December 18, 2011

Nine Meals From Anarchy

As much as I try to avoid looking at this too deeply, the subject keeps raising its head.

I nicked this piece from the Mainly Fail (which we know is given to melodrama) from my good pal Bry.

It tells, as you will see, of "ordinary" people stockpiling food. The article suggests that "Doomsday" may be only one month away. Now I know that we have heard it all before-hell, I have even written up other people's tales of armageddon myself-only to note, often with derision, that absolutely nothing happened on the day in question. This is slightly different. It may not be biblical, but it may be plausible.

The only reason I give this article some oxygen is because they are giving good advice in amongst the dramatics. Twenty or thirty years ago we had enough food stockpiled to last the nation around 12 weeks. Nowadays, thanks in part to the supermarkets and their "just in time" ordering policies, we have enough for three days. That's just nine meals. Nine meals for 60,000,000 people.

If you are going to take any lessons from the article, make sure it is this:

Buy lots of non-perishable food, buy large containers for water, buy camping stoves to cook your food on, make sure you have warm clothing & sleeping bags (you may find that you end up living in a much smaller space), a means of keeping warm, and most importantly, a means of defence.

While you are reading this, many millions are not. They are lashed to the sofa, scratching their nuts, busy watching more inanity on the tellybox. When the shit hits the fan, the previously ignorant will wise up. Fast. They will suddenly realise that they have nothing and their survival instincts will kick in. They will band together and become that roving mob you see in all the doomsday movies. Like the deadly gangs in The Book Of Eli. Or the bad lads in Mad Max. They will come and they will take what you have. You need something to prevent that.

Successive governments have reduced our ability to arm ourselves. The police and the armed forces will NOT be out to protect us. They will, however, be standing guard over the inepts in government. They will defend Madge, and her inbreds. They will be deployed at ports, nuclear facilities, and other buildings deemed vital for the survival, and reanimation, of the elites. YOU are last on the list. (If you are on it at all). Those bleeding-heart liberals, and the Sisters of Gaia are going to learn an important lesson in the first few hours of a meltdown. The vegetarians are going to be foodless and I suspect they will all rediscover a love of meat. They will be in no doubt that vegetables is what food eats, and they will be as violent and as desperate as the Sofa Set, so lock up your chickens. Daphne the Social Worker will be as prepared as Bob the Brickie to carry out vile and vicious acts to stay alive.

If this comes to pass, it will be messy. Mans most basic instinct is to keep breathing. Some of us are going to be shocked at the lengths they will go to just to keep doing that. They will not flicker if they have to stop your breath so that they can continue to live.

Consider laying in some long-lasting nutricious food, and perhaps something as simple as a bow & arrow to defend it, and yourselves. The food will not go to waste, and if all of this blows over, you can take up archery as a hobby.

Those shiny things you went deep into debt for? Useless. The power will fail. That big fancy Merc? Useless. The petrol will run out rapidly. That healthy savings account? Useless. Withdraw the money by all means. Toilet paper will be needed so withdraw the cash in large notes. Need to trade? Tobacco and booze are safe bets. Seeds too, if the meltdown is protracted. Buy a couple of survival guides. We spend millions training our special forces, and when they leave the service, they very kindly write books about how to survive. Learn from them. There is no need to die. There are a thousand and one things that aren't particularly tasty, but they will keep you alive.

It comes down to two choices: prepare, or don't.

But I issue fair warning; if you swing by my gaff expecting to be fed, or in anticipation of taking what I have amassed for the survival of my herd, think again.

I was a 'man of violence' for seven years. And I have not forgotten my training. I can be violent if I need to be.

Can you?



Anonymous said...

This is one part THEY like to emphasize.
The other side of the story is Angels.
They do exist and can help, if only we ask for them.

We´re more than fysical robotoïds; we are Spiritual beings.
There are far more Higher Beings who assist us through our incarnations and in the spiritual realms.

Peace and love,

Anonymous said...

All we need to do is find out where the Shaws live and break into their garage.

Hope they don't have it protected with claymores.

Captain Ranty said...


I hear you.

But I will practise with my bow, just in case....


Captain Ranty said...


Sound advice.

But I suspect many people already have them down as a mini-market already. They failed to mention any weapons, so it should be fairly easy to relieve them of their goods.

There is no point having all that great stuff in an undefended loft or garage.

Still, if you are heading to the Shaws, perhaps we could, erm, car share?


F***W*T TW****R said...

So, what you're saying then C.R. is that I'm going to have a herd of fresh meat, on the hoof, turning up on my doorstep?
Well, I'd better get the tinned and dried veg in. Must have my 5 a day.

