January 09, 2013

It's Official!!

The coalition government, whose manifesto pledges contained gems such as "There will be a bonfire of the quangos", and who promised us "small government" and "less interference" is now officially the largest producer of legislation for any government in a single year since de Montforts first parliament was formed in 1265.

In 2012 they vomited out FOUR THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTEEN pieces of legislation.

Nit-pickers will say "Yeah, but most of them were Statutory Instruments" to which I answer, SI's are given the force of law. They are no different to primary legislation and if you disbelieve me, just try contravening a statutory instrument.

All year long I watched, I waited, and I tweeted the new totals and by the end of December I was convinced that they would fail to break their earlier record (4,116 for 2011) but I was unaware that they carried on producing 2012 law well into 2013. For all I know they may not be done yet. I will keep an eye on them and let you know.

Or, you can watch the tally grow yourself.

Look here:  The Shite Factory

Some say that over 82% of this legislation stems from Brussels.

If so then I can think of no finer reason to leave the EU.

This is make-work for a pool of idiots with nothing better to do. Not that any of our "lawmakers" have time to read through this tsunami of twibble. They aren't there long enough. Even if we assume they work 180 days a year (they don't, but let's be generous), that means reading, ratifying and voting on 22.87 pieces of legislation a day, as well as their normal workload whatever they do all day long.

Small government and less interference?

My arse.



Anonymous said...

This should prove OVERWHELMINGLY to all those fuckwits on the electoral register that political parties are all one and the same, continually lie on every promise, are nothing but banker's bitches and doing nothing other than continuing the globalist agenda to world government, indigenous culture, individual and national sovereignty destruction.

And yet they still trot down to the polling booths regularly to vote in these tossers.

I was in the pub talking to a man in his late 40's and a smoker who was oblivious to the fact that politicians can smoke in westminster bars while eating and drinking their heavily subsidised food and drink. This was a chance conversation but shows public ignorance to political manipulation.

How do you change this? The msm won't get the message out. Are you expecting a 40 million a day UK surge in readership? Pissing and waterfalls spring to mind.



Mr Angry said...

Gosh, CR, are you arguing for the MPs to be paid MORE because they manage to ratify 22.87 (call it 22) pieces of shite every single day????


Where's those re-inforced lampposts?

Captain Ranty said...


I cannot disagree with a single word.

Despite my recently raised hopes, it strikes me that the people of the UK actually WANT to be controlled. They WANT to be nannied. The WANT to be absolved of all personal responsibility. They WANT the govt as a parent, interfering in every aspect of their lives.



Captain Ranty said...

Mr Angry,

Actually, I have (in the past) called for an 82% REDUCTION in salary for these morons. If Brussels produce the majority of the legislation, why the hell are we paying these so-called lawmakers so much?



Mr Angry said...

Disagree, CR. We should cull 82% of _them_ via the proven lamppost method and leave the rest on their salaries. May help to focus the minds a tad.. especially if we get to choose who goes to the danglies via an X-Factor style show. The money raised in phone calls can pay for cut priced ciggies for us! Yay!

Captain Ranty said...


Culling would be far too kind.

These career fuckwits should be forced to get real jobs, or failing that, a six month course of WorkFare.


Mr Angry said...

I would suggest they try and re-educate the masses of fecking morons who populate our land.


I mean, come on.

It will show them that there is no discipline in school, idiots in charge of everything, and what a total and utter clusterfu*k they have bestowed upon our once proud country.

Arseholes, the lot of them.

May they rest in pieces.

(Sorry for being Angry)

Captain Ranty said...

No apologies necessary.

This blog is mostly fuelled by anger.

Our kids have been dumbed down for a while now. It is all part of the plan. The elites know that their kids will get the top jobs and that tax-cows are needed to pay for their excess, their mismanagement and their waste.

We are morons, but only because we choose to be.

There is an alternative.


Able said...

"SI's are given the force of law. They are no different to primary legislation and if you disbelieve me, just try contravening a statutory instrument."

Having had a 'disagreement' with my local Childrens Services department over their blatant bias, incompetence, etc. I took them to tribunal, during which on cross-examining the head of the department it was made clear they had totally and completely ignored every requirement of the two statutory instruments put in place following the Climbie affair (which was relevant since it involved the welfare of my son and my ex and her 'friend' harming him).

They admitted that they did so (ignored them) making a number of excuses. The tribunal? No penalty or even censure.

So, whilst you or I can't ignore Statutory Instruments our betters in .gov can do so with impunity when it suits them. (Just like all the other legislation then?)

Just Sayin'

Mr. Mcgranor said...

It seems more trivial and cliche more there, then here. Due to the fact, that; you all are far more in worse condition, then we in America.

Anonymous said...

Mr Angry,

"Disagree, CR. We should cull 82% of _them_ via the proven lamppost method and leave the rest on their salaries."

I agree with the first part but put remaining politicians on 16k a year, no expenses, no second homes, no westminster smoking bars and taxpayer subsidised food and no private transport and health care. Also they should swear an oath to the people, be removed from office after a year if they don't fulfill their promises. Arrest and imprison them for deceit. Guaranteed, life would drastically change if this all happened. The cost of living would drastically plummet. No organic foods in westminster would mean they'd eat what we do an get ill from the poisons within.



Anonymous said...

When the EU breaks,and soon,the financial reverberations crash the World markets, i.e money becomes "looroll" food becomes scarcer.
I think after that a lot of politicians are going to have a "shitstorm", heading their way.

Interesting times indeed.

Dave_G said...

It's a sorry state of affairs when the only prospect of 'freedom' from these shackles is to 'hope' for the economic collapse of the world and the consequential catastrophe that will follow.
Even THEN the bastards who got us into this mess will escape unscathed - unless we can round the fuckers up.

Mr Angry said...

Looks like the scum believe themselves to be _underpaid_


Let's just gas them!