April 29, 2012

X marks the spot for UKIP

Do you vote? 
Do you bother to take part in the democratic process which is quite frankly a bit of a sham when you consider the gerrymandered constituencies, first past the post system, no real difference between the established parties and the fact that most of our laws come from Brussels anyway?
With all that it's no wonder that 35% of the electorate simply stay away in general elections, a figure that can rise to 65% absence for local elections, perhaps they have something more important and enjoyable to do, like watching paint dry.
Some people like to vote in order to tell the candidates exactly what they think of them. All spoilt ballot papers are shown to the candidates to get their acceptance that the ballot paper is indeed spoilt. Therefore if the voter scrawls the word C U N T S on their paper this WILL be shown to all the candidates. I was once at the count for a local election and let me tell you that candidates from the established parties really don't like this. Some councillors are officious jumped up egotists so anything that bursts their bubble is to be welcomed.
However, I believe there is a better way.
First, lets have a look at a few facts.
As mentioned above, participation by the electorate is between 35-65%.
Since the 50's the established parties membership has been in free fall.
The established parties share of the national vote has gone from 95% to less than 70%.
In view of the above I would suggest that instead of removing ourselves from the process or calling the politicians rude names we should start to use our vote.
There is a general consensus here at CR that we are governed too much, taxed into penury and subject to idiotic and nonsensical regulations whose sole intention is to control us.
There is however a political party that is in (broad) agreement with our aims. And that party is UKIP. Several polls recently suggest they are level with the third placed political party. IOW they have gained critical mass. Look, all political parties are a broad church of various views and it is easy to point to one or two policies that you can find disagreement with but they are the only political party with aims of reducing the state.
Some people here may think that the BNP or EDL is an alternative. This is ridiculous as the BNP are nothing more that a bunch of socialists with added racism and the EDL is a single issue pressure group against the religion of war that was founded by the warmongering child molester mohammed. (If any islamists take umbrage at my comments please note that several Hadiths mention this eg, Bukhari 5.58.234. For the vast majority of devout muslims hadith are essential supplements and clarifications to the koran and also a source of religious inspiration, however I must say I fail to see how anyone could get inspiration from a warmongering kiddie fiddler, as religions go islam must be one of the more nasty and evil - but I digress).
A lot of conservatives are unhappy with what Camoron is doing to their party and they are ripe for recruiting. Some may say that a vote for UKIP is a wasted vote that will let in labour but is there any difference between what labour did when in power and what the tories are planning to do now. Govt spending is still out of control, there haven't been any cuts, Repressive legislation is still enacted. The only real difference is that a different out of touch member of the elite stands at the dispatch box during prime ministers questions.
So next time you get a polling card consider giving your support to UKIP, it won't hurt and could change things for the better.
Disclaimer, I have recently joined UKIP.


Pete said...


I was reading your article and I was in complete agreement with all that you were saying until your rant about muslims. What pupose did this part of the article actually serve other than to repeat BNP and EDL rhetoric? Yes, you did digress and at that point I couldn't be bothered reading any further.

Anonymous said...

Yes Gaius…


And vote often (That's a joke ['it's the way I tell'em], unless you are reading this comment in Tower Hamlets).

Ian R Thorpe said...

I'm stymied. While your C U N T S suggestion is appealing my choice is between Mr. Ahmad Dadd and Mr Mohammed Khan and I'm not sure they will understand.

And I can't write PIGS becase that would be racist, and anyway neither of them have offended me personally.

I shall just have to abstain and hope that Anna Raccoon takes up my suggestion and calls her new libertarian group The Liberal Libations Party.

Then next year, after campigning on the slogan "Big drinks for everyone" I will be able to vote for myself.

Smoking Scot said...

Agree with Pete on this, except I did bother to read the lot.

Your point is valid, use your vote for any party you like except the big three. Frankly it matters not a jot if it's BNP, EDL, English Democrats, Respect or UKIP, so long as it's not for the big guys.

As for slagging off on someone's religion with some superficial, rather juvenile reference, do bear in mind that most religions have some form of sexual deviation that today may seem outrageous.

This one lists a half a dozen taken from the bible.


pitano1 said...

is it by chance,that,anyone who attempts to
change things for the better,allways ends up dead.

c`mon you kip,but i dont..l.o.l

William said...

Vote by all means but realise one thing whatever party you support with your cross or your 'spoilt paper' you tell their system that you consent to be governed by it.

You can beg the tyrant to change just don't expect it to change.