F***W*T TW****R said...

So, what you're saying then C.R. is that I'm going to have a herd of fresh meat, on the hoof, turning up on my doorstep?
Well, I'd better get the tinned and dried veg in. Must have my 5 a day.

Captain Ranty said...


No need to repeat it. I am not deaf! :)

I can't swear to this but people don't make good eating.

Sheeps and cows and chickens and pigs, on the other hand.....


Anonymous said...

There's not a fat lot of point them having a freezer either, unless they can power it themselves once the grid's gone down. Didn't see any mention of power generation in there.

Outstanding commentary & advice from your good self, Captain.

While the article mentions prepping in the US it does not say that, as of now, overtly doing any of it over there is sufficient to get yourself labelled as a potential terrorist and with S.1867 passed it's enough to have them "detain" you indefinitely.

I found this line particularly interesting:

"Dave Hannah and his company B-Prep sell similar products. He says a number of his customers are bankers. Their average spend is £3,000.

"'It makes you think: “What do they know?”’ says Hannah. ‘When we’ve talked on the phone, they’ve told me: “This whole thing is going to go down.'"

That obviously could be a bit of hyperbole to fit in with the "capitalism-bashing" of the final quote in the article as such tosh is quite fashionable these days.

But if not...



Anonymous said...

Captain Ranty said...


When they mentioned fridges and freezers my first thought was: what do you do when the grid fails?

A small genny is essential but you need to hoard some fuel to keep it going. The noise and the smoke may attract the feral though.

As I said, it won't hurt to gather some stuff on the offchance...

It seems that thinking for yourself makes you an enemy of the state.

Pitiful, is it not?


Anonymous said...

Captain, I understand you got this from somewhere else so I will refrain from pointing any errors made, at you.
Well, not errors per se but inaccuracies.
I am a vegetarian and although the piece does not target vegetarians overly the text does put them in a bad light.
I have studied nutrition for a couple of decades and know that the most beneficial plants are growing in the gardens of 95% of the population so I will not have far to go to find my Vit C or antioxidants, there are a number of plants that detox and some help in hydration(well most actually).
Meat; cows and sheep and pigs. On the other hand, today, are tainted with chemicals injected for the speedy growth required in society. Vitamin poor and at best is a bulk; makes one feel full.

Now I don't disagree with meat eaters and I have had my share of arguments relating to the subject, but to put vegetarians down is downright idiocy, after all what are the major ingredients of ones Sunday tea? Veggies. This is where the proper nutrition comes.
Anyone who as ever tried the Atkins diet will tell you, it isn't long before they start to smell and their energy disappears.
Yet the 'CURE' or one of them for cancer or diabetes and many other diseases is the 100% raw veg diet.
My wife decided to go raw for 2 weeks, only drinking water and juiced veg her energy doubled and she felt great.

Further to this article, one will find it difficult to store meat, after all, it starts to rot the moment it is killed, the chemicals involved are designed by nature to break down flesh.

When starting your stock of food go for the bread-flour and store it in waterproof containers, get some yeast too. or go for the ready-mix, powdered egg is another good one, plenty of tinned goods, save the tins as they may come in useful, pasta, rice, Ghee, manuka honey; for cuts and grazes, medical, dried pulse, water is not a problem I have a water filter; reverse osmosis and I could pump it manually, If you have money in the bank right now and no food in the house - don't come knocking on my door.

By the way I would if necessary kill and eat meat, but only as a last resort. Most of it is not as nutritional as is said to be.

Overall though, I enjoyed the article, get stocking up Capt'n even if it doesn't happen you are getting food at today's prices.

Namaste, phil;

Captain Ranty said...

Anon (13:26),

Thanks for the link.

This bit had me worried:

"It is all part of a program called Incredible Edible, which was founded by Mary Clear, a local grandmother of ten,....."

Ten is awfully young to be a grandmother.


Captain Ranty said...


I wasn't really having a go at veggies. My point is that there will be more meat around at this time of year than fresh veg.

Transport will grind to a halt. And all those fresh veggies from exotic locations will no longer be arriving.

We are omnivores. A balance is required to stay healthy. My in-laws are dedicated vegetarians and I can tell you that they smell too. Methane levels are high, and quite toxic in an enclosed space. These two fart like two bob rockets. It is not a healthy environment.

I was a vegetarian myself for over a decade. I have been eating meat, fruit and veg for the last 36 years and I am healthy enough. I also worry desperately at the shite they pump into the animals to encourage rapid growth, and as we know, they eye the bottom line more than they worry about long term effects in the consumers.

