July 16, 2009

What's The Difference....

...between Lawful Rebellion and the Freeman Concept?

Thank you Anon, for asking the question in my earlier post.

Some people assume they are one and the same, but my research indicates that whilst they may be related, they are quite different. You can, for instance, serve notice on the government that you are now a Freeman On The Land, as I have done, or, you can serve notice on HM Queen Elizabeth II that you have entered into Lawful Rebellion. Or, you can do both. For the time being I am happy to be a Freeman, and I am considering Lawful Rebellion (LR). Incidentally, you can get more details on LR by clicking on my title, above.

Lawful Rebellion

You will have learnt, if you went to the linked site first, this:

"The United Kingdom Government has, over the last one hundred years, conspired to become a treasonous assembly and Parliamentary dictatorship. Parliament has acted with malice towards the English people. It makes unlawful Statute for the purpose of giving life to its treason – and to suppress dissent. The members of this wretched assembly are oath breakers. Parliament has betrayed those English people who have given their lives to defend this sovereign Community of England. This is The Great Treason".

LR distances you from the state and from the Queen. For people to consider this as a means of drawing attention to the treason that abounds in the UK at present, speaks volumes. This is not a small step to take. It requires one to search his or her conscience and make a tough decision, swiftly followed by decisive action.

If you want to look at LR more closely, simply type "Lawful Rebellion" into your searchbar and see what comes up. I got just over half a million hits so there is plenty of material to beef up on.

I noticed this quote on the website:

"The English law existed not to control the individual but to free him. It was on the side of the subject against those – whether usurping politicians or common criminals – who wished to bend him unconsenting to their will".
Roger Scruton in ‘England – an Elegy’

And it ties in nicely with the Freeman Movement.

Freeman On The Land

It sounds a little arcane, and ones mind is immediately drawn to medieval times. (Well, mine was when I first discovered the movement). Squires, knights, barons and lords, jugs of ale and maids-a-milking, summer sunshine and much happiness. (The reality was much more miserable, I am sure). This is far, far more than a romantic notion. Becoming a Freeman involves actively removing yourself from those statute laws that either make no sense at all, or are superfluous, (superfluous covers most of them), and taking an oath to abide by common law, or Natural Law. As I have said in the past, (and will repeat often), Statutes are Laws of The Water. Think Admiralty Law, think Fleet Law, think Commerce Law. All were written for the high seas, in those dim and distant days when trading between nations was paramount to an island-bound peoples survival. The statutes were written to ensure fair contracts between all parties, and provided a remedy if those contracts were reneged upon. These statutes, millions of them, apply to the sea. I do not live in or on the sea. I live on terra firma. Common Law offers me a remedy. It offers me a lawful way out. Having given the Home Office time to rebut my claims, I am now in possession of an extremely powerful document. It is not anarchy, it is not my "ticket to the sweet life", and it most certainly does not mean I can shirk my responsibilities as a husband, father, citizen or employee. Having sworn an oath not to hurt or cheat any other human beings, I find that I am more aware of those around me than I ever was before. I have rediscovered a long forgotten word: honour. In law, the words honour and dishonour are powerful juju. To be in dishonour is to be all the way wrong. To be honourable in one's dealings with fellow humans is regarded as the very apex of good behaviour. As long as you are honourable, you cannot go wrong.

We have a dishonourable government. We have a dishonourable monarch. Both care only for themselves. This is not their raison detre.

Politicians are there to protect us and serve us. They do not. They strip us of our freedoms daily. They are craven and weak. They are greedy and immoral. Declaring myself to be a Freeman divorces me from them. How many of you people reading this can disagree with my actions? How many of you hanker to do the same? I hope it is all of you. Do this thing, and the anger, the rage, the impotency, and the feeling of helplessness simply fades away. It is a fantastic way to feel.

And Queeny? She appears to be a caring lady and I cannot honestly say what goes through her mind day to day. We have never met and I feel ill-equipped to judge her. What I do know, however, is that she has done fuck all while those gibbons in Westminster gave our country over to Europe, slice by painful slice. That makes her negligent in my book. That ticks all the "treason" boxes, and it cannot, it must not continue.

We are deceived daily, even hourly, by those we trust to rule or govern us.

If, by declaring myself divorced from them, and by creating a little chaos to disrupt this Grand Deception, I can effect even a tiny difference to my life, and to the lives of others, it will be well worth the effort.

The alternative is terrifying.

It's like knowing there is a land-mine in your path and continuing to walk towards it. More, it's like ensuring that you are going to plant your right foot down on the trip-switch.

I realise this means nothing to you, dear reader, but now that I know where the mines are, I am going to side-step them all. The beauty of it is this: I have done this lawfully, and we both know that. So there is absolutely nothing they can do about it.

I'm in this now. Balls deep. It may end badly for me, but at least I am in charge.

I am living like a lion, not a sheep.

At last.


pesky anonymous said...

Hi Captain

Thank you very much for your answer.
English composition has never been my forte, and if you realised what a difficult, time consuming chore I find it to be, you would also realise how awesome your posts appear to me.

Thanks also for the link to the This Is Our Land site. I've not come across it before. Wonderful little site - one you could send to your mother. Concise and easy to understand.

As I alluded to before, I think the important thing is to spread the word. Those we don't get on-side, I fear will only fall to the establishment bullshit.
So please keep up the good work. I think you have a gift for it my friend.

"I just want to fuck them up. All of them. In any way I can." - I second that emotion.

Captain Ranty said...

Hi Pesky,

It was a pleasure. Every time I write about this, I learn a little more.

I continued to search for more details even after I posted the piece, and I discovered that you can become a Freeman via Lawful Rebellion but assuming Queeny gets her shit together, you exit LR and you return to the status quo. My NOUICOR is in force until I die.

Next topics for evaluation and revelation include money, religion, and politics.

I guarantee some mind-blowing facts on each subject.

The deception is epic.