When I mentioned the shit you feed your kids does effect you and your family, all I got was a gormless face as his eyes glazed over....

Still, shame about old John Terry, eh. Crikey. What a polava! How's Big Bruvva doing? No not the "evil eye in the sky", the telly one....

Phew, you must have caught me on a bad day. I'm ranting like a nutter.


Captain Ranty said...

Rant away, JB, rant away!

This is the perfect spot for that.

I don't watch telly much, just the odd film. Or the science channel. (Mind you, I'm even wondering how true the supposedly "real" stuff is nowadays).

As incredible as it sounds, smoking (tobacco) offers protection against Alzheimers. Smokers are 58% LESS likely to contract the disease. I look at the timelines and I see a couple of things: as smoking declines, both Alzheimers and obesity rates rise to compensate.

I may well check out with lung cancer* but at least I wont need a supersized coffin and I will still know my own name.

* I am classed as a light smoker. (20 a day). My lung cancer risk is.....almost exactly the same as a non-smoker. As a non-smoker your odds of NOT contracting the disease is 98.6%. As a light smoker it is 98.1%. It's hardly worth worrying about. So I don't.


Anonymous said...


Don't even get me started on TV....

What sort of an expression do you think I get when I tell people I don't have cable? Here, in North America? Go on, picture it....

"Huh? You don't have a TV?"

"No. You weren't listening. I said, I don't have cable or satellite. I have a TV. I just get my films, shows and documentaries from the library, for free. All the new films, all the new tv shows, all on dvd, all free. Anything they don't have and I want to see, gets rented via a monthly rental service, through the post. $10 a month tops. Saving me the $150 a month you're spending on whatever package you've got. And I always watch exactly what I want instead of searching the thousands of stations full of crap you get."

"Oh, I didn't know that."

Yeah, right. You didn't look more like it....

Plus I avoid all the mindless adverts.... which is always a bonus.

As I keep trying to tell people, it's a wonderful world when you stop playing the game of "normal".... I simply call it "thinking about things, instead of mindlessly following the crowd"....

See, ranting again. That's the dementia kicking in. Better go get me some smokes!


Anonymous said...

Who says the British Empire is dead? It never died - just went underground.

Clamour for gold is rising in the US, with many states considering issuing their own currencies and decoupling from the Federal state.

They've realised that fiat currency leads to slavery - it being the method of socialists/statists.

I've started growing my own food, but I wouldn't be surprised if this becomes illegal at some point - due to 'health and safety', naturally.

Captain Ranty said...

Gawd bless 'em, Fausty. All those bloody smug smiles make sense now....

I have been watching gold for a while now. Usually people scream for it at the onset of a war. It is a safe haven. Interesting that some states want to break away. I sense some big changes just around the corner.

Fiat currency always had a finite life. I am surprised that it hasn't imploded before now. They have had a good run. It's time (for the elite) to invent a new currency.

Isn't Codex messing with our natural foodstuffs already? I guess it's a short step to start banning other foods as well.

Banning, taxing, and thieving. It's all they are capable of.


Anonymous said...

Codex came into effect in December 2009, I believe, although I've not checked on its progress.

Interesting that so many draconian treaties were due to come to fruition around the same time. Coincidence?

There's Codex, Lisbon, ACTA, Climate Change - and possibly more that we're unaware of. All of them detrimental to ordinary citizens and in favour of the corporate state.

WRT gold, I now give my sons gold coins for birthday and Christmas presents.

Anonymous said...

Interesting report I've just read, forwarded to me from a "man in the know" says the UK has food supplies for 30m people and no more. And this was written 40 odd years ago....

.... before you started importing most of it and the population rose to way over, possibly, 80m.... if you include the fraudulent 15m NI cards in circulation....

.... like you said CR, they took your guns away. Not sure how many I can hold off, in defence of my tomato plants, with a baseball bat. Although I'll go down fighting...

.... ever get the feeling something wicked this way comes?


Anonymous said...


Last I heard on the Codex, there had been a delay of some kind. But that was November '09, so it could have all sailed through by now.

Also, I think somewhere, and it may be in the Codex, that there's a piece making it illegal to grow your own grub.

I also heard that in some parts of the US they are trying to stop you collecting rain water for your own personal use, by making it illegal. Apparently it belongs to the government...

I'm trying to track down some links now...


richard said...

And they thoughtfully took all our guns off us. Not only did we not object, we offered them up voluntarily.

How dumb are we?

Very stupid and gullible. we are a defenceless population except for numbers, and oh deary me, they can deal with that too.

Captain Ranty said...


A couple of months ago I read that we had enough food to feed the UK population for six days.

When that runs out, it's every man for himself.

I am fully stocked on tinned and dried foods. I add a little bit more every time we shop now.

If things get very bad I will nab me a deer from the woods near my house.


Captain Ranty said...


Hindsight is 20/20. Even a cursory glance over your shoulder will tell you that this has been planned over many years.

All those new laws, the denormalisation, the demoralisation, the poor education of our kids, removing our rights, stripping our national identities, the CCTV cameras everywhere, all that DNA being filed away, the social engineering, mass vaccinations, more and more armed coppers appearing, foreign cops being given arrest rights in our country, the list goes on and on.