Personally I think the United Kingdom is a system that is beyond fixing simply because it is being systematically dismantled and absorbed by the Greater European Project which in turn is a construct of some really devious minds which desire control of other human beings above everything else.
Quite what they are going to do with that control should they ever nirvana I have no idea.

So if you agree to be governed with the United kingdom/European Union system by all means join a party or vote or spoil your paper.
If you disagree and want to withdraw from their system it starts by getting yourself off their electoral roll.

Gaius said...

Your loss if you didn't read futher. I also note that even if you disagree with what I've said you haven't even tried to counter my arguement because I'm right and you are simply unhappy with the truth.

Ian R. Thorpe,
Vote UKIP or C U N T S. The new libertarian party, if it gets off the ground simply don't have the critical mass, this is a problem that the previous libertarian party (of which I was a member) suffered from.

Smoking Scot,
You are wrong, UKIP are liberty leaning, all the others are left wing socialist scum who will steal your money and control your every move. The EDL is not so much a political party as an anti muslim pressure group. As such I simply added some anti muslim stuff as it belittles and angers the muslim scum who want to do me and other ordinary people down. Interestingly enough the muslims who live here and simply integrate with the rest of society wont be offended, only the scum who want sharia law etc. I do take your point that the anti muslim stuff doesn't flow with the vote UKIP rest on a stylistic level but why waste the opportunity to have a go at the inbred camel fucking shits. I would also take the same attitude with other religions but I don't think any members of the CofE want to kill me for simply disagreeing with them.

Btw, according to the bible god is happy for me to have a sex slave!!!!

Katabasis said...

I'll certainly be voting UKIP myself, but alas being a Tower Hamlets resident, will be out voted 8 to 1 by dead people by post.

Dick Puddlecote said...

You too? ;)

Pete said...


It is not my loss at all. If I wanted to read or watch religious rhetoric then I would go elsewhere.

Your reference to Mohammed etc was not relevant at all to the fair point that you were attempting to make regarding elections.

I have no reason whatsoever to even attempt to counter what you said regarding a religion since I have no belief in any religion at all.

It is immaterial to the argument that you are making ref elections. I would have much rather that you stayed on track with your article instead of digressing, but hey, we all have our own opinions.

If you care to check my wee blog out then you will see that there is actually some UKIP stuff on there as I like their stance, however religion is not contained within the blog!

Dave_G said...

If there actually is a UKIP vote available then there is no reason not to vote that way. If there isn't a UKIP vote then vote for an independent - ANY.......

Whatever you do, DO NOT vote for the big three. That, most certainly, is a vote wasted.

Caratacus said...

UKIP for me too. Have been for several years now.

Ref. Islam - there has been more misery produced in the last few thousand years because of religion than anything else we humans indulge in. There are good religious people just as there are good atheists, the belief system has bugger all to do with it. But Islam does take the piss more than most ..

pitano1 said...

`the pope/chief kiddy fiddler`
queen elizard..beth 11
the crown.
are all controlled by the vatican/maffia
setup of secret societys.

her maj swore her oath on the buy..bull,
her `ecclesiastical`ministers swear an oath to serve her.
you put your faith in whatever lying
self ingratiating arshole you are voting for.

and they all fight fuck,n get pissed
at the taxpayers expence,in a big church `westminster`
its a religious based con.

so there you go,fooled again.

if you dont want argue,or discuss religion,you should leave politics out
of the equation.l.o.l

the road from rome is paved with bad
intent,and laid on the corpses of men of good intent.
cuntis maximus.

these are my thought/findings,it would be most appreciated if any one
can` prove` me wrong.

Anonymous said...

Do you now see where the meat of your original article has gone Gaius, right back to religion?

Pitano has come out with the Roman Catholic church and what they have done and rightly so. Then we have anonymous stating something about the Jewish Talmud

But, alas, your article was not about religion, it was about elections was it not?

Pete said...

The post above was from myself Gaius, Pete at Newstruth, fook knows why it posted as anonymous!

Anonymous said...


As Anonymous says above me look in the Babylonian Talmud that makes the hadith look like an ABC book on learning.
When I wrote the Destruction of Britain blog, I went deep into a study on Islam. It was only when I discovered the Talmud, Judaism, Zionism, Rothschild etc were my eyes truly opened. Islam is a smokescreen and the anger against it is being brewed up by tptb so there will be no sympathy when the west eventually nukes Iran and smashes what's left of Islam.

