August 28, 2009

Big Brother Comes Home

Now this is the kind of thing that boils my piss. (Click title to read the story).

Why have the tenants simply allowed this? And why, I have to ask, are they going to pay for it?

Most of the tenants have just realised how invasive the cameras are. They seem shocked at the number of cameras and the positions they are sited in. The government can sit and watch their very own reality show, 24/7. Next we'll have Davina down there providing a running commentary.

"But not everyone is totally against the move. Steve Brinsley, 50, who has lived on the estate for 28 years, said: 'I don't like the way the government are recording everyone, but I am willing to accept a bit less freedom for a bit more safety and peace of mind"

As someone famous once said, Steve: those who give up freedom for safety deserve neither. (I paraphrased). And seriously, do you really, really want this inept bunch of retards knowing your every move? If you can honestly say "Yes" to that question then I have a long list of countries that you really ought to be living in. Here's a couple of ideas, get packing: Iran, Cuba, KSA, China, Russia.

I would be content to have the cameras outside, but only if a group of tenants took it in turns to monitor the action. Telling the government to step in was a mistake of monumental proportions.

Got any benefit cheats in the buildings? They're fucked. It's only a matter of time before someone at Housing talks to someone at the Jobcentre. Unless, of course, you live under the illusion that any of these bastards can be trusted with any information. They cannot.

"We do, however, want to reassure residents that Riviera staff members will only gain access to view the footage should there be an incident regarding criminal activity, anti-social behaviour or vandalism".

Yes indeed. She went on to say that she was inviting all residents to join a fantastic Ponzi scheme, and that emails from 419'ers were just fine and dandy. "Be sure to give any strangers ALL your personal banking details" she added.

Resident Philip Mays admitted there had been problems on the estate but that 90 per cent of them were sorted out among residents themselves.

Ah, the old fashioned way. Infinitely preferable to the solution you have now, eh?

'These cameras will stop people socialising together. When we associate, we will be watched'

No shit, Sherlock.

We continue to allow this crap to happen. Not only that but we invite them to intrude, but we then pay for that intrusion. And I don't mean the extra 2 quid a week the residents are paying. This sets a dangerous precedent for the rest of us.

Maybe O'Brien was right in 1984. First we hate Big Brother, then we come to love him.

But I just cannot get that stamping jackboot image out of my mind these days....


Pesky Anonymous said...

"Why have the tenants simply allowed this? And why, I have to ask, are they going to pay for it?"

Nearest polite answer I can come up with is: that if they don't pay the extra £2 a week and shut the fuck up, they will be chucked out.
The alternative would be a costly and terrifying court case, which would involve missing either days at work or daytime TV, very little solidarity with the neighbours, and no guarantee they wouldn't still be chucked out.

Captain Ranty said...


I dont think that they thought it through at all.

£2 a week sounds cheap for security but they gave away their privacy.

It was not a fair deal.

Silly bastards.

Pesky Anonymous said...


The poor dears are just unenlightened, that's all. They need educating. They have now got themselves in the position to have to put up and shut up.

I have read newspaper comments and blogs for years, not because I enjoy all this moaning and dissecting of what is wrong, entertaining and enlightening though some of it is, but because they reflect the mind of people.
And I am always on the watch for "the change". I believe I can see it happening, (reflected in the comments for example). I believe it will happen.
If you can point out one useful thing about all this moaning, I would be happy to hear it. I believe the job of we enlightened few, is to inspire the others.
This is why I write to you. I reckon your series about LR/FOTL was truly inspirational stuff.
Some bloggers are really sincere people, who believe the answer is to be found by political process. Can't see it myself, people are so different, it's hard to see how they can all be rallied round one particular philosophy.
I think it is all in the mind. I can only repeat that Gandhi quote:- We are the change.

I believe I can see (what's going on), but inspiration is not my strong point.
People have to be taught to think for themselves, not easy after all that conditioning.
Can I invite you to type "Everything is OK" into youtube? It's my latest find of people who I think are inspirational. Watch the whole series if you have time. (The happy carriage is my fave).

This is not meant to be critical. I am just trying to explain how I see it all. I know your opinion may differ. But I hope my ramble makes sense, told you I'm not good at writing :)

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Pesky. I will check out the vids.

I think there is ONE useful aspect: venting. On your own blog you can let rip, whereas if you had no outlet, something else might rip.

But I know you are right. There is a head of steam building that will erupt soon. Maybe we wont have to wait for enlightenment or some sort of cosmic shift, maybe people will finally say, "That's it. I've had enough!".

I can certainly see a pattern developing.

Now, if only there was a way we could hasten it along......

Pesky Anonymous said...

Fair do's. Carry on venting. Don't mind me.
I must confess I have "vented" a few comments myself.

When people say "That's it, I've had enough", it will be a cosmic shift. Can't wait.

I'll let you know if I come up with any "hasteners".

Pesky Anonymous said...

I still feel a bit guilty about having had a go at "moaning".
I think it is just a reflection of my own desperation about things.
There are many shenanighans in the world that I would be completely unaware of if it were not for bloggers. While this often makes for depressing reading, it must be better to be informed, than to remain in the dark like the sheeple. It also keeps you on the ball about the urgency of it all, and stops the slide into hopelessness.
But as you say, it is trying to come up with those little hasteners....

Captain Ranty said...

I dont want to be a drama queen, but I honestly believe the bloggers have the powers that be by the short & curlies.

Nothing stays secret for long these days, and between them, the bloggers share the info with everyone. It can only be a good thing.

Imagine where we would be without them? All that dark, dirty, secret shit would stay hidden.

As for learning about it, rather than blissful ignorance, I think I would rather know. It gives one an edge. It should also keep them, (the politicos, the quangos, the cops and the judges, on their toes).

That cant be a bad thing, can it?