July 27, 2012

Welcome To Absurdistan

Is it just me, or does this nation get more fucked up with each passing day?

Tonight we see the launch of a spectacle that is costing a bankrupt nation around £40 billion. Original costs were £2.5 billion. Will anyone bat an eyelid at this horrendous miscalculation? Hell no. For two weeks this bovine nation will stare, agog, as people from all over the world attempt to run, swim or cycle a nanosecond faster than everyone else. We will gasp, as people try to jump higher, or further, than the other competitors. Whoop de fucking doo.

We live in a country where the police can kill us, knowing that they will be set free. 1,463 people have died since 1990 and not one single conviction. I simply must get me one of those uniforms. I already have a target list of 650.....

We live in a country where the monarch has openly, and repeatedly, violated her Coronation Oath. Her contract with the people is broken, yet people care more for the latest title tattle in the shitey mainstream press. Those same newspapers, once lauded as "Champions of the People" have sunk lower than a snakes belly. They collude with the police, they hack phone calls, they tap phones, and yes, they have been caught but does anyone seriously imagine any of them will go to gaol? Really? Call me. I have some unicorns, pixie dust and working wands for sale.

We live in a country where the banks are so corrupt we need to rethink the definition of corrupt. They are on a whole new level of corrupt. They cannot manage their businesses effectively and in the real world, they would go bust. They would fail, and rightly so. But we aren't in the real world, Dorothy. We are in fucking Oz. Where the corridor to the Boardroom is paved with gold. The back door, reserved for those who do spectacularly badly, is paved with gold and diamonds. "Did you fuck up sir? No matter. Have £9 million. Go, and sin no more. Not with this bank, at least."

We live in a country where the judiciary is broken almost beyond repair. You couldn't get justice in this country if you fucking paid for it. The monarch is a citizen now, an EU citizen first mind you, then a UK citizen, and no court in the land can get its authority from a bog standard citizen. And what do we do about that travesty? Fuck all.

We live in a country where both our written and unwritten constitution is ignored by parliament. No surprise there. The place is filled with EU lickspittles who have no notion of nationhood. If they had, ECA 1972 would never have seen the light of day. But they do have great careers in the EU to look forward to. The pay, the perks, the conditions, hell, even the two day work-week beats the crap out of their current jobs in the HoC. British parliament is merely a stepping stone to greater things. If you possess integrity, honesty or honour, the House of Commons is no place for you. Values that we took for granted in our MPs of long ago are now seen as disqualifications for entry.

And come 2015, we will queue up like lemmings to vote in a new lot. We will demand that they be different from the last lot. We will be lied to in the run-up to the general election, and, as usual, we will believe those lies. We will vote, and we will be deeply, deeply disappointed yet again. We will prove that repeating the same experiment whilst expecting different results really is the definition of insanity.

Will that stop us?

Will it fuck.

We live in a country where those who are supposed to represent us, are supposed to do our bidding, willfully ignore us. There is no recourse. They cannot be deselected. For that, we have to wait five years. We have to witness the lying, the cheating, the stealing, the out-and-out law-breaking sometimes, before we can do anything about it. They can, and do, live high on the hog for five years and all we can do is watch.

Of course it is all manipulated. It is manufactured. It is all a side-show. It is entertainment to the Elites. If, as some suggest, we are merely an ant farm to God, we are even less than that to these "public servants". We are bacteria. To be watched, to be observed, to be controlled utterly.

And we put up with it. We put up with it because we have had "no" stripped from our DNA. We have no idea just how powerful the word is. And those of us that do know are dismissed as nutters. Trouble-causers. Idiots.

The truth is simple: they need your consent for everything. Everything. Remove your consent and the world changes. The game changes. Their attitude towards you changes. Those freedoms that we gave away without shedding a drop of blood? They all come back. They all come home. Where they belong.

They were only ever a heartbeat away.

If you truly want your country back you are going to have to practice saying no. You are going to have to be an awkward sod. A trouble-causer. An instigator. A challenger. A rebel.

It is simpler than you think. Many are actively doing this today, right now.

Join in. Or else STFU about the state of the nation.

Because you made it so.



Anonymous said...

Fucking great Bastard club, I'm in

bollixed said...

Hope you feel better after that? Sometimes its good to let off steam before the weekend kicks in.

Anyways, keep on the path. We may just be closer than you think. You are a man of honour and you know how to say NO! and you do so when you see fit. The most powerful force known to humankind, sir.

Anonymous said...

Can't fault a word Cap'n. My feelings precisely. You have to look at it in the eyes of the masses. Their regular conversation is:

1. who won the football and was it a good game?
2. Did so and so really do such and such to bladdy blah on [input soap drama of choice]?
3. Did you see Top Gear?
4. That new Hollywood blockbuster looks great...

so, the chance to talk about something that none of them have any interest in, but because it comes around one every 4 years and everyone else will be watching it, the Olympics is a must. Don't want to be different now.......

It's reality. They have been conditioned to watching a mix of sport, soap and drama. All entertainment because the world's problems are somebody elses problems whom they'll pin on politicians to fix as they dutifully elect these cocksuckers into power to create even more.

It's laughable to say the least.....



Fidel Cuntstruck said...

Cap'n, I reckon many of us have come to the conclusion that the 'Lympics has got fuck all to do with sport - it's just a huge marketing exercise for many of the multi-nationals.

A global sporting event - sponsord by a junk food giant?? You just couldn't make it up.

Have a splendid weekend - and fuck the 'lympics

NewsboyCap said...


Every word true.

Harbinger can't fault you, as usual.

Fidel to Fuckin right.

But as Bollixed said we may be gaining some momentum, thanks to guys like you. Keep it up, I feel the tide is turning in a good way.

Say no, say Fuck off, be an Arsehole to TPTB, they will get the message.

StourbridgeRantBoy said...

Do'nt bottle it up Cap'n......

Anonymous said...

Well Fidel--you're right of course.Here's one of the real reasons for the Lympics

And we will pick up the bills with our sweat

DC said...

Personally, I can't wait for the end of this civilisation. I first though it could be fixed through protest, then through politics; then I thought some kind of armed revolution was the only way, but now I realise that armed revolutions (not to mention politics) throughout history have been funded and manipulated behind the scenes by the 'elite'.

Only a complete collapse of this financial, political and legal system can free the human race. We are a disgrace under the current system. I now find myself hoping the Mayan prophecy to be true.

Whilst I wait I'll educate myself, then others; I'll find enjoyment in art and the produce thereof, in relationships and friendships; And I'll attempt to prepare myself and others - mentally more than anything - for anarchy and self-reliance.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, i enjoyed that rant, thankyou feel much better now...no not really but its good to be reminded that others feel exactly the same, sometimes you can get to feeling quite alone as if the rest of the country has succumed to total gaga, glued to the fuckin propaganda channels and mumuring the correct responses as we once did in the Latin Mass.

Oh yes, come the election another bunch of liars, thieves and back stabbing bastards will be elected by the brainwashed and another 5 years of deju vue will commence.

I agree with witholding consent, but unless everyone does so then the operation becomes pointless, even if only a handful of drones voted in the election, so long as someone has won a seat thats it they claim the 30 pieces of silver, it doesn't matter a toss if 55 million refuse to vote, that figure is ignored, except for places like this.

Keep it up Ranty et al, about the only reason i'm not climbing the bloody walls.

Regards, Judd.

Wayne said...

Being an awkward bastard is good fun!