August 31, 2012

Ponder These....

Some great piccie theft this week.

Possibly the best photo bomb ever.

Not a lizard. Likes riding them though.

There you have it. Take the piss. It annoys them.

Works for every British newspaper, BBC, ITV, Ch 4, Sky etc etc.


Amen again.

Not just the useless Labour Party. The useless coalition carried it on.

Late addition (Thanks to Skip and ArtCo):

More piss and vinegar next week as the House of Corruption resumes "work" on Monday.

Deep joy.



brochloon said...

Dear CR,

Whilst I enjoy the vast majority of your posts and comments I'm a wee bit disappointed to see you fail to recognise the distinction between "tax evasion" and "tax avoidance", the latter of course being perfectly legal.

Some people would also describe it as "tax planning".


Captain Ranty said...



I do know the difference and I am completely happy for people to do either or both.

All taxation is illegal. Read up on the Nuremberg laws. Anyone assisting a government to prosecute an illegal war is guilty of war crimes.

We all "assist" by paying taxes. Our taxes (or a proportion thereof) are used to buy bombs, bullets and assorted war machinery.

You can withhold all taxes with a clear conscience.

Of course, the government, totally addicted to our money, would disagree.


James Higham said...

Some good ones there, especially the Lennon and Paul quotes.

Woman on a Raft said...

That last one is amazing.

Bucko said...

"Benefit fraud is 624 times more important than tax avaiodance"

Indeed it is

Noggin the Nog said...

Benefit fraud is. Ore serious than tax evasion. One is theft, the other is the prevention of theft.

You know you're in trouble if you need inspiration from Lennon. The rotting of the proles' minds was ably assisted by his drug addled ramblimgs, rather like the songs and books written by machines, as pre-figured by the woman, whistling inane nonsense in Orwell's 1984.

O/T But I visited Orwell's grave, just a couple of weeks ago. Very plain headstone, with just his real name and the dates of birth and death. No recognition of his work, or the identity most would know him by. Also buried in the same graveyard was H Asquith, PM at the start of WWI. He had a very grand memorial, great big stone coffin-type thing, with all the titles and letters after his name.

To look at the graves, one would have thought that Asquith had contributed the greater to society.

Anonymous said...

Regading taxation,

Ask people should we or shouldn't we pay tax?

Guaranteed alot of people will say yes and of course say how will the NHS be paid for, or the street cleaners, or the armed forces, or the teachers in schools etc etc.

Simple answers to the above are as follows:

The NHS is giving people vaccinations that are killing them, not forgetting hospital conditions where people have a far greater chance of dying through the employment of foreign doctors with poor standards and the on going problem of bugs through to poor hygiene. Peoples taxes that go towards the NHS are in fact being used to take care of the world's sick instead of those within the UK. More so, how many people use the NHS? How many people actually have operations in life? We should pay for what we need when we need it. It's that simple. Moreso, a large whack of NHS funding goes towards paying managers, while we have many unemployed nurses or living on shit wages. Is this where you want your money going?

Street cleaners, well, if you don't drop litter then you don't need cleaners. If you take care of the area outside your house you don't need cleaners. Refuse men, well, each street can club together to pay for their local binmen instead of all peoples money going into a pot where the job isn't done properly and the managers take all the cash.

The armed forces, well, who's going to attack the UK? Our armed forces are there for one reason; mercenaries of the bankers who go into foreign land, kill the locals and steal their land. Do you want to pay for that?

As for teaching, well, just what are your children being taught today? And moreso, can you classify the new breed of teachers, teachers? Most couldn't pass an exam in their field that was 20 years old and yet these numpties are teaching your offspring? Do you want to pay for them?

Taxation was initially created to pay soldiers to kill. Then the elites realised they could steal more and more off of the working man to fill their own pockets and live even more lavish existences.

We don't need tax. We need the freedom to live how we so desire. Guaranteed, were we living how we're supposed to be living, raising our families and livestock in the country, with no cities there to pollute and corrupt humanity, our existence would be a much better one and far more natural one. Instead we are conned into believing that we must pay taxes to help each other. The very fact people on this post agree that we should pay taxes, shows how brainwashed they are, oblivious to the shackles that bind them as debt slaves.

There is no argument for the payment of taxes. It's propaganda and nothing more to keep people down.



Nick said...

Harbinger. Applause.

ANDY5759 said...

Ranty, having just been made redundant I am now free from paying certain taxes. However it seems that I will be paying tax in the form of excise duties, VAT, and that awful fuel green carbon thingy. The bastards get their cut each time a pound coin moves.

Off Topic: not being at work means that my online presence will be zero for a while. Please don't send out search parties, I am quite safe if a little impecunious.