November 05, 2012

Off Again...

To Stockholm this time.

Just a short trip to attend a conference.

Let's hope there's a footie match on.

I'll be back late Wednesday night so I will miss the show-down with Merkel and Cameron. No doubt the one with the biggest balls will win.

That would be her. Merkel. (See what I did there?)

Be well,



Anonymous said...

With a bit of luck Merkel will win.
She wants the UK out I think.
Fingers crossed, she succeeds.
Besides, the Tories are toast, something to do with North Wales I believe.

James Higham said...

Naughty boy.

NewsboyCap said...


Make sure you are Tee-total for the trip, or you'll come back a pauper. Them Swedes now how to Tax Booze, make our troughers look like mere amateurs.
Drambuie, £11 a shot!!!!Beer £8 a pint!!!

Caratacus said...

Coo - you do get about in your tea half-hour Cap'n :-)

BTW - thanks for the advance warning. I have managed to contact my daughter who lives in Sweden and told her to bolt all the doors, lock the windows and so forth, and to be on her guard against itinerant Brits ...

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...


found an awkward sod in OZ

Not related?