And the BNP are a direct result of people concerned with what's left of any indigenous culture in the UK. Those who believe that blacks and asians are British, have already lost the plot and oblivious to the fact that they are infact globalists, happily promoting the wishes of the NWO.
This leads me on to UKIP.....

What does UKIP think about indigenous rights? Ahh, to them we should all just live happily in this island as Brits eh? What about people who don't want to be part of the multicultural/racial soup and instead live together as an indigenous people, practicing their own culture? Well, I'm sure UKIP would view them as nasty racists eh? I mean, how dare the indigenous wish to remain indigenous! This is Britain, it's just not cricket!

What I want is no government. I've realised that whatever political party has been in power the people have been continually butt fucked, while the politicians get wealthier. And what was Nigel Farage's job before UKIP? Would it be banking by any chance? People never learn. How many more times will people continue electing these cock suckers until they realise they don't give a fuck about the people?
While the UK goes further down the sewers, good old Nige is sticking two fingers at the EU, AS AN EUMP COLLECTING A NICE FAT WAGE ALONG WITH OTHER ANTI EUMP's GRIFFIN, BRONS AND HANNAN. LMAO. Oh the irony....

And Gaius, what are UKIP's views on protectionism, because without it and the recreation of industry how on earth are Brits (I use that term lightly) going to get work? Britain's economy is a service economy and Alan Watt compares that to throwing a dog into a swimming pool. It eventually drowns. Are we going to have a society of IT technicians? But wait what of all those far better educated graduates from China and India? Are UKIP going to repatriate the millions of immigrants already here? They're going to multiply you know along with the continued movement of Indians and Chinese to the UK, who incidentally won't have to stick to China's one child policy.

Bottom line Gaius, UKIP are merely controlled opposition. Their only real agenda is get out of the EU and then what? Either way if UKIP win or lose the UK is still totally fucked because unless the UK is returned to an overwhelmingly indigenous populated and run country along with repatriation of all immigrants over the last 40 years and the reinstitution of protectionism with a British goods for British people policy, society is merely continuing the agenda of the elites.

Do you not realise that world government will come when chaos is rampant, due to mixing of peoples and cultures with everyone at each other's throats, jobless, penniless and homeless begging for a world government due to the fact there's no need for national governments as there will be no nation?



Summerisle said...

Sorry, but UKIP is nothing but a safety valve for disgruntled Tory voters, which is why they get so much coverage - they are no threat to the status quo, whilst the EDL are nothing but a Zionist front organisation; they are not a political party. English Democrats might get my vote, as could the BNP if they had a candidate in my area, despite Griffin's treachery. Still, in the end it doesn't matter who you vote for: any party that is sincere and genuine about wanting change for the better will never be allowed to get anywhere, the elections, of course, being rigged in favour of the big three (all puppets for the NWO.)

Anonymous said...

In my view, religion is like the the big three political parties…

The only difference being that the annointed ones wear frocks rather than lounge suits.

Anonymous said...

Judd, not Anonymous said.

I've been voting for anyone who puts Britain first for donkeys years, even BNP until Griffin proved himself unworthy of trust, pity about BNP, despite some stupid things in their history most of their supporters are decent patriotic folk and deserve better.

Hear comments at work and elsewhere about the EU and how its got us by the bollocks, i then inform them that if they voted for any one of the three cheeks of the same arse (good term that George) they are to blame, as they vote directly for EU colonisation ...they then go quiet as the truth sinks in.

Look, your post was fine till you jumped on the anti Muslim bandwagon...what is it with people why do they get drawn into this self destructive distrust nay hatred of this section of society.

Every obvious Muslim person i have met has treated me with respect and courtesy, possibly because i have always treated them the same way, as i try to do with everyone until they prove themselves dishonourable.

Obsessive anti Muslim hysteria isn't necessary, of course they have the odd weirdo just the same as any other pigeon holed group does, unfortunately vested interests zero in on anything untoward that they can use.

We have much to learn from Muslims and other religeous groups, such as Sikhs and Hindus, indeed Asian people as a whole...without fail they look after their own and put their own people first, now i don't have a problem with that, maybe if white Christian or otherwise British people took a leaf out of their book and stood together instead of trying to rip each other off or control them in some other way we might see things in a different light and see some real changes for the better, in behaviour if nothing else.

I don't believe any of the media tripe aimed at causing trouble with Muslim people, far too much anti rhetoric for my liking, anyone would think the media was biased...;) or rather vested interests are steering the conversations round in red top tabloidesque hysteria.

