April 18, 2012

Freedom Awaits...

...but you need to set aside some time to listen to this.

Michael is a wonderful speaker. He walks the walk and gives us some fine examples of his victories against the system.

Listen closely to his philosophy too.

Can you imagine a country/world run like that?

I can.

And I want a piece of the action.



NewsboyCap said...


I was at the meeting where the video was filmed, a truly inspiring man. Well researched, he is a mine of information yet a truly humble human.
Check out his website Free the Planet for info on the UCT. Obviously the video is an edited version, some of the other stuff he talked about at the meeting was awesome.

NewsboyCap said...


Sorry, I forgot to say a big thanks to the man Bollixed for organizing the meeting.
And of course thanks to you for putting up the video.

Ian said...

Super super video

I am going to watch at least parts of it again.

It is interesting to here him say how much more confident he is now compared with 3 years ago. Bit by bit he has got where he is now.

I hope I am just, half as knowledgeable as he is, in 3 years time

Great Stuff

Anonymous said...

This guy also went to war with the tax man, and won.



Pesky Anonymous said...

Great video. I'm lost for superlatives. Completely engaging from start to finish.
A shining beacon for us all.
Like you Captain, I'm all for it.

Btw, compare and contrast with this bit of bollox from moron-world:
Warning: don't watch straight after a big meal.

Anonymous said...


coz said...

He's an engaging speaker with an interesting story to tell, he weaves it well. Got some doubts about the 'love will conquer all' philosophy, a lot of pagans and pseudo-christians, rosicrucians, you name it, are pushing this 'love' thing at the moment, they usually tie it in with 'Jesus is love' if they want to appeal to christians.

You can't 'love' evil out of existence, it won't work, satan laughs at this stuff, he probably thought it up himself. Other than that, yeah he tells a good tale, you can see how David Icke can speak for 8 hours, these guys really are great storytellers. Can't check his website at the moment cos my ISP has me slowed to 56k except between 2am and 8am.

coz said...

You might have to be prepared to join the masons, Ranty, having a bit of a look around his site, found this article equating druidism with Masonism, by Thomas Paine...

'and from the remains of the religion of the Druids, thus preserved, arose the institution which, to avoid the name of Druid, took that of Mason, and practiced under this new name the rites and ceremonies of Druids.'

Also don't see why anyone needs to cede sovereignty to his organisation, I'm sure a lot of alarm bells went off for viewers at that statement.

Michael said...


Your comment is incorrect and very misleading.

At no point do I state in the talk that anybody "needs to cede sovereignty" to the UCT, nor would I ever do so, on the simple basis that EVERYBODY within the UCT's jurisdiction is always acting in their sovereign capacity under Natural Law.

In other words, the alarm bells you speak of are either a figment of your imagination or a well known technique to distract people from the real message, just like your crack about "the Masons".

The article you speak of is actually about Thomas Paine's belief about Christianity and Masonry originating in sun worship.

Love & Blessings,


coz said...

Yes, well I paid you some compliments too, I think you are a talented saga teller but as a public speaker you can't expect that everyone will agree with you. Paine was a notorious unbeliever of his day and seemed curiously to be around every bloody revolution and war of the time. He is wrong. Christianity does not originate in sun worship, this is yet another well known technique to try to conflate christianity with paganism in an effort to establish a one world faith. You'll find a lot of pagans currently trying to flog the notion that Jesus and lucifer are brothers or twins or two sides of the same coin, ugh.

Anyways, the thing that most interested me in your talk was the calendar stuff, I had a look at your website but you seem a bit woolly about that, do you have some sources you can cite for this belief. It interests me because Isaac Newton calculated 2060 as the end of da world, ie doomsday, day of reckoning or whatever.

All da best mate, you do a good show!