I used to think it was just their inability to organise a piss up in a brewery, but the deeper you look, the more it appears to be by design.

The fear factor doesn't help either. The more scares they throw at us, the more insular people become. There is no sense of community anymore. Nobody trusts their neighbours. The pubs are shutting down at an alarming rate and people will soon have nowhere to gather, to talk, to share news, or, most importantly, plan to fight back.

Kim Jong Il would have felt right at home here. Hell, this country far exceeds what he would have wanted in his own country.


Anonymous said...

Anon, it doesn't surprise me.

Labour tried inching towards regulating what we grow in our gardens, a few years ago. It was some plant which had weed status - sufficient, they thought, to allow them to inspect our gardens.

The outcry seems to have shut them up for the time being.

In the US, bartering in public places is against the law and subject to a massive fine (in the thousands, I believe). Apparently it robs the government of tax.

Anonymous said...

Captain, speaking of "by design", I happened upon reference to Alinski's "Rules for Radicals" (1971) when researching Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Obama was a Community Organizer, which in the States, is equivalent to a Common Purpose change agent.

Clinton wrote a thesis on Alinski and Community Organizers do precisely what is prescribed in Alinski's book.

Here are a few choice quotes.

richard said...

CR - I used to think it was incompetence, but you are right. No living individuals could be so consistently bad. It's deliberate, well-planned and dangerous.
What's on the news at the minute? right-to-die, living wills, suicide booths on the corner (cf. Martin Amis) eh?
Global warming isn't weather, it's too many people. The current generation are a "pensions time-bomb" and on and on it goes.
If something very big and oppressive IS is on the way, the disarmament of our populace will make it that bit easier.
If you look at the world as a great big monkey-farm with us as the tax-paying monkey crop, it makes things easier to understand. What happens to stock on "small" farms when it becomes too expensive or troublesome?

Captain Ranty said...

As far back as I can recall Richard, rogue animals are always destroyed.

The docile ones get to stay alive, in servitude, until they die. (Or are "humanely" slaughtered).

The choice we have to make is: do we spend 70 years on our knees, or one day on our feet?

I'm all for straightening my back.

Whatever the cost.


Anonymous said...

It is all slipping away.

And the vast majority are not even aware of it.

Captain Ranty said...


Sticking with the dumb animal analogy, is the dairy cow aware that she is enslaved, milked until she is bone dry then quietly killed off? She is fed well, kept safe, the vet checks her over, and all needs are met.

Our human cattle are no different, sad to say.


Anonymous said...

Start with a cage containing five apes.

In the cage, hang a banana on a string and put stairs under it.

Before long, an ape will go to the stairs and start to climb towards the banana. As soon as he touches the stairs, spray all of the apes with cold water.

After a while, another ape makes an attempt with the same result – all the apes are sprayed with cold water.

Turn off the cold water. If, later, another ape tries to climb the stairs, the other apes will try to prevent it even though no water sprays them.

Now, remove one ape from the cage and replace it with a new one.

The new ape sees the banana and wants to climb the stairs. To his horror, all of the other apes attack him. After another attempt and attack, he knows that if he tries to climb the stairs, he will be assaulted.

Next, remove another of the original five apes and replace it with a new one.

The newcomer goes to the stairs and is attacked. The previous newcomer takes part in the punishment with enthusiasm.

Again, replace a third original ape with a new one. The new one makes it to the stairs and is attacked as well. Two of the four apes that beat him have no idea why they were not permitted to climb the stairs, or why they are participating in the beating of the newest ape.

After replacing the fourth and fifth original apes, all the apes which have been sprayed with cold water have been replaced.

Nevertheless, no ape ever again approaches the stairs.

Why not?

“Because that’s the way it’s always been around here.”


Pesky Anonymous said...

I often get the impression that the stuff is mere millimetres from the fan.
This guy doesn't ease my fears:

On the subject of defending your allotment, I think persueding a few starving souls not to steal a cabbage will be a minor problem. Is it not more likely that the government will require us to surrender our produce.
My dad kept a couple of hundred chickens in our garden, back in the 1950s. We were required to sell the most of them to the egg marketing board. A leftover war time measure.
It's not the little people we have to fear. It is the big boys. Remember Stalin and the Ukranians.

Perhaps it is a good idea to learn a bit of bushcraft. Nettle soup is apparently very good for you.

"And they thoughtfully took all our guns off us."
I thought it a bit iffy at the time that they took our guns off us and almost simultaneously gave them to our previously unarmed police. This was all hot on the heels of Hungerford and Dunblane. You can see their usual "problem - solution" modus operandi even back then.

Captain Ranty said...


I had seen that before.

Terrifyingly true.

I am just reading up on a new problem. The British Army are to be deployed on our streets.

To defend against the rampant terrorism that is on every street corner, apparently.

The North Koreans will be sooo jealous.


Captain Ranty said...


Shouldn't that read "...solution-problem"?

It works for the pharma people. They invent a cure then convince everyone that they have the disease.