If anything the Muslim people have a point, seeing as they do stick together...learn from that for crying out loud...they have legitimate anger about the indiscriminate bombing and carefully orchestrated regime changes in the homelands of other Muslims by western forces and under western 'encouragement'.

If anyone was asleep recently the George Galloway (well done George) Bradford situation should show anyone with half a brain that when people stick together united then amazing things can happen.

The reason silly stupid musn't offend Muslims headline gathering rubbish has gained such a foothold is not through Muslims calling for things like no mention of Christmas, things like that have come into play because half wit wet liberal lefties saw an opportunity to make mischief and became the official offended on their behalf, (making lucrative careers from it in the process, which is convenient as they're bloody unemployable in the normal course of events)...to the bemusment and amusement of every single Muslim i know.

Anyway, back to British politics.

I too will be continuing to vote for UKIP when possible, probably for the rest of my natural.

No one else represents or puts our country first, and no one else speaks for me.

Anonymous said...


My reply is in your spam folder.



Anonymous said...

With you all the way and then the Muslim rant. You'll find that the vast majority of Muslims, as with the vast majority of people, are actually very decent, caring and loving. Hadiths vary in credibility as much to Muslim denominations as scientific papers do to atheists. Your usually very insightful and open blogs have been tainted with this ill informed bout of simplistic bigotry!

Come on dude, don't fall for the anti-islamic propaganda. It is pedalled to divide the sheeple, just as any class war is. People are people. Believing one particular mythological narrative over another doesn't suddenly make suicidal bombing, wife subjugating extremists out of them.

Captain Ranty said...

Anon (12:31),

When Gaius suggested posting some of his thoughts and opinions here I guaranteed him complete freedom of speech.

This is how he sees things and I am sure he will defend his views.

Although I know that uncontrolled immigration is part of Agenda 21*, I have no issues with people of other faiths/hues/origins, but I would rather like it if they fitted in with us (like we do in THEIR countries) rather than us changing to suit them.

*It's also a neat way of keeping us fighting each other when the real enemy is the controllers. When we realise this factet, we may just progress.


Anonymous said...

I think most people here have gone into criticism again Gaius because they just want to have their rant on Islam.
Sure, there are lots of Muslim people who are lovely, the same with Hindus, Sikhs, Zoroastrians and a wide of religious people living within the UK. However my concern is this, this is the UK. Those people have their ancestral homelands that promote their own indigenous cultures. They can pop on a plane and within a matter of hours they'll be out of the western globalism and back to their roots.

There's no plane we can jump on to go back to our ancestral way of life because it's dead, thanks to the brainwashing of International socialism (Internationalism/Globalism).

I'm afraid to say that if you're for multicultures and a multiracial society then you're batting for the NWO whether you like it or not. Multicultures kill indigenous cultures. Multiraces kill indigenous races. This is a fact that cannot be ignored. It can't be ignored because over time indigenous see them as no different, mix (as I have done through ignorance of the facts before me) and before you know it, that chicken soup society is no longer chicken soup as it's nothing but a hodge podge of Oxtail, vegetable and tomato.
And this is where the hate slurs begin to be thrown at people. "Oooo you racist pig. Blah, blah, blah....." It's the automatic knee jerk reaction from the programmed, indigenous automaton of the UK, the only indigenous in this world who are happy to bring about their own racial obliteration. However, were we to start talking about doing the same to the Asians or the Africans, then guaranteed the liberals would be up in arms, doing their best to bring about their survival, while their own people's diminishes rapidly.

What's happened with the multicultural and multiracial mixing within the UK is identical to what's happening with continuing demolition of liberty via draconian legislation from Parliament (EU). It's the boiling from in water scenario. What would have happened if they'd flooded the UK with 10 8 million immigrants back in the late 60's? Well, for starters, Enoch Powell would have won a landslide victory, that is if he hadn't been assassinated. Then there would also be the staggeringly oblivious fact that the racial demographic here within the UK simply wouldn't be.

