August 27, 2012

Pictures To Ponder

Or not.

They have one thing in common: I stole them all.

The short version: Man Up & Carry On.

Coolest. Mobility. Scooter. Ever.

Sounds a bit like lefty propaganda to me.

Keep voting, and they stay in control.

More of that "Much respected British justice" we keep hearing about.

I lolled, I did.

Late entry No 1:

Late entry No 2:

Okay, okay, one more:

This will have the drones fainting in their millions....

Have a super week.



Nick said...

Picture Three could equally be a poster for the Law of Unintended Consiquences!
Where can I buy my mother the Batmobilscooter? Love it.

James Higham said...

Government leads to governor and in Cockney - guvnor and in Russian, guvno is faeces, excrement.