So a kid in class that had spoken more loudly than he intended to finds himself stuffing Ritalin down his throat for years on end.


Anonymous said...


So, the army, deployed on the streets...

.... and this is the freedom we are exporting around the world is it?

.... this is what my grandfather fought for, (or so I keep being told), is it?

This is why as Toothy B.Liar spouts, "they hate us because we are free" is it?

What shit.

And "6 days of food"?

Not sure how we get to 6 days, when Em Eye Five, the security numpties.... (you know the ones, those James Bond-esque characters who were seemingly unaware that one of their rank was married to a prostitute.... not that it matters, but you know, didn't it come up in the security check? well done lads...).... anyway, that lot, when they are only prepared and state that the UK is only 5 days away from total breakdown and chaos...

Food for thought....


Captain Ranty said...


Freedom (in the UK) means having the freedom to do as we are damn well told.

As for the spooks, I will soon be an invaluable source of info.

One of my birthday pressies was The Defence of the Realm-The Authorised History of MI5. It weighs about 6lbs so it may be some time before I report back.

Along with that book, I also got:

A powerful pair of bino's
An extremely warm hat (made in Tibet)
7 pairs of thick socks
A massively thick woolly jumper
A pair of gloves

Just WTF do Mrs Ranty and the cadets imagine I will be up to????

Or, it may be a hint: dress up warm, bugger off out, and spy on someone/something.


Anonymous said...


Just reading up on the "Army On The Streets of the UK" over @ The Independent and Anna Raccoon's place, that you hinted at. Holy shit. It's being ramped up before our very eyes.

I don't know what to say. I'm astonished. Are you seriously telling me that the people of the UK are so oblivious to this, are so happy to live under this kind of rule, that they are so distracted by the shit on the box or the sales that they are not even making the slightest murmur of discontent?

I already know the answer.... how utterly depressing.

Like I said earlier, the fucking dots are connecting themselves FFS....

Stay safe, eh CR and all you other readers "banged up" over there... I have to cling to the fact that there are some of us still awake in the room.


Captain Ranty said...


I will spend most of my year in Libya, where, under Gadaffi, I will be more free than I am in my own country.

A staggering thought.

No cameras, no streets crawling with plastic cops, locally grown food (no pesticides or chemicals-the small farmers don't use them), no 4239 new laws to concern myself with, and no British politicians or european interference.

Fuckin marvellous, innit?


Anonymous said...


Libya? Like I said, stay safe, if you're heading east, 'cos, remember what you're told....

"They hate us 'cos we're free."

Free my arse.... bastards.


Captain Ranty said...

Libya is fine. One of the safest countries in Africa. No crime. And its so nice, we send our dying bombers there to see out the clock. The air must be healthy, our guy had 90 days to live when we sent him home. He plays football now for Tripoli United.

Tripoli is a lovely city. (Actually, its three cities, hence the name. Two of them now sit underneath the third and final city!). Steeped in history, and the Libyans are amongst the friendliest people in the world.

1.8 million people in the city and not a single fucking driving license between them. Crossing the road can be lethal. Other than that, life is pretty cool there. Good food, good coffee. Oh, and you can smoke anywhere you want. And the fags are dirt cheap.

Google Leptis Magna. I have been there a few times. It is a stunning sight. Last time I went I was nearly bitten by a 6 foot snake. It was an inch from my hand went I noticed it, defecated, and ran away screaming.


Anonymous said...


A lovely place?

Hang on.... that's... not... the impression... I... get... from... the... news.... how strange...

I got the same story from all the Mid Eastern families I used to tutor in London. They couldn't wait to go back.

I've got an interesting piece to read, somewhere in my "database", on some state of the art, fantastic waterway system they were building, or planning, or even finished, I can't remember.... I'll have to dig it out.... does it ring any bells for you?

"Last time I went I was nearly bitten by a 6 foot snake. It was an inch from my hand went I noticed it, defecated, and ran away screaming."

Reminds of the time my son was sitting on the sofa asleep, when I noticed a huge black widow crawling across the cushion towards him....

Anyway, the missus wants a holiday to a different place.... Morocco was mentioned... perhaps we'll stop in and take a look at Libya instead.

Sounds interesting, CR. Thanks!


Captain Ranty said...


You are talking about the Great Man Made River Project. They are going to sink wells in the desert and pump the water all over the shop.

The pipes themselves are fekkin huge. You could drive a land-rover through one of them.

Libya has fantastic beaches, souks, wonderful old buildings, and friendly people. What more could you want?

Getting a Visa is the hardest part. They aren't quite geared up for mass tourism but I hope they change that soon. It is a great place to relax.

I checked the medical records. No-one has ever died of stress in Libya.


Antipholus Papps said...

The British Army are to be deployed on our streets.

Seriously? I'd heard about the UAVs, but this is new. On one hand, the military must be so pissed off at the thoroughly competent Nazi fuckheads at the helm of our national shipwreck that this provides a glimmer of hope for an armed and trained counterpart to the plastic SS reporting to ACPO. But then I remember that squaddies tend to be even denser than their civilian wannabes.