People will view what they've read as hate. This is obvious when one realises that they are oblivious to the fact they've been programmed to attack anything that opposes the ethnic cleansing of the white people in the UK. Yes, they defend cultural and racial suicide. As soon as I (or anyone) mentions white racial survival, the alarm bells start ringing within, like some Ipcress file programming to warn the listener that something they're about to hear is wrong and must be attacked.
This is the reality.
I do not want to see racial and cultural demolition anywhere in this world. It's wrong and no one has the right to do so, but when one realises this is the plan of the globalist elites, they have to either wise up and fast or accept the inevitable. Pakistanis can go back to Pakistan, Cambodians Cambodia, Nigerians Nigeria....the Scots, the Irish, the Welsh and the English have nowhere to go. They are being ethnically cleansed within their own country and me telling you this, as I said has the alarm bells ringing to shout me down as a racist and hater of other cultures. This is the ignorance within people I find depressingly sad, but understand thanks to programming.



Anonymous said...


"I have no issues with people of other faiths/hues/origins, but I would rather like it if they fitted in with us (like we do in THEIR countries) rather than us changing to suit them."

I hate to rain on your parade buddy, but when it comes to fitting in, that is, us 'fitting in' with other nation's ways, erm, what about:

1. Parts of Spain or Greece where the indigenous Brit has turned it into a binge drinking hell hole, with pissed up teenagers, drinking British beer in British pubs etc etc?

2. North America and Australasia and the obliteration of the native peoples' ways of life there?

3. Africa and India and the colonisation of a big whack of it, implementing our cultural ways over the indigenous peoples'?

4. And pretty much everywhere else where the British Empire smashed the world. "But we went over there and did this and gave them that...blah...blah...blah" I hear people shout, but really, what right do (did) we have of going to another people's land and telling them how to live? It sucks when people do it here, as they are currently doing and because of the past, we have no moral high ground to take whatsoever, thanks to the sins of our fathers.



Anonymous said...

Voting for any political party is akin to playing Russian roulette with a full chamber.

As to religion, all are of the same cloth and highly decieptful.

As a side mark, christians have killed more people than any other sect and they still are...

Multi culturalism, could lead to a peaceful world simply because in the future it would dilute all into one culture and therefore one less possibility of war etc.

Anonymous said...

Since UKIP already has a "Friends of Israel" club it's pretty obvious it's already been hijacked by persons not loyal to Britain.

bollixed said...

While I like listening to Farage and have a deep desire to go and tick the box on the big day I serve my fellows better keeping my consent withdrawn.

This is NOT a country. Its a corporation and a jurisdiction (rapidly being dismantled) and all we are voting for is a new board of management to tell us what to do and impress their prejudices on us.

Anonymous said...

Being a member of a political party is an utter waste of time, money and effort. Even UKIP. The benefit to you as an individual will be what? I speak as a former member of a political party. It's a ready-made suit for the disgruntled and makes you think that the system can be changed. Well it can't. Stay away from the State and don't legitimise the system by joining in.

Bill said...

These comments are very revealing. I am stunned that so many actually believe a vote in their system will change their system for the better.
The brainwashing is hard to resist apparently.

The split second you accept you are responsible for a name you are showing 'them' you are still a child. You accept responsibility by registering thus handing over title to whoever holds the title. There is always a who even though that 'who' may be hidden beneath layers of dead entities called corporations.

If the name you accept responsibility for is sent an electoral roll form then YOU not the name are agreeing to be governed IF you fill it in and send it back.

The same goes when you sign a birth register, you hand over title for your card, the V5C, you hand over title for the vehicle and these are just two examples. There are many more.

There is no point going on because clearly the majority still expect the tyrant to change.

As George Carlin said about the sky fairy

"What's the point of being an omnipotent god if every two bit schmuck with a two dollar prayer can come along and fuck up your plan?"

Bill said...

Child not card obviously. Sorry. I really am stunned truly stunned that people who come on here and contribute will consent to be governed simply because there is a new team in town.

Pesky Anonymous said...

On the subject of the electoral roll form.
I didn't fill mine in, nor any of the 3 - 4 reminders.
And guess what, they sent me a polling card anyway.
I told this to a local confederate of mine and he told me exactly the same happened to him (No fill form in - card anyway).
So I am wondering if this is a): Part of a new plan - You're on the roll anyway whether you like it or not. Or b): Just plain old incompetence down at the office.

Happy May Day

William said...

Pesky anonymous
Having spoken with a councillor (independent) about this very issue he assured me that the problem is the monkeys that are employed to 'work the roll'.

Incompetent and unsackable was his term for them which is why he is no longer a councillor. All councils are run by the self serving bureaucrats according to him and I cannot disagree.

Curmudgeon said...

Ah well, in my ward there was a choice of Lib, Lab, Con and BNP.

So the four boxes could conveniently hold the four letters U K I P ;-)