We buy organic as often as we can but ONLY when we are certain that it is actually organic. Sellers lie like a cheap Japanese watch.


Anonymous said...

I understand you weren't having a go at veggies :-)
I started off as a farter when I became a veggie and it was because of brown lentils and balsamic vinegar, so your in-laws may have an intolerance.
I am a veggie because I don't like the way animals are slaughtered, not for any other reason, just the pure inhumanity of it.

I appreciate your views and will die to protect your right to hold them.

Just as a note and not as a retort or slight - The planet has evolved so that there is always food available no matter what season, that we ignore this is a problem of education and commercialisation, some things need frost and some things only grow in winter. Animals on the other hand do not respond well to cold and utilise their fat reserves for survival.

Have a read of 'The China Study' if you want I will lend you my copy, it is very interesting and is the biggest study the world has ever undertaken regarding nutrition; meat and veg - pros and cons.

Not having a go :-) and I have gone a little off topic so my apologies.
Namaste, phil;

bollixed said...

I'm hearing the market price of wheat, corn, rice etc is about to go through the roof, partly as a result of speculators turning away from other markets and anticipating the coming crash.

Grow yer own baccy. Dead easy. HMRC say they aren't going to be chasing domestic growers, for folks that worry about such stuff.

Rabbits. Easy to raise and easy to feed. You'll need a good pellet rifle too.

Water will be a problem for some and not for others. Assess your situation and make contingency plans. Stock up on purification tablets. Taste rotten but they can save lives.

Heating. Wood, plastic, scrap, anything. Get or build a wood stove and start stockpiling stuff to chuck in.

Power. Plan to live without leccy. We'll have to forego our daily supplement from CRand his blogger mates.

Food preservation. Salt, pickle, drying. Plan, stockpile, make contingencies.

Don't wait till it happens to find out how to deal with stuff. Get the tools to maintain and fix things. Start downloading a printing guides to growing food, animal husbandry, medicines, self defence, etc etc etc NOW. Buy plenty of books on the subject.

Security. Tool up and be ready to defend what is yours.

Travel. Get a bike. Start stockpiling drums of fuel but be aware that this won't last long.

If you don't have land or not enough then start looking for spare land you can occupy to grow your grub. Grow some spare to help out elderly neighbours. This can be a community deal. The growing food will need guarded so be prepared to defend it.

Money. You'll need something to exchange. Non perishable, easily transportable, sought by others, dividable etc etc

Finally I would suggest you team up with people you trust to share and manage as a tight group. This has you covered if you get ill for a while. Worked well for our ancestors.....

Stay safe and I hope us doomsayers are all completely wrong....

del said...

Just to add to the all the above,
search jp morgan buying farm land,from there follow your nose.

Do they know something we don't ?

bryboy said...

Blimey what have I started? Tks for the link CR. You certainly did add meat to the bones. I'm afraid that I am a little too old to worry about a catastrophe and I will be one of the first to know what to do when the time comes. I can't persuade my wife to stock up either. She won't even acknowledge that there is a problem!

Dave_G said...

Food is about calories - the average person needing around 2,000 per day to survive comfortably. Now, try getting 2,000 calories from carrots......
BALANCE is the name of the game. Tinned foods like beans are excellent, corned beef, sardines etc. It might prove boring in the long run but at least you'll live and you won't want to do anything stupid to get someone elses stash.
Rice makes a good 'staple' to eat anything with but get brown rice as plain white rice loses its calorific value quickly as it ages.
Defence - make yourself a slingshot - it's quite easy to get a stone to go a considerable distance, accuracy comes with practise. Make up some paper bomblets for your slingshot using a content of ground pepper - a deceptively disabling content - and make some lead lumps if you have to do some serious damage.
Quite frankly I'm surprised slingshots aren't used a lot more often in 'debacles' - especially the Middle East.....
Foil blankets, worn under clothing, stop tasers.
I could go on.....

Anonymous said...

Preparing for the collapse of society. Stockpiling food and supplies. Practicing with you weapon. Worrying about attracting the feral.

Okay, who's watched one too many zombie films?

andy5759 said...

I have a small stockpile of coal and firewood, tinned and dried goods, sauces and spices. I reckon about six weeks' worth, longer if supplemented by soup kitchens and/or government handouts. Also plenty of varied 'heritage seeds', essential if needed for more than one seasons' supplies. This is not tin hat stuff, it's prudence. We only need look back 90 years to see what could happen and extrapolate from there.

May